HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Orochi Apparatus Godess”:


“Entrance the Dragon”:


“Uhh, who ordered the Pizza?”:

It’s an older image, but a decent one :slight_smile:

Feeding the Ravenous Hordes in Kingsmouth.


“Playing With the Planets”:

An update on “Playing With the Earth” the image used in Title Sequence for the YouTube Videos.

Edit: I updated a bit, changed position of tentacles and so on. Was not right before.


“HolloPoint Free Zone”:

I really am a glow after the special prize tonight, on Beyond the Veil. Really, many thanks to all… I sense a long night ahead before the adrenaline wears off :blush: I’m eyeing the 12 year old malt… lol. Seriously urm… cheers all :smiley:


“The Cornearius Awards 2018”:


“Playing With the Planets (Update)”:

A few things wrong with the previous version of this image so I updated it a bit.

“Playing With the Planets (Update 2)”:

Still was not quite right, lol. A few changes to contrast and lighting. Also fixed the Glaring (to me) texture seam on the spiral “o” of “world” :slight_smile:


Oh gosh Hollo. You’re a true inspiration.


You’re making me try to be motivated to doodle more with these.


Okay that one’s just adorable.


Cheers, Jingi and P-girl. I’ve hit a bit of a wall though, lol. I’ll see what dreams may bring in a few daze. Got some tingz to do :slight_smile:


“Gaia - Earths Last Hope”:

Sleep and then this :slight_smile: Gaia defending against the Leviathan. Truth be told I have a lot of images I did not really like at the time they were attempted. I’ve got a bit better so I’m just having a look through them and updating.


“Night of the Tentacles”:


“Templar Steampunk Bikers on Pimm’s”:

Almost a year since this one, though I’ve updated it slightly. The original picture lost too much detail as it was too dark, changed that and a few other things. The is a small Glasgow football club joke in there as well :stuck_out_tongue: You probably have to be Glaswegian to get it.


“Reaching for Salvation”:

Yet another picture for Beyond the Veil, I was just thinking to some Psytrance what to do next. Secret World-er being dragged off into the abyss by tentacled nasties… what hope is there?!? Beyond the Veil :slight_smile:


“Lost in Gaia’s Eyes”:

A portrait of Gaia. Older picture.


“Raggin’ the Dragon”:

A Templar biker thumbing his sword at the Dragon in Tokyo. Older image with the idea behind it being a scene from the film “Black Rain”. I did a few modifications, removed some detritus and lightened the back ground a bit.


“Avenging Templar”:

New image. The pose and mood taken from one of the pictures in Sonnac’s office. This being an up to date, modern Templar version :slight_smile:


“The Return of Excalibur 2”:

This is another update on a previous piece, this time a bit better with the space clouds and I added Cthulhu instead of a Dragon. Moved and resized a few things to give it a bit more impact.

The symbolism,… well… Excalibur piercing the Earth is the representation of the Sword in the Stone. The danger and menace of Cthulhu and the Da Vinci Symbol representing the knowledge and spirit of Human kind. The eyes behind Excalibur are of the Phoenix, rebirth and so on.

“Fwar out wabbit” I suppose, but it was fun to do the original and expand upon it to this result :slight_smile: I might go “Blergh” but I think it’s ok :slight_smile:


“Templar and the Balance”:

An updated image for SWL, based on a Michael Moorcock book inspired piece. The usual SWL symbolism.


“Cyborg Victoria”:

Not strictly a SWL image, maybe I can explain away as a Cyborg-Mitsubashi on a very bad day :slight_smile: Older image again, but I worked my Stylus off creating it :slight_smile: