HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“How Peaceful it Seems”:

Older image, an Ancient Vampire glazing with despicable hunger on his toy,… the Earth.


“Templars: The Cleansing Fire”:

Figure from “Templar and the Balance” with a different idea for the background and things. The clear white light of the Templars! Well, Asbestos underwear as well :slight_smile:


“Imogen West: Illuminati Cleaner Eye-O-1046”:

New image as of this post. An Illuminati Agent, taking a break after some necessary “Cleaning”.


It reminds me a bit of the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis :slight_smile:


Thanks, Antida, never though of that :slight_smile:

“Face to Fangs”:

Templar facing filth monster with halitosis with the perfect remedy :slight_smile:


“Night of the Living Dev”:


“Chained Barbarian”:

Not SWL, but a Conan related piece. Sorta relevant :slight_smile: Last chance for the Barbarian, lunch for a Dragon… but who comes swooping in? Mans savior, woman :slight_smile:


“The Illuminati Jessey Wales”:

Pose based on the movie poster for “The Outlaw Josey Wales”.


“Against the Beast”:

An older image I updated a bit. The Barbarian stumbles into the forest to face down the monster killing his villagers. Who shall win out?


“Zomb-Go Cola”:

Following a joke/conversation with a Cabal mate, very early in the morning :slight_smile:


“The Tentacle Baby”:


“Gaia Moon Magic”:


“Computing the Curves”:

Another Illuminati mega hacker on the job :slight_smile:


“Raven and the Eagle”:

Mixture of old with the Eagle/Falconry and the new, the warrior in Kaidan.


“Cthulhu-Tang Tiger”:

Take on the Pan-tang tigers, with Cthulhu Riding out from R’lyeh ready to do some damage :slight_smile:


“Cthulhu-Black Dragon”:

Cthulhu riding a Sabre-Tooth Tiger,… meh. Cthulhu riding a Black Dragon, yeah that works better :slight_smile:


“The Approach of the Eater”:

A Photoshop Sandstorm action, a lot of filtering and mad splashes of Debris brushes. And Psytrance. Always the Psytrance :slight_smile:


“The Approach of the Eater 02”:

Thought a bit more about the above picture and changed a few things. The old Leviathan model returns and spaced out the space with twirl effects and modified the sand storming a lot.


“The Thoughts of the Illuminati”:

Another piece I saw some nice special effects on listening to… yes… Psytrance on YouTube. I messed around for a bit before coming up with this. A contemplative Illuminati.


“The Escape From Orochi Core”:

Beginning to run a bit dry on ideas, but I usually just look back through pictures and have a look at my asset library and come up with something.

A PO’d Templar escaping from some experimentation in the Orochi Core.