HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Lurking Around the Corner”:

If you go into a dark, dank, nasty secluded alleyway… should you be really surprised?


“Steam Lass and the Wolfman”:

I was looking back through my older images. “Snaffle Snaffle … but mistress… they taste sooo good!” “I know, I know… but Bertie that kind of massacre just does not go down well at all, now come along…”


“Percival and Prunella”:


“Shinobi Dragon”:

Ye gads! Three days since I posted something, yikes :slight_smile:

A Dragon defending in the night, sharpened blades to cut and smite.


“The Incredible Andy”

A new PointHollo film production… coming soon!



“The art… must flow…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Not got a graphic tablet though, but it’s ok :slight_smile:

Oooh no’s, a semi Dune reference… I sense another PointHollo Film coming …




“Blood Moon Over New Kaidan - Secret World Legends 2049”:

Saw a recent blood moon picture, though I’d try something along those lines.

Edit: Added signs to the buildings, I completely forgot :slight_smile:



Happy Anniversary from The FonzaThulhu!!!


“Will Andy - I Am Legends”:

This was inspired by a Leogrim picture in Leos Memecorner in the Community Corner Forums - “Beehemoth - The New Colossus”.


“The Zombies of Old London Town”:

Got the models and so on for an Old Victorian ensemble with the coach, trying it out :slight_smile: