HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Fridays Child: Kirsten Geary in Kaidan”:

An update from the previous version I did. “Punchier” I suppose :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for print outs for my new flat, had to redo this a bit for the eventual ordering of a big print.


These are some amazing pieces of art! I’m in love.:heart_eyes:


Cheers, Barbara :slight_smile:

“The Signs of the Times 2”:

This is an update on a very, very early piece I did. More effects (and better?) and a “Dutch Angle” to the camera.


“Demoness Rituals”:

PsyTrance screen picture on YouTube again led to this one although it is very different from that picture. Not a straight out copy. PsyTrance lol, can’t recommend it enough! Demoness dreaming of Gaia and the beauty she wants to be… or trying to subvert Gaia’s Anima to her own ends… you decide! :slight_smile:

I think the slight break has done me some good, not churning out stuff gives more time to focus I suppose.



Trying to get decent clouds. Ok in some places, not in others.


“Folded in Space”:

An Invocation gone wrong in Temple Hall and a Guardian Templar protects. Went with a few Chrome Filters on soft light at various opacity levels for this. Blending and twirling and so on :slight_smile:


“Star Smithy”:

Templar Smith forging the Sun Sword.


“New Coolio: Comparison”:

A comparison of the Image I tried last year in August and the new modifications, just completed.

“New Coolio”:

(Full image)

I tried this image urm, last year on the second of August. One of the first efforts at 3D. I was thinking I should paint over 3D images to get a “professional” look. It takes me bloomin’ ages so I quickly abandoned straight paint overs in favour of just 3D images, trying to get the postworking right to make it look like artwork. I’m wavering back to doing paint overs now. This is practice.

I’ve got the new cintiq HD 24 Pro (Lovely bit 'o kit). I’ll see what happens, for the future!

Any comments welcome, anything please… I’d like to know where I’m going wrong. Or right? Lol.

Oh. the image was based on a book cover by Peter Ellison of Jim DiGriz, “The Stainless Steal Rat”.

I R.T.R.T.R (Reserve the Right to Regurgitate when I have a look and ponder for a while :slight_smile: ) Looks OK on the 4K Screen though.


“Flux Gaia”:

Another “Trip” into the Psychic-Delic side of images I like to do. I did the first versions of this a long, long, long time ago. A sorta stylized Flux Capacitor with the Three Factions in SWL - Dragon, Illuminati and Templar. Also the old ones represented by the Dark Sun/Planet. Was fun to do.


“Dragon Girls Aint Easy”:

A Dragon sorting out a beastie in Kaidan. 11 hour render but I punched most of the settings way up. Original image was about 5k sized. A Fair amount of filtering using NIK collection and Photoshop raw filters.

Edit: There is a “Worlds Ends” joke in there as well :slight_smile: Just one joke, give it to me, delicious joke from err Scotland :slight_smile:


“The Pious, the Hungry and the Exasperated”:

SWL Blooper art :slight_smile: The Secret Files.


“DEVRunner 2018”:

An update on the previous “DEVRunner” picture.

Update to the Update :slight_smile:

Update again, but … I’m learning :slight_smile:


“Templar Girls Ain’t Polite”:

Looking at some Lightroom “grunge” tutorials. A Templar showing some attitude in downtown Kaidan (The Quarantine Zone of Tokyo). Also tried to “Rule of 3rd” the picture a bit.

Edit: If any mods have a problem with this I’ll take it down. Had the “honour” of getting it removed from my DAZ gallery :slight_smile:


“Downtown Dame”:

More experimentation with Lightroom and Photoshop, using adjustment brushes in parts. Not so heavy on the “grunge” this time.


“Templar Warrior and the Serpent”:

Using the basis of another image, this time a Templar warrior rather than Gaia.


Hehe… I dare you to do “Sawo with his assets” :smiley:


Hehehe, I could. Several images are popping into mind now… thanks for that, Sawo :stuck_out_tongue:


“The Ripper Wolf”:

Still trying a few things, thought I’d go back to the Skinchanger model. I also put in a hopefully pretty subtle reference back to who the ripper could have been… clue is somewhere in the picture :slight_smile:


“The UrDraugson 5”:

The Band of the 4th Age!


“Illuminati Cyber Samurai”:

Another figure paint. Background and Tonfa not painted, but I was getting tired :slight_smile: Slight grunge filtering again.