HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Alice and the Cat”:

Templar hacker (and her cat) doing the dirty on Faust Capital Bank.


“In Da Club”:

More cyberpunkie again… well why not :slight_smile: “My soooo many bounty hunters!” “Meh…”


“Chastity Smytes: Templar Fixer”:

High render settings and actually took my time to consider the picture a bit. Cyberpunk Legends :slight_smile:


“Fate Morté: Templar Cleaner”:

More high render setting and a lot of post-work. Had to render most of the figures separately and mask off. Templar temptations will turn to trouble for an Orochi executive slumming it for some action.


“Urban Future: The Deciders”

Two of Gaias intrepid foot soldiers tracking the enemy in Kaidan Quarantine Zone.


“Zen in Rain”:

A Dragon Agent carrying out orders to meditate in the backstreets of Kaidan Quarantine Zone to further the computation matrix. Used Geometry Shell over the figure to bring out the glistening on the skin and added in the rain and other effects.


“Hello Officer”:

Chrissy Geary, daughter of Kirsten in Kaidan 2049 driving like a daemon. Took a while to get this decent :slight_smile:


“Cyberpunk Templar”:

Looking for a stylish, deadly Punk lady look. Render not so bad this time and I used a previous image as background. I’m beginning to get the hang of the Camera Raw Filtering.


“Cyberpunk Fatale”:

More of a close in attempt at a portrait this time.


“The Rider of Hel”:

Been thinking a bit of Halloween pictures. This was brewing somewhere in the dark unconscious for a while :slight_smile:


“Cyberpunk Templar Kaylee and the Apple”:

Homage to Firefly and the eating of that piece of fruit, in Cyberpunk times, but with an apple :slight_smile:


“Cyberpunk Fatale 02 ‘Peace’”:

Trying for the diffuse, dreamy look. I’ve been watching a fair few tutorials. Also got the chance to try on some new purchases (lol). I wanted to image to look “rich” in colour.


“The Gypsy Devil”:

A picture I was going to save for any Halloween contest that comes up, but I can always think of something else. Transylvania back in olden times, with the same problems.


“The Dawn of the Blood Age”

“Tremble mortal fools, for the time is at hand, a new age… the blood age.”


“Kane: Darkness Weaves”:

I did this image a while ago, and mod-mod-ified as Andy :slight_smile: Thought I could update it with my sorta-progression in skill sets :slight_smile: If not SWL then SWL meets Conan? lol. It’s appropriated from a Chris Achilléos book cover on the Carl Edward Wagner books of the Mystic Swordsman, Kane. Great reading :slight_smile: I also have better tentacle models over the last effort.


“Appetite for Dystopia”:

Wanted to try a few things, but I’m getting a bit samey. Fogging/steam and the hologram and the camera perspective are tests.


“Orochi - The Best a Planet Can Get”:


“The Guardians of Stonehenge”:

This one is based on other images I’ve done, the “Shades of Italbar” series, I’ve adapted for the latest scenario in SWL, Stonehenge. I should fix up the wardstone though, but I’ll get around it it my modeling skills are not great :slight_smile: I don’t have the legs :wink:


“HolloPoint Portrait”:

Tried a fair bit to get this to… this :slight_smile: A whole run of Iron Fist season 2 (Not bad!) Done as far as I can but, I learned a lot anyways.


“Fork Tail Fury”:

This is a painted image, though I did cheat considerably, using a line art action to get the black lines from the model and then painted over. More skill progression and it was fun to do. It will give me experience to maybe try some SWL monstaz :smiley: