HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Alien Gothic”:

Just a bit of fun. The truth is out there! It’s probably been done and it has seeped into my unconscious, but … :slight_smile:

I found the picture deep in the Kingsmouth historical archive.


“Bringing the Light”:

A righteous Templar, bringing Justice and the fury of Gaia to the Blood Moon minions. Used the sandstorm action and Ron’s most excellent Lightning FX to good use (?) :slight_smile:

Yes, the tidal wave of art is in full flow, I know I’m posting a lot, but the images keep popping into my brainz… :slight_smile:


“Bringing the Light (Update)”:

I thought that the previous version was just overloaded and not quite right. Did a few changes, mostly to the amount of lightning, reduced the front figure size, added a bit of flesh disintegration to the front vampire and a bit of fire and “stuff” :slight_smile:


“Sonnac Vs Vampires”:

Sonnac goes on the hunt… for a decent cup of Earl Grey.


“Secret World Legends 2018”:

This is an image arrived at from a Blade Runner 2049 film poster as it’s basis.


“One Move and the Teddy Gets It”:

Sorry Emma! Err, Anima. I was remembering the scene from Con Air, where Cyrus the Virus threatens the Stuffed Bunny. A chance to try a “gritty” semi portrait image.


“The Return to Outpost 94 - Coming Soon!”:

I’ve decided to update a very basic graphic render novel I did a while ago, “The Return to Outpost 94”. This is a teaser :slight_smile: I’ve learned a lot since the first version. This might take a while, but… here is the Title Page :slight_smile:


Sonnac Vs. Vampires…fabulous. Love them all, but this one’s my fav.


Thank you Blodwedd :slight_smile:


“Halloween is Coming 2018”:

I might work on a night version.


“The Spirit of SWL”:

Might have overdone this one, but … :slight_smile:


“The Spirit of SWL (Update)”:

Waaaaay overloaded, I hope this is better.


“To Sir, With Love”:

This is a bigger picture of the cover I did for Blodwedd’s new book :slight_smile:

You can find more information at : TO SIR, WITH LOVE: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Available Oct. 18, 2018)


Why can’t I <3 this more than once?!!?


“The Hand of Cthulhu”:

Trying to get back into regular images.


“A Helluva Point 2018 - Coming Soon!”:

I still have some brain matter that has not leaked since the update to " The Return to Outpost 94", so I’ve decided to revamp the second “Novel”. This will definitely take a while, I will post chapter by chapter again.

This one is an out and out revenge novel, a bit of humour, a bit of action, dastardly intrigue, betrayal and a bit of romance. I hope you like, when it arrives. :slight_smile:


“Creatures of the Night”:

Happy Halloween all. I could not post this until now, it was in for a competition :slight_smile:


“Ravenous Hordes”:


“Punk is Not Dead”:


“Judge Sonnac”:

Messing around early in the morning, again.