A Helluva Point (2018) - A Graphic Novel By HolloPoint


This is the revamped version (2018) of the follow up story I did to “The Return to Outpost 94”, just at the inception of SWL.

A link for “The Return to Outpost 94” in these Forums, should you wish to read in order:

Special thanks to Ezgadi of ODO for the title for the novel.

I hope you enjoy over several beverages, this one is a bit longer than “The Return to Outpost 94”.

Any comments feel free, I’m still learning.


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I have just had someone say effectively “it’s sexist tosh”. I suppose I should explain the direction of the story in some parts, I can see how it comes across that way. I have a pretty satirical sense of humour, the “sexist” parts were my attempt at humour and a massive p*ss take on that type of genre. I suppose since they don’t know me they are taking the story at face value, without being able to read into it the direction I wanted to portray. I’m kinda, blown out the water, but they tried to be constructive and suggest authors I should look at.

For anyone browsing this way, I’m not sexist and it was an attempt at humour. I got very wound up in the technical aspects of doing this, and it’s come across as bad story telling to this person, perhaps they are right. I’ll think about it.

Anyway, thanks for all the views, I’m kinda at the “WTF” stage atm. I’m not going to do a re-write, but damn. If that is how it has come across then it has been written badly.

There is a final chapter to come though, I’ll post after I check for errors.