MEGAversary 4 The Fourth Age Door - Art Raffle

A Special prize based on a picture allocated for the MEGAversary 4 The Fourth Age Door is to be given as overall prize in a Raffle. The winner will be drawn from all who message me in game through the mail system or on these forums. Just say “Art Raffle” and your in game name and a link to the 4K resolutions of these pictures will be sent to the winner :slight_smile: Also We will provide a “Special Prize” to go along with this special offer!

List your name below, send in a PM or an in game mail with character name and “Art Raffle” to have a chance to win!

Raffle is open now and will run to 8th July 23:59 British Summer Time. Draw hopefully the day after.

There will be an additional prize for the lucky winner (to be decided).

I’ll be updating and fixing the picture a bit as I go through the MEGAversary 4, the above image is just for the thread :slight_smile:


Art raffle! :smiley:

Micah “Razorgrin” Arclight

I think this will be the picture on offer:

At 4k… I will send a link to the winner :slight_smile:


Art Raffle


It is with great sadness I have to announce that the Art Raffle has been withdrawn from the Mega4 event. However, all of the scheduled events Hollopoint organised for Megaversary 4 will be going ahead due to the awesome Mega4team. Please check the forums for dates and times.


A Memorial thread has been opened for anyone who would like to post any Artworks or Media in Memory or Dedication for Hollopoint.

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