MEGAversary 2 Story Night In Game RP Event!

Hello and welcome all SWL players and roleplayers!

Secret World Legends is two years old! To celebrate, I am hosting an audience interactive storytelling event to an audience of roleplayers in game!

We will have raffles with prizes for those who show up.

Where: Ealdwic Park

Meet up on Insein or Vomher in game.


Raffle Prizes: TBD

What is Story Night?

Story Night is a recurring event designed to encourage new roleplayers and the rp-curious and allow people who want to share short vignettes, poems, cautionary tales, original works, et cetera.

Story night is an in-character gathering in game of our characters, using the /say and /emote commands to personify our characters telling tales, speaking and reacting to each other.

A long time ago, a friend introduced me to roleplaying in a video game by hosting a recurring Story Night, where people would gather and take turns telling short stories and tales of their adventures!

People came and went and either listened respectfully or told a story to the assembled. We even had theme nights for tales of love, horror, poetry nights, etc.

I am honoring his legacy by hosting this event in Secret World Legends.

The goal is to continue to have both Secret World Legends and the wonderful roleplaying community thrive and grow, as well as have fun telling and listening to stories.

There are only a few rules for story night:

  • Be respectful of the speaker who currently has the floor.
  • Be respectful of the listeners who are trying to enjoy the speakers.
  • The gathering is a peaceful one. There should be no open hostility. We’re all there for the same purpose.
  • The host is there to facilitate the gathering. The speaker will change as the host gives them charge of the gathering.

If you have a story to share:

** Try to post it in digestible blocks, about a sentence or two at a time to simulate storytelling.*

** Give room for feedback. People like to interact in between parts of a story.*

** Keep your story to about 10-15 minutes maximum! That way we can get several people up to speak.*

** Remember to signal the end of the story and then please go take your seat so the Host can pick the next storyteller.*

I am looking forward to this gathering and hope to see you all there! Thank you!


For those who want to reread the story I brought:

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((This log of this event is presented as an in-character recording and as such lacks any instance of out-of-character chat, which is typically represented by double parentheses during roleplay. Due to forum restrictions, certain words that had been spoken by characters have been censored to allow this post to go through. One word was replaced with ‘crap’ and another has some asterisk employment. An uncensored version is available in Google Document form!))


Static flickers, peppering the screen.


The screen flickers with a jagged zap as the recording begins.

The cool summer air of Ealdic gently rustles through the park, tickling its inhabitants with the prospect of story on such a clear night where the stars above shine so bright.

Each action and sound by those within the vicinity of the hovering drone are recorded for all to see and hear. It looms just behind Klaus von Richter, who is never too far from the main host of the event: Angelique Richter.


Insein clears her throat and begins. “Good evenin’ folks an’ welcome to Story Night. I’ll be your host, and my name is Angelique Richter. Angel for short.”
Insein gestures gently to Klaus, a smile on her face. “This here fella’s my husband, the esteemed doctor Klaus von Richter. He’ll be helpin’ host tonight as well. An’ he’s got a neat little toy.”
Vomher waves as he’s introduced and grins at the audience. He pulls out a small metallic sphere from within the depths of his coat, whereupon it then activates into a miniature floating drone with the flash of a light. Its blue eye remains focused on everyone. “Hallo, everyone! This event will be recorded for future viewing and listening pleasure. Your stories are important to us!”
[Dazey]: Daisy watches with interest as she leans into Joe’s shoulder a little.
Insein grins as the drone comes online. She turns to the audience and begins. “One of the things that the Council of Venice has told us is that everything is true. Stories have impact, and are important to our culture and reality. Truth is, we are all a part of the story of this Age, and our knowledge and wisdom should be passed along to everyone in order to help us preserve it.”
[Insein]: This is why I’ve invited you all here tonight. To listen, to learn and to speak and pass along your tales to us all.
Insein holds up her hands momentarily. “Not everyone is obligated to speak, of course, but I ask that our audience be respectful of whomever has the floor and give them your full attention. It’s a hard thing to stand up and talk to folks. They deserve your attention.”
[Insein]: Also a reminder that this is a peaceful gathering, and we are here to listen, learn and share. I request that no fighting nor weapons be drawn.
[Insein]: Tonight is a special event, the second year of the Agarthan renovations. Some call it the Megaversary Event, an’ our story night is a small part of that. To celebrate, I have a couple raffle prizes we’ll be giving away in between the stories. We don’t have a particular theme, but all stories are welcome.
Insein adds. “Or poems or particularly apt song lyrics that you find poignant to our cause. If it’s not your own, please credit your source of course.”
[Insein]: I’ll ask that folks please raise their hands if they want to share their tale. I’ll pick one of you to start and you’ll have the floor to speak. When you’re done, please take your seat and we’ll pick another volunteer or I can tell a tale of my own.
Insein gives another smirk. “Enough of my explainin’, let’s get this thing going. Who wants to start us off tonight?” She casts her gaze about the seated crowd.
[Dazey]: Daisy looks around and then looks down at her hands.
[Insein]: Anyone wanna break the ice?
Insein sighs. “Would you like me to start you off with one?”
Ashcross grins and nods
JosephS nods.
[Malak]: please do
[Dazey]: “Nerves,” Daisy whispers to Joe loudly, looking around at everyone.
Insein chuckles. “Alright, then. I’ll do one to start so y’all can get a feel for it.”
Insein clears her throat and begins. “This story is a retelling of the tale Tico and the Golden Wings by Leo Lionni. I once told this story to Klaus before I gave him a little present to remind him that I love him.”
Vomher brightens instantly, a grand grin on his face and a fond look in his eyes as he looks to Angel as she begins.
[Insein]: Once upon a time, I knew a little bird. He’d sit on my shoulder an’ tell me about the flowers, the ferns, an’ the tall trees. One day, he told me a story about himself.
Insein takes another contemplative pause before speaking. When she does it’s in a slightly different voice, a little higher, perhaps her rendition of a bird. “When I was young, I had no wings. I sang like the other birds and I hopped like them, but I couldn’t fly. Luckily, my friends loved me. They flew from tree to tree, and in the evening, they brought me berries and fruits gathered from the highest branches!”
[Insein]: Often I asked myself, “Why can’t I fly like the other birds? Why can’t I soar through the big blue sky over villages?”
[Insein]: And I dreamed that I had golden wings, strong enough to carry me over the mountains far away.
[Insein]: One summer night I was awakened by a noise. A strange bird was standing behind me. “I am the wishingbird,” he said. “Make a wish and it will come true.” I wished I had a pair of golden wings. Suddenly there was a flash of light and on my back there were wings, golden wings, shimmering in the moonlight. The wishingbird had vanished.
[Insein]: “Cautiously I flapped my wings. And then I flew. I flew higher than the tallest tree. I was happy. But when my friends saw me swoop down from the sky, they frowned on me and said, “You think you are better than we are, don’t you, with those golden wings. You wanted to be different.” And off they flew without saying another word.”
Insein chirrups with a saddened face. “Why were they angry? Was it bad to be different? I could fly as high as the eagle. Mine were the most beautiful wings in the world. But my friends had left me and I was very lonely.”
[Insein]: One day I saw a man sitting in front of a hut. He was a basket maker and there were baskets all around him. There were tears in his eyes. I flew onto a branch from where I could speak to him.
[Insein]: “Why are you sad?” I asked. “Oh, little bird, my child is sick and I am poor. I cannot buy the medicines.” “How can I help him?” I thought. And suddenly I knew. “I will give him one of my feathers.”
Insein face brightens as she furthers the tale.
[Insein]: “How can I thank you!” said the poor man happily. “You have saved my child. But look! Your wing!” Where the golden feather had been, there was a real black feather, as soft as silk.
[Insein]: From that day, little by little, I gave golden feathers away and black feathers appeared in their place. I bought many presents–for a poor puppeteer, an old woman, and a fisherman who got lost at sea . . . And when I had given my last golden feathers to a beautiful bride, my wings were black.
[Insein]: I flew to the big tree where my friends gathered for the night. Would they welcome me?
[Insein]: They chirped with joy. “Now you are just like us,” they said. We huddled close together. I was so happy and excited. I couldn’t sleep. I remembered all the people I had helped with my feathers.
[Insein]: “Now my wings are black,” I thought, “and yet I am not like my friends. We are all different. Each for his own memories, and his own invisible golden dreams.”
Insein sighs as she finishes, her hands clasped and reclasped neatly behind her back… “And that is the end.”
[BuffySummers]: Jonestown
Vomher claps as Angel finishes. “You always tell it so beautifully!”

You clap.
Ashcross claps and nods, smiling
Bumblebread claps quietly
[Dazey]: Daisy claps.
[*Leogrim]: Leogrim joins the claping
Insein grins. “Alright, that’s how ya do it. Who would like to be next?”
Bumblebread raises hand hesitantly
Insein points to Bumble. “You have the floor!” She squeaks excitedly, shuffling out of the way.
Vomher scurries out of the way as well. The drone dutifully follows.
Bumblebread tugs nervously at sweater “H-hello. This is my first time doing this, sorry if I’m a little nervous. The story I would like to share comes from a page torn from a book, it’s subject resonated with me in strange ways… anyway, it’s chapter title is “The boy and the bread””
Bumblebread clears throat “The boy woke with a start. It was darker and colder than he remembered; sensing something wasn’t quite right he sat up, his deep blue eyes taking in the alien surroundings. An inky sky, dotted with an impossible number of stars, hung above him, like the final curtain of a theatre play. Pale moonlight creating chalky outlines of the dreamlike landscape. Tall grass spread in a semi circle around a tree, on the other side a lake smooth and still as glass, beyond that, darkness.
[Bumblebread]: The tree was enormous, and incredibly ancient, long gnarled branches traced with faint orange veins stretched skyward like hundreds of withered fingers; leaves glowed faintly in the dim light, a subtle pink hue piercing the darkness as if mirroring the stars above. The boy, lost in thought, was suddenly pulled back to reality by the sudden sound of a voice in the gloom.
[Bumblebread]: “Will you tell me a story?” Although quiet, the voice broke the silence like a crack of thunder. The boy turned and stared in wonderment as the strangest creature floated down from one of the low hanging branches. Wings, fine and beautiful, like those of a butterfly, extended from it’s back. They were mesmerising in their movement, a faint blue glow emanating from within. It’s body though, oddly enough, was that of a slice of bread, with two dark stripes spread across its lower half, reminiscent of a bumblebee.
[Bumblebread]: “I’m sorry to have startled you” the bread spoke again. It’s voice soft and sweet, each word like a drop of honey in the boys mind. “It’s been terribly lonely here, I am glad you are awake”. The boy stared in mild confusion -unsure how to respond, and quite sure he was dreaming- as the creature landed gently on the soft grass beside him. The sudden movement sent drops of dew tumbling like tiny marbles, each one reflecting a myriad of colours, reminding him again of the strange stars above. What was this place, and how had he come to be here. Building up courage he finally spoke, his desire to make sense of the situation superseding his wariness of the creature before him. “W-what are you, and where is this place?” The boy asked hesitantly.
[Bumblebread]: The bread looked troubled for a moment, before answering “this place is… nowhere? Everywhere? Maybe… As for me, I guess I’m the bread. At least, that’s what he calls me” before the boy could ask who he was the bread repeated its initial question “will you tell me a story? I like stories, and it’s been so lonely… but now you’re awake and I’m not alone” his face lit up with a smile so sweet it washed away the question that was on the boys lips.
[Bumblebread]: The boy pushed strands of golden hair back from his face as he considered the request. He wanted to know more about this place, but the look in the breads eyes tugged at his heart. He too was fond of stories, and could understand the breads loneliness all too well.
[Bumblebread]: “What kind of story would you like?” The boy sighed. “Tell me of your adventures. He always does, and those are the best stories” the bread chirped, clearly excited by the prospect of new tales to devour. He the boy noted the use of that word again, but pushed the question to the back of his mind. That could come later, but for now he felt compelled to fulfil the breads wish. Feeling like a parent reluctantly telling their child a bedtime story, he cleared his throat and began: “once upon a time, there was a young boy and a demon king…”
Bumblebread adjusts glasses “This is as far as the story goes on the single page I have. Thank you all for listening…”
Bumblebread shuffles back to hide behind the seated crowd
Ashcross claps
Insein cheers for Bumblebread.
[Insein]: Your words are always magical. Thank you for sharin’ your tale.
[*Leogrim]: Leogrim smiles and gently claps
Vomher claps as well, nodding with a grin.
[Dazey]: Daisy claps and smiles. “Nice!”
[Insein]: Alright, since this is a bit of a celebration an’ all, I suppose I should raffle off one of the prize bundles folks have been givin’ to me to share.
[Dazey]: “Gambling! Sweet!”
[Andolar]: “Good evening.”
Insein closes her eyes, then pulls out her phone and pushes on it a few times. She blinks as more people comes, then remashes her phone for more random rng rolls.
Insein points at JosephS. “You. Er… Joe, right? Congratulations. You’ve won a clowder o’ cats.”
[Dazey]: “Whhhoooooohooooo!! Joe! Joe! Joe!” Daisy fist pumps! “That’s my guy!”
JosephS looks puzzled. “Umm…okay. Thank you.” He does his best to smile.
[Vomher]: Congratulations on many kitties!
JosephS bows to Insein.
[Dazey]: “Kittehs!” Daisy grins to Joe.
JosephS chuckles. “Kitties!”
Ashcross leans over as Joe sits down “I always wanted to know how many a clowder was”
Insein snickers. “It’s too many dang cats, is what it is.” She grins. “Welcome to all the others who have joined. We’ve told our first two stories an’ we’re now lookin’ for a volunteer to go next. Who wants to speak?”
[LittleAurora]: I just want to say that I’ve never done a event like this, I just arrived so Im here to listen :slight_smile:
[Ashcross]: “I could re-tell one that was told to me. Not sure of the author, as I think there were many.”
[Insein]: It’s alright to come an’ listen. Bumble an’ myself have shared tales.” She peers at Ashcross. “Alright then we have our third. You have the floor.”
Insein points at Ashcross.
Ashcross gives a half grin as he looks around at everyone “Here’s one from the States that they used to tell us when we were kids. It’s the story of the Prince of the Pine Barrens, The Jersey Devil.”
Insein blinks, leaning in. Oh, how she is interested in this one.
Vomher tilts his head to the side.
[Andolar]: Matt leans in closer. This ws definitely one he didn’t want to miss.
Ashcross leans in conspiratorially. “The story begins with a woman known as Mother Leeds, a woman who had given birth to twelve children”
[Ashcross]: "Upon discovering she was pregnant with her thirteenth, she howled in frustration and lamented ‘Let this one be tThe Devil!’
Ashcross grins and waggles his fingers “On the night of the child’s birth, which was of course dark and stormy, a midwife and some other Pine Barrens folks were in attendance to help out”
[Ashcross]: “It is said that the birth went according to plan, resulting in a normal looking human baby, but the scene changed quickly!”
Ashcross leaned further forward holding both hands palms up in front of him “No sooner was the baby cleaned and swaddled, it began to change”
[Ashcross]: “It began to resemble a horrific creature. The head of a goat, the wings of a bat, cloven hooves and a forked tail!”
Ashcross hops a step forward and raises his hands over his head “Is sprang up and uttered an inhuman scream that drowned out the shrieks of the midwife and Mother Leeds herself.”
Insein peers worriedly. “Oh crap.”
Arifirija flinches
Vomher stares with wide eyes!
[Ashcross]: “Rumor has it that it devoured the midwife, with Mother Leeds left to live in anguish and guilt over her rash words. Others say that Mother Leeds was also taken by the beast”
[Ashcross]: “Most versions follow this by stating that the beast flew up the chimney and out of sight.”
[Ashcross]: “Since then, and to this day, folks claim to have seen the Jeersey Devil. The witnesses include a former King of Spain, law enforcement officials, and scores of New Jersey farmers.”
[Insein]: “The Pine Barrens are no doubt a very magical place.”
[Ashcross]: “He mostly sticks to feeding on animals, but it is said that he roams still, ready to grant foolish, ill-thought wishes.”
Ashcross grins “So be careful what you wish for, right?”
[Andolar]: “Exact words. right?”
[Insein]: “An’ don’t go wishin’ stuff in the Pine Barrens. And avoid random body parts on trails.”
[Vomher]: Always word wishes very, very carefully… and yes, that.
Ashcross nods “Just so…I think”
Insein cheers for Ashcross.
Andolar claps.
[Dazey]: Daisy claps and gives Ash a thumbs up.
[Katya]: applauds.
Arifirija smiles and applauds
Vomher claps as Ash’s tale ends.
[Insein]: The Jersey Devil is certainly one of the spookier beings in the wilds of South Jersey. I have been to Batsto an’ it’s got some terrifying feelings. Thank you for the tale.
Bumblebread shuffles nervously thinking about the story
Insein glances around. “Who would like to go next?”
Ashcross chuckles “It also may have been a tale spun as a political smear campaign if you believe others, but New Jersey politicians are just as terrifying if not more.”
[Insein]: Don’t even…
Vomher shudders.
[Andolar]: “Hey Kyle!”
Insein glances to Daisy and Joe. “Now, I thought I overheard that one of you might wanna come up an’ tell a story:?” She grins.
[Kle]: Morning Kyle smiles
[*Leogrim]: “I would. Sadly not of my own but I feel like after so much grim something light is in order so I borrowed a story.”
Vomher waves excitedly as Kyle joins them.
[LittleAurora]: Thank you for the story, I’m going offline to sleep since its already 03:19 am. I Hope you guys are also doing this for us eurpeans :slight_smile: I like to hear more :stuck_out_tongue:
[Vomher]: It doesn’t /have/ to be your own story.
[Insein]: Have a good night.
[Insein]: An’ something light is always welcome. I tried for a light tale to start us off!
[Insein]: Leo, you have the floor.
[*Leogrim]: “Thank you. Thank you. I bring to you the tale of Samuel Whiskers. Enjoy.”
Insein grins brightly. “Oooh!”
[*Leogrim]: “Once upon a time there was an old cat, called Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit, who was an anxious parent. She used to lose her kittens continually, and whenever they were lost they were always in mischief! On baking day she determined to shut them up in a cupboard. She caught Moppet and Mittens, but she could not find Tom.”
[*Leogrim]: “Mrs. Tabitha went up and down all over the house, mewing for Tom Kitten. She looked in the pantry under the staircase, and she searched the best spare bedroom that was all covered up with dust sheets. She went right upstairs and looked into the attics, but she could not find him anywhere.”
[*Leogrim]: “It was an old, old house, full of cupboards and passages. Some of the walls were four feet thick, and there used to be ■■■■■ noises inside them, as if there might be a little secret staircase. Certainly there were odd little jagged doorways in the wainscot, and things disappeared at night—especially cheese and bacon. Mrs. Tabitha became more and more distracted, and mewed dreadfully.”
[*Leogrim]: “While their mother was searching the house, Moppet and Mittens had got into mischief. The cupboard door was not locked, so they pushed it open and came out. They went straight to the dough which was set to rise in a pan before the fire. They patted it with their little soft paws—”Shall we make dear little muffins?” said Mittens to Moppet.”
[*Leogrim]: “But just at that moment somebody knocked at the front door, and Moppet jumped into the flour barrel in a fright. Mittens ran away to the dairy, and hid in an empty jar on the stone shelf where the milk pans stand. The visitor was a neighbour, Mrs. Ribby; she had called to borrow some yeast.”
[*Leogrim]: “Mrs. Tabitha came downstairs mewing dreadfully—”Come in, Cousin Ribby, come in, and sit ye down! I’m in sad trouble, Cousin Ribby,” said Tabitha, shedding tears. “I’ve lost my dear son Thomas; I’m afraid the rats have got him.” She wiped her eyes with her apron. “He’s a bad kitten, Cousin Tabitha; he made a cat’s cradle of my best bonnet last time I came to tea. Where have you looked for him?” “All over the house! The rats are too many for me. What a thing it is to have an unruly family!” said Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit.”
[*Leogrim]: "“I’m not afraid of rats; I will help you to find him; and whip him too! What is all that soot in the fender?” “The chimney wants sweeping—Oh, dear me, Cousin Ribby—now Moppet and Mittens are gone!” “They have both got out of the cupboard!” "
[*Leogrim]: “Ribby and Tabitha set to work to search the house thoroughly again. They poked under the beds with Ribby’s umbrella, and they rummaged in cupboards. They even fetched a candle, and looked inside a clothes chest in one of the attics. They could not find anything, but once they heard a door bang and somebody scuttered downstairs.”
[*Leogrim]: ““Yes, it is infested with rats,” said Tabitha tearfully. “I caught seven young ones out of one hole in the back kitchen, and we had them for dinner last Saturday. And once I saw the old father rat—an enormous old rat, Cousin Ribby. I was just going to jump upon him, when he showed his yellow teeth at me and whisked down the hole.” “The rats get upon my nerves, Cousin Ribby,” said Tabitha.”
[*Leogrim]: “Ribby and Tabitha searched and searched. They both heard a curious roly-poly noise under the attic floor. But there was nothing to be seen. They returned to the kitchen. “Here’s one of your kittens at least,” said Ribby, dragging Moppet out of the flour barrel. They shook the flour off her and set her down on the kitchen floor. She seemed to be in a terrible fright.”
Insein grins.
[*Leogrim]: ““Oh! Mother, Mother,” said Moppet, “there’s been an old woman rat in the kitchen, and she’s stolen some of the dough!” The two cats ran to look at the dough pan. Sure enough there were marks of little scratching fingers, and a lump of dough was gone! “Which way did she go, Moppet?” But Moppet had been too much frightened to peep out of the barrel again. Ribby and Tabitha took her with them to keep her safely in sight, while they went on with their search.”
[*Leogrim]: “They went into the dairy. The first thing they found was Mittens, hiding in an empty jar. They tipped up the jar, and she scrambled out. “Oh, Mother, Mother!” said Mittens— “Oh! Mother, Mother, there has been an old man rat in the dairy—a dreadful ‘normous big rat, mother; and he’s stolen a pat of butter and the rolling-pin.””
[*Leogrim]: “Ribby and Tabitha looked at one another. “A rolling-pin and butter! Oh, my poor son Thomas!” exclaimed Tabitha, wringing her paws. “A rolling-pin?” said Ribby. “Did we not hear a roly-poly noise in the attic when we were looking into that chest?” Ribby and Tabitha rushed upstairs again. Sure enough the roly-poly noise was still going on quite distinctly under the attic floor.”
[*Leogrim]: ““This is serious, Cousin Tabitha,” said Ribby. “We must send for John Joiner at once, with a saw.” Now this is what had been happening to Tom Kitten, and it shows how very unwise it is to go up a chimney in a very old house, where a person does not know his way, and where there are enormous rats.”
[*Leogrim]: “Tom Kitten did not want to be shut up in a cupboard. When he saw that his mother was going to bake, he determined to hide. He looked about for a nice convenient place, and he fixed upon the chimney. The fire had only just been lighted, and it was not hot; but there was a white choky smoke from the green sticks. Tom Kitten got upon the fender and looked up. It was a big old-fashioned fire-place.”
[*Leogrim]: “The chimney itself was wide enough inside for a man to stand up and walk about. So there was plenty of room for a little Tom Cat. He jumped right up into the fire-place, balancing himself upon the iron bar where the kettle hangs. Tom Kitten took another big jump off the bar, and landed on a ledge high up inside the chimney, knocking down some soot into the fender.”
[*Leogrim]: Tom Kitten coughed and choked with the smoke; and he could hear the sticks beginning to crackle and burn in the fire-place down below. He made up his mind to climb right to the top, and get out on the slates, and try to catch sparrows. “I cannot go back. If I slipped I might fall in the fire and singe my beautiful tail and my little blue jacket.”
[*Leogrim]: The chimney was a very big old-fashioned one. It was built in the days when people burnt logs of wood upon the hearth. The chimney stack stood up above the roof like a little stone tower, and the daylight shone down from the top, under the slanting slates that kept out the rain.
[*Leogrim]: Tom Kitten was getting very frightened! He climbed up, and up, and up. Then he waded sideways through inches of soot. He was like a little sweep himself. It was most confusing in the dark. One flue seemed to lead into another. There was less smoke, but Tom Kitten felt quite lost.
[*Leogrim]: He scrambled up and up; but before he reached the chimney top he came to a place where somebody had loosened a stone in the wall. There were some mutton bones lying about— “This seems funny,” said Tom Kitten. “Who has been gnawing bones up here in the chimney? I wish I had never come! And what a funny smell? It is something like mouse; only dreadfully strong. It makes me sneeze,” said Tom Kitten.
[*Leogrim]: He squeezed through the hole in the wall, and dragged himself along a most uncomfortably tight passage where there was scarcely any light. He groped his way carefully for several yards; he was at the back of the skirting-board in the attic, where there is a little mark * in the picture. All at once he fell head over heels in the dark, down a hole, and landed on a heap of very dirty rags.
[*Leogrim]: When Tom Kitten picked himself up and looked about him—he found himself in a place that he had never seen before, although he had lived all his life in the house. It was a very small stuffy fusty room, with boards, and rafters, and cobwebs, and lath and plaster. Opposite to him—as far away as he could sit—was an enormous rat. “What do you mean by tumbling into my bed all covered with smuts?” said the rat, chattering his teeth.
Insein leans against Klaus, whispering. “I used to love when my mama told me this story.”
[*Leogrim]: “Please sir, the chimney wants sweeping,” said poor Tom Kitten. “Anna Maria! Anna Maria!” squeaked the rat. There was a pattering noise and an old woman rat poked her head round a rafter. All in a minute she rushed upon Tom Kitten, and before he knew what was happening— His coat was pulled off, and he was rolled up in a bundle, and tied with string in very hard knots.
Vomher wraps an arm around Angel in response and gives her a squeeze. “That poor cat…”
[*Leogrim]: Anna Maria did the tying. The old rat watched her and took snuff. When she had finished, they both sat staring at him with their mouths open. “Anna Maria,” said the old man rat (whose name was Samuel Whiskers),—”Anna Maria, make me a kitten dumpling roly-poly pudding for my dinner.” “It requires dough and a pat of butter, and a rolling-pin,” said Anna Maria, considering Tom Kitten with her head on one side.
[*Leogrim]: “No,” said Samuel Whiskers, “make it properly, Anna Maria, with breadcrumbs.” “Nonsense! Butter and dough,” replied Anna Maria. The two rats consulted together for a few minutes and then went away. Samuel Whiskers got through a hole in the wainscot, and went boldly down the front staircase to the dairy to get the butter. He did not meet anybody.
[*Leogrim]: He made a second journey for the rolling-pin. He pushed it in front of him with his paws, like a brewer’s man trundling a barrel. He could hear Ribby and Tabitha talking, but they were busy lighting the candle to look into the chest. They did not see him. Anna Maria went down by way of the skirting-board and a window shutter to the kitchen to steal the dough.
[*Leogrim]: She borrowed a small saucer, and scooped up the dough with her paws. She did not observe Moppet. While Tom Kitten was left alone under the floor of the attic, he wriggled about and tried to mew for help. But his mouth was full of soot and cobwebs, and he was tied up in such very tight knots, he could not make anybody hear him.
[*Leogrim]: Except a spider, which came out of a crack in the ceiling and examined the knots critically, from a safe distance. It was a judge of knots because it had a habit of tying up unfortunate blue-bottles. It did not offer to assist him. Tom Kitten wriggled and squirmed until he was quite exhausted. Presently the rats came back and set to work to make him into a dumpling. First they smeared him with butter, and then they rolled him in the dough.
[*Leogrim]: “Will not the string be very indigestible, Anna Maria?” inquired Samuel Whiskers. Anna Maria said she thought that it was of no consequence; but she wished that Tom Kitten would hold his head still, as it disarranged the pastry. She laid hold of his ears. Tom Kitten bit and spat, and mewed and wriggled; and the rolling-pin went roly-poly, roly; roly, poly, roly. The rats each held an end.
[*Leogrim]: “His tail is sticking out! You did not fetch enough dough, Anna Maria.” “I fetched as much as I could carry,” replied Anna Maria. “I do not think”—said Samuel Whiskers, pausing to take a look at Tom Kitten—”I do not think it will be a good pudding. It smells sooty.” Anna Maria was about to argue the point, when all at once there began to be other sounds up above—the rasping noise of a saw; and the noise of a little dog, scratching and yelping!
[*Leogrim]: The rats dropped the rolling-pin, and listened attentively. “We are discovered and interrupted, Anna Maria; let us collect our property—and other people’s,—and depart at once.” “I fear that we shall be obliged to leave this pudding.”
[*Leogrim]: “But I am persuaded that the knots would have proved indigestible, whatever you may urge to the contrary.” “Come away at once and help me to tie up some mutton bones in a counterpane,” said Anna Maria. “I have got half a smoked ham hidden in the chimney.”
[*Leogrim]: So it happened that by the time John Joiner had got the plank up—there was nobody under the floor except the rolling-pin and Tom Kitten in a very dirty dumpling! But there was a strong smell of rats; and John Joiner spent the rest of the morning sniffing and whining, and wagging his tail, and going round and round with his head in the hole like a gimlet. Then he nailed the plank down again and put his tools in his bag, and came downstairs. The cat family had quite recovered. They invited him to stay to dinner.
[*Leogrim]: The dumpling had been peeled off Tom Kitten, and made separately into a bag pudding, with currants in it to hide the smuts. They had been obliged to put Tom Kitten into a hot bath to get the butter off. John Joiner smelt the pudding; but he regretted that he had not time to stay to dinner, because he had just finished making a wheel-barrow for Miss Potter, and she had ordered two hen-coops.
Insein grins. “See? He was saved by the good dog!”
[*Leogrim]: And when I was going to the post late in the afternoon—I looked up the lane from the corner, and I saw Mr. Samuel Whiskers and his wife on the run, with big bundles on a little wheel-barrow, which looked very like mine. They were just turning in at the gate to the barn of Farmer Potatoes. Samuel Whiskers was puffing and out of breath. Anna Maria was still arguing in shrill tones.
Insein snickers. “Serves them right for trying to eat the little kitten.”
[*Leogrim]: She seemed to know her way, and she seemed to have a quantity of luggage. I am sure I never gave her leave to borrow my wheel-barrow! They went into the barn, and hauled their parcels with a bit of string to the top of the hay mow. After that, there were no more rats for a long time at Tabitha Twitchit’s.
[Vomher]: Good!
[*Leogrim]: As for Farmer Potatoes, he has been driven nearly distracted. There are rats, and rats, and rats in his barn! They eat up the chicken food, and steal the oats and bran, and make holes in the meal bags. And they are all descended from Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Whiskers—children and grand-children and great great grand-children.
[*Leogrim]: There is no end to them!
[*Leogrim]: Moppet and Mittens have grown up into very good rat-catchers. They go out rat-catching in the village, and they find plenty of employment. They charge so much a dozen, and earn their living very comfortably.
[*Leogrim]: They hang up the rats’ tails in a row on the barn door, to show how many they have caught—dozens and dozens of them. But Tom Kitten has always been afraid of a rat; he never durst face anything that is bigger than—
[*Leogrim]: A MOUSE.
[*Leogrim]: That is the stories end…I hoe you all enjoyed it. It stretched a little long but I hoe entertained.
Nikokami claps her hands with a smile.
Vomher claps. “It is always a good story when kitties survive!”
Leogrim bows.
Insein cheers for Leogrim.
[Insein]: Thank you!
Nikokami returns his hug and smooches his jaw.
Kle claps
[Dazey]: Daisy grins and nods. “Dang, it was like the Godfather but with rats and cats.”
[Insein]: I love that tale.
Bumblebread claps, eyes wide
Ashcross claps
[Insein]: My mama used to tell me them tales with the Beatrix Potter books. An’ I just ate ‘em up.
[Insein]: Thank you so much for sharin’ it with us.
Katya nods at Leogrim while clapping as she returns to her seat.
[*Leogrim]: No issue. It was a leasure to tell the tale. Relight memories and form new ones. smiles
[Insein]: For now I’m gonna do a second raffle. This time, I do not have the prizes on me, but I will give your name to Agent Hollopoint and he will get you your goodies.
[Insein]: “The next prize bundle is several Kaidan dock keys an’ a Crown of Hel.” Angel whips out her phone and looks for her RNG program, her eyes flicking back and forth between the audience.
Vomher pretends that somebody didn’t just shamefully and rudely murder the drone recording this event!
Insein looks up at Jatz101. “You. You’re the winner. I’m…afraid I don’t know your name, but Agent Hollopoint will be in touch with you to give you your prizes.”
[Nikokami]: “Pardon. I thought it was harming the cat.”
Insein points at Jatz101.
[Jatz101]: Oh wow, thank you!
[Vomher]: Congratulations!
Nikokami cheers.
[Insein]: Klaus, can you fix it?
[Kle]: Grats
[Ashcross]: “Congrats!”
[Jatz101]: I have been wanting a crown of Hel to blend in there better
Vomher huffs and collects the cold depowered shell of the drone. He fiddles with it for a moment, muttering to himself. “I will be able to, I think…”
[Kle]: Lil Tiger has put up with worse than a grumpy Orochi drone. He deals with me most days.
Insein grins. “Good. I’ll pass your name to him and he should get you the prizes promptly. For now, he’s gone to bed since it’s so late.”
[Insein]: I hope Lil Tiger liked that tale.
[Kle]: He did. I’m worried it’ll inspire him…
Insein snickers.
[Vomher]: If it did, maybe we’ll have to have the Anima Cats give him A Talk.
Nikokami frowns a moment as she touches her back and then looks at Ven. “I must prepare. Light upon you, love.”
[Insein]: Now…who would like to tell the next story?
[Dazey]: Daisy looks around, silent.
[Vomher]: …We could make Venator tell us a story!
Vomher spins around, drone in arms, and SQUINTS at Venator.
[Insein]: I…don’t know if Venator is capable of tellin’ a story.
Vomher pouts. “Fiiine, fiiinnne. It was worth a shot.”
Insein smirks. “Is there any non-robots that would like to share with us?”
[Dazey]: “I got one, I guess?”
Insein whirls around to Daisy. “Then you have the floor!”
Insein points at Dazey.

[Dazey]: Daisy looks down at Joe and takes a deep breath.
JosephS looks to Dazey with a look of shock. “You do?”
[Dazey]: “So hi. I’m Daisy and I’m an alcoholic and a junkie. Currently sober.”
[Dazey]: “Oh, wait…wrong meeting.” Daisy grins. “crap…okay, I’m nervous, so bear with me.”
[Leogrim]: Leogrim giggles
JosephS shakes his head with a smirk.
[Dazey]: “So look, I’m not a story teller. But I see stuff and I think sometimes it’s good to share things, just little things that make people remember there’s some real f***ing–sorry…I mean there’s some real magic out there. Good magic, unexpected, you know?”
[Dazey]: “I grew up in Brooklyn. My mom was…sick…a lot. She saw stuff that wasn’t there. Or maybe it was. Never really mattered. But point is, we moved around a lot. A LOT.”
Insein smiles encouragingly.
[Dazey]: “Lived in a lot of dirty places, sort of tough times. But she was doing her best and I tried to take care of her, keep her safe.” Daisy looks down. “Keep her alive.”
[Dazey]: “So when I was about seven we squatted in a vacant room up above that laundromat that Dave Screed hangs out in. Some of you may know it.”
Vomher frowns at the mention of THAT Laundromat.
[Dazey]: “Anyway, there was this hotdog cart there on the corner by the park and I’d save any spare change I could ever find to buy a hot dog once in a while.”
[Dazey]: “There was this old guy. Nobody knows his name. I don’t. Not even after all this time. But he was always there, first thing in the morning to late at night, slinging those dogs.”
Insein snakes out a hand to Klaus.
[Dazey]: She smiles a little as she remembers. “Every time I managed to save up, he’d asked me what I wished for…like asking me what I wanted on my dog.”
Vomher immediately snapes for that hand and gives it a squeeze. In his arms is still the downed drone, cradled to ensure it doesn’t go rolling.
[Dazey]: “But I always thought he meant that I needed to make a wish. So I’d tell him my wish, and he’d laugh like he thought that was real funny.”
[Dazey]: “Anyway, fast forward through a lot of crap times. My mom died and I wasn’t doing too great for a long time. And I’m just gonna say it…I was broken. Like really just f***ing…I mean just broken.”
JosephS rubs his scar-covered forearms at the mention of being broken.
[Dazey]: “And one night when I wasn’t feeling really hopeful about much in particular, this big guy…that one sitting there…” She nods her chin at Joe. “He meets me in the park.”
[Dazey]: “And instead of taking me out to eat somewhere fancy, we walk over to this hot dog cart.”
[Dazey]: “That old man is still there, same one from when I was a kid. I didn’t say anything but I know he recognized me. Because when it was my turn to get the hot dog, he asked me what I wished for.”
[Dazey]: “I told him I wished to be happy.” Daisy pauses. “And he gives me my hot dog, looks at Joe and tells me ‘Done.’”
[Dazey]: “So that’s it, really. Just a story about hot dogs and happiness. I don’t know how they are connected, but in Brooklyn, anything can happen. And even broken people can have their wishes come true.”
Vomher smiles at Daisy, clapping as she walks off. “So this is an adorable story of love after all!”
JosephS puts an arm around Daisy, leting her relax after the tale.
[*Leogrim]: Claps
[Dazey]: “Only kind of story that matters,” Daisy grins.
Bumblebread claps happily
Katya seems to ponder for a moment, then blinks the thought away and starts clapping politely.
Insein claps excitedly for Dazey.
[Insein]: I do like those love stories.
[Insein]: I should do another raffle before we look for another story.
[Dazey]: Daisy leans into Joe and relaxes against him with a smile.
Insein whips out her phone and starts glancing at the audience, mashing buttons on her RNG program.
[Insein]: Again, Agent Hollopoint will be in touch with the winner, who is…
Insein points at Ashcross.
Bumblebread cheers
[Ashcross]: “Oh boy!”
[Jatz101]: congrats
[Vomher]: Congratulations on wondrous shinies!
[Insein]: Ashcross. Hollopoint has some Kaidan keys and an intricate fierce glyph for ya.
[Dazey]: “Winner winner! Way to go!”
[Vomher]: See? Very shiny!
[Ashcross]: “Very nice! Thank you.”
Insein grins. “Now we need another to come share the next story. Who wants to go next?”
Insein glances about. “No one left? Should I tell another tale?”
Vomher squints at the crowd.
Insein turns to Klaus. “I think they’re tired. I have a short one I learned in Japan. About Rice Cakes.”
[Vomher]: …I do like rice cakes.
[Insein]: Of course you do.
Vomher grins right back at her.
Insein settles into her stance. “A healer and his medium were called to take care of someone who had been possessed by a spirit. As soon as the healer had gotten the spirit over into the medium, it explained, “Curses aren’t really my line at all! I’m just a fox who happened to come by.”
[Insein]: “I live with my little ones over among the tombs, and they’re hungry. I came because I thought you might have food here. If you’ll give me some rice cakes I’ll be on my way.”
[Insein]: The household served up a nice platter of rice cakes, which the medium ate with happy exclamations about how delicious they were. “That woman!” the people grumbled. “She just faked the possession to get those cakes!”
[Insein]: “Now if you’ll be kind enough to give me some paper,” the fox continued, “I’ll wrap up the rest and be off with them to my family.”
[Insein]: The medium carefully wrapped up the cakes and put them into the front fold of her robe, where they made a good bulge all the way up to her bosom.
[Insein]: “Now dismiss me,” said the fox. “I’ll be going.”
[Insein]: “Be gone then, be gone!” The healer ordered.
[Insein]: The medium stood up and instantly collapsed! When she got up again a little later there was nothing at all in the fold of her robe.
[Insein]: It was very strange how those rice cakes had disappeared.
Insein inclines her head.
[Insein]: Fox spirits. They’re crafty like that.
[*Leogrim]: Legends have it that there is a parking garage in Tokyo were if you listen very close you hear the distant nibbling on rice cakes and little children thanking for the meal…or so they say
Ashcross shudders
Vomher slowly glances from Angel to Leo.
Insein stares at Leo. “Damn.”
Insein snickers. “Do I have one more storyteller out there?”
[Ashcross]: “I read a story in the paper about a dwarf psychic who had escaped from prison. Wonder if a fox spirit was involved.”
Vomher claps. “Thank you for the rice cake story, Angel! And definitely not parking garage kistune antics…”
[Insein]: Could be possible.
[Ashcross]: “The Headline read: Small Medium at Large”
Insein facepalms.
Bumblebread giggles
Vomher bursts into snickers at the headline.
[Leogrim]: laughs
[Insein]: So this has become a comedy hour.
Insein snickers.
[Vomher]: Maybe he can tell us a story with a punchline, then?
Ashcross laughs “I was out of stories”
[Insein]: One more story and one more raffle.
[Insein]: Any takers?
[*Leogrim]: Story with punchline? Agent Olegs Backstory?
[Vomher]: If it comes to it, I do have a story if we still wind up in need!
Bumblebread I maye have more of that earlier story… I was unsure about sharing because of some of the locations mentioned…
Vomher tilts his head to the side, eyeing Bumblebread curiously.
[Insein]: Oh, then by all means. We’d love to hear more about the bread!
Insein points at Bumblebread.
[Insein]: You have the floor.
[Vomher]: Bread time!
Bumblebread So, I was a little nervous about this, because the locations seemed way to unusual of a coincidence. But I have one more page from the book these stories are from”
Bumblebread clears throat "The wizard and the Demon: Eyes blazed fiercely in the darkness of the park. It was a brisk Autumn evening, the trees swaying in a gentle breeze. The boy blinked, face to face with a strangers fiery eyes. Piercing and purple, they didn’t exactly give off any light, but held an unnatural gleam. “So this is what they send me? A child?” The boy, confused, bristled slightly at being called a child. True, he was young, but he was not THAT young.
[Bumblebread]: The stranger gave him no chance to respond, as he stormed towards the exit of the park, grabbing the boys collar in a strong grip, and dragging him along. “We have work to do” the stranger said sternly, no further explanation it seemed. The boy looked around, as the demon all but carried him through the gloomy park. A sign reading “Ealdwic” could be seen illuminated by a lone streetlamp. His head was fuzzy, and he was unsure how he had come to be in this park. His thoughts swam with images of a tree, and a bat? no… a bird… with butterfly wings? He couldn’t be sure, the remnants of the images faded from his conscious like the final wisps of a dream.
[Bumblebread]: The stranger was talking again, words drifting through the darkness, something about a job, and summons. Had the boy taken on a job with this man, and why had he started to think of himself as “the boy”? “… It is rare that I get to venture into this world, I pray you do not mess this up for me. Such a low class summon… what are you anyway? Djinn… no, that’s not it…” The strangers voice trailed off again as they passed through a gate and into a well lit street. Closed and boarded up shops lined one side, a single open doorway spilling light onto the cold cobbled street.
[Bumblebread]: “The horned god” the stranger grinned “A fitting name for one such as myself, wouldn’t you agree boy?” The stranger had pulled him up so that he was standing by his side. The boy, although small himself, looked minuscule next to the towering stranger. No wonder he had thought him a child, he mused. Most people must look like children to a man of such stature.
[Bumblebread]: The boy studied the man in the light of the street lamps. His skin was smooth and pale, like a porcelain doll come to life. A face handsome and regal, framed by unruly purple hair reaching down to his waist, that did nothing to detract from his royal appearance. His long slender limbs were clothed in a nondescript white shirt and slacks. One side of the shirt appeared to be torn away, leaving his chest and left arm exposed, revealing a red circle, a star at it’s centre glowing faintly. Otherworldly was the only way to describe his appearance.
[Bumblebread]: “Come here boy, I will not wait for you again” the strangers voice cut through his thoughts like a knife. While the boy had apparently been daydreaming, the stranger had moved into the doorway of the horned god, holding the door open with an impatient look on his face. The interior was dimly lit, with only a few customers at this apparently late hour. The stranger had already found a spot at the bar, and was busy sampling everything on the menu by the looks of it.
[Bumblebread]: “A glass of milk for the kid” The stranger said between sips of an expensive looking whisky. The boy sat down angrily, tired of being treated as a child. Brushing back golden strands of hair he decided to speak up. “Now look he-“ he began, before being interrupted by a man in uniform. “Excuse me, but I believe you dropped this” the police officer whispered, placing a small envelope on the bar in front of the stranger. The boy looked confused, but the stranger smirked, simply saying “of course officer, thank… you” the last words seemingly difficult for him to utter.
[Bumblebread]: A long fingernail made quick work of the envelope, revealing a short letter. Before the boy could get a good glance at it’s contents, the stranger had crumpled it in a porcelain fist, and tossed it to the floor. “Come, boy. Our destination is New England. I will NOT wait for you.” The stranger stood abruptly, and walked towards the door. The boy stole a glance at the envelope as he stood up to leave, but it was a nondescript white, it’s only notable feature a Red Cross, each side of equal length, in the top right corner. As he stepped out into the night, the stranger turned to him, a playful smile dancing across his lips
[Bumblebread]: “How amusing this shall be. A demon king… working for the templars” and with that he laughed, strutting off into the night.
Bumblebread shudders “That is all I have from this book. It scares me that the details of the location are so eerily similar to where we sit tonight”
Insein blinks. “Cool.”
Bumblebread shuffles back to his place, head kept low
[Vomher]: What happens next with the demon king and young boy? Will you tell us another time?
Katya looks up at Bumblebread thoughtfully.
Insein claps excitedly for Bumblebread.
[Bumblebread]: “of course. If I ever find the next pages of this book”
Ashcross claps
[Insein]: We look forward to more!
[Dazey]: Daisy claps.
[Insein]: Now…maybe one last story an’ then the final raffle.
Insein looks about until her eyes settle onto Klaus.
[Insein]: You owe me a story, buster.
Vomher stares right back at Angel and gently rolls the drone to the ground. “…Okay,” he responds after a moment, standing to his feet. The drone, for its part, lights up and hovers where Klaus once sat.
[Insein]: Klaus has the floor.
Vomher pulls out a small stack of notecards and briefly skims over them before putting his attention on the audience.
[Vomher]: I will tell you the story of the Seven Ravens, which some of you may already know or have heard previously! Don’t worry, I hope not to mangle it too much!
[Vomher]: Long ago, there was a man with seven sons who desperately wished for a daughter. When his wife next became pregnant, he hoped for a daughter and finally, his wish was granted and their joy was great… but the infant was sick, a small thing, and in their fear for her weakened state, they rushed to give an emergency baptism.
[Insein]: So yer sayin’ this is about Venator?
Vomher coughs, staring at Angel for the longest time before gathering his composure and continuing on.
[Vomher]: The father sent one of his sons to quickly go to the well and get some water for the baptism. The other six sons ran with him. The over-enthusiastic children each wanted to be the first to get the water for their father, only for their competition to cause the water jug to fall in.
Vomher leans in, “They didn’t know what to do and were too terrified to go home.”
Insein grins.
[Vomher]: The impatient father, annoyed at his sons for not coming back, said “They have forgotten what they went after because they were playing, those godless boys.”
[Vomher]: Terrified that their daughter would die before even getting baptised, he cried out in his rage, “I wish those boys would all turn into ravens!”
Vomher throws his arms out at this!
[Vomher]: He had hardly spoken when he heard a whirring above his head. When he looked up, he saw seven coal-black ravens flying up into the sky and away!
Vomher then flings his arms up into the air! WIth a spark of magic, translucent wings briefly appear behind Klaus for avian emphasis!
[Dazey]: Daisy’s eyes widen.
[Vomher]: The curse was set! The parents couldn’t do anything to take it back, and as sad as they were at losing their sons, they were comforted by the fact that their dear daughter had survived and began to thrive and grow each and every day.
[Vomher]: She never knew she had brothers for the longest time - her parents never mentioned them; however, one day she accidentally overheard people talking about her, saying how she was beautiful but to blame for the disappearance of her seven brothers. This rightfully worried her, and she went to her parents to ask about what she had heard.
[Vomher]: They couldn’t keep it secret from her for any longer, but they claimed it had been ‘Heaven’s Fate’ that they disappeared, and her birth was entirely unrelated and innocent. She didn’t believe it and it ate at her - she began to think she had to rescue them.
[Vomher]: Restlessly, she secretly left with the intent of finding and freeing her brothers at any cost, taking with her nothing but a small ring as remembrance from her parents, a loaf of bread, some water, and a chair… so she could sit, of course.
Vomher snickers to himself at this before clearing his throat and resuming the tale.
[Insein]: Bring your own chair is a very important task at any gathering.
Vomher nods. “And so she walked - she walked and walked to the very ends of the earth and beyond. She walked to the sun itself, but it was hot and frightful - it ate children and scared her off! She then went to the moon, but it was frigid and wicked, and the moon said upon her approach, ‘I smell - smell human flesh.’”
Vomher says the moon’s lines with a hoarse, haunting voice, as if it were a horrid thing out for the child.
[Vomher]: Terrified, she ran again and came to the stars. They were friendly and good, and each sat on their own little chairs, too! When the morning star rose, it gave her a chicken bone and told her, “Without that bone, you cannot open the glass mountains, and your brothers are inside the glass mountain.”
[Vomher]: The girl took the bone and wrapped it up in a small cloth. She then went on her way until she made it to the glass mountain. The door, of course, was locked, and she began to get the bone. When she opened its cloth, there was no bone inside. She had lost the gift of the very stars themselves!
Vomher puts a hand to his chest, looking aghast! Or at least trying to.
[Vomher]: What could she do now, she wondered? She wanted to rescue her brothers, but she had no key to the glass mountain. The little sister took a knife, cut off one of her little fingers, and put it into the door. Amazingly, the door opened!
[Vomher]: Once she had gone inside, a dwarf came up to her and said, “My child, what are you looking for?”
[Vomher]: “I am looking for my brothers, the seven ravens,” she told the dwarf.
[Vomher]: The dwarf said, “The lord ravens are not at home, but if you want to wait here until they return, step inside.”
[Vomher]: The dwarf then carried in the ravens’ dinner on seven little plates and with seven little cups. The sister ate a little bit from each plate and took a sip from each cup in turn. When she got to the final cup, she dropped the ring she had brought with her inside of it.
[Vomher]: Suddenly, she heard a whirring and rushing sound, and the dwarf said, “The lord ravens are flying home now.”
[Vomher]: They came, wanting to eat, and looked for their meal. One after the other said, “Who has been eating from my plate? Who has been drinking from my cup? It was a human mouth!” Clever birds.
[Vomher]: When the seventh came to the bottom of his cup, the ring tumbled toward him. Looking at it, he saw the familiar ring of their parents and said, “God grant that our sister might be here; then we would be set free.”
[Vomher]: Their sister was listening behind the door. When she heard their wish, she came forth! The ravens were returned to human form once again, and they hugged and kissed one another. They were finally together, and they went home happy.
Vomher smiles, announcing, “The end!”
Vomher looks anxiously to the audience and takes a deep, graceful bow.

You bow.
[*Leogrim]: claps
Ashcross claps “Excellent!”
[Dazey]: Daisy claps. “Nice one!”
Insein claps. “Thank you!”
Katya applauds.
Vomher beams, brightening at the encouragement.
[Insein]: That was beautiful!
Bumblebread blinks and slowly beings to applaud
[Vomher]: Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to make it as good as could be for you and the Story Night!
Insein nods. “It was very nice. Very classic.” She glances about. “Alright, seein’ that we’re a little over, let’s get this last raffle done an’ then close this out.” She pulls out her phone again and stares back out at the audience.
Vomher turns quiet and averts his gaze from the phone’s vicinity.
Insein pokes at the RNG device then turns to point. “Aw, this can’t be right. The final raffle is a buncha keys, a Route 666 outfit an’ some fancy lightning in a bottle an’ it’s goin’ to…”
Insein points at Rebel14.
[Insein]: Venator.
[Vomher]: Venator gets the lightning in a bottle?!
[Insein]: Somehow.
[Ashcross]: “Nice!”
Bumblebread applauds
Rebel14 raised a brow
[Dazey]: “Woo!! Maybe he’ll smile?”
[Ashcross]: “Congrats Mr. Venator”
Insein rolls her eyes a little. Regretting her choices in life no doubt.
[*Leogrim]: Gratz^^
[Vomher]: That lightning was expertly captured. Don’t ruin it, Venator!
[Rebel14]: “Thank you?”
[Insein]: I’ll let Hollopoint know an’ you two can get in touch.
[Insein]: Thank you all so much for attending and listening to so many of our fine writers, speakers and chroniclers of this Secret World we all share.
Ashcross claps.
[Ashcross]: “Thanks for having us over for stories!”
Bumblebread applauds “Thank you for hosting such a wonderful night. And thank you to all who shared stories for making it magical”
[Dazey]: Daisy claps. “Thank you!! Way more fun that I expected.” She grimaces. “That sounded bad. I mean that I enjoyed it very much.”
[Insein]: Have a great evening or morning or day, folks. Thanks again for coming and sharing or listening.
[Vomher]: Thank you so very much for your stories and time!
Vomher holds out a hand. The small spherical drone snaps into it from its previous place to the side. Gently cradling the orb, Klaus beams at the audience. “The recording of this event will be made available soon! It needs just a bit of processing time, but I promise it will be available for all to view! Thank you again!”
Vomher gently pats the drone in his arms. Its faint blue light ceases and it powers down, the recording now through.


Static flickers once more.

The signal cuts.

The story night has concluded.


End recording.


Thank you for posting the write up! It was wonderful to read through all the stories again :slight_smile:

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