Story Night Event- Holiday Ghost Stories


Hello and welcome all SWL players and roleplayers!

Winter is the time to be cozy and tell ghost stories, so please join us for Story Night, an in game in character role playing event.

Where: Kumiho Hotel, Seoul

Meet up on Insein or Vomher in game.

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What is Story Night?

Story Night is a recurring event designed to encourage new roleplayers and the rp-curious and allow people who want to share short vignettes, poems, cautionary tales, original works, et cetera.

Story night is an in-character gathering in game of our characters, using the /say and /emote commands to personify our characters telling tales, speaking and reacting to each other.

A long time ago, a friend introduced me to roleplaying in a video game by hosting a recurring Story Night, where people would gather and take turns telling short stories and tales of their adventures!

People came and went and either listened respectfully or told a story to the assembled. We even had theme nights for tales of love, horror, poetry nights, etc.

I am honoring his legacy by hosting this event in Secret World Legends.

The goal is to continue to have both Secret World Legends and the wonderful roleplaying community thrive and grow, as well as have fun telling and listening to stories.

There are only a few rules for story night:

  • Be respectful of the speaker who currently has the floor.
  • Be respectful of the listeners who are trying to enjoy the speakers.
  • The gathering is a peaceful one. There should be no open hostility. We’re all there for the same purpose.
  • The host is there to facilitate the gathering. The speaker will change as the host gives them charge of the gathering.

If you have a story to share:

** Try to post it in digestible blocks, about a sentence or two at a time to simulate storytelling.*

** Give room for feedback. People like to interact in between parts of a story.*

** Keep your story to about 10-15 minutes maximum! That way we can get several people up to speak.*

** Remember to signal the end of the story and then please go take your seat so the Host can pick the next storyteller.*

I am looking forward to this gathering and hope to see you all there! Thank you!