MEGAversary 2: Elite 1 Dungeon run event!

The MEGAversary Dungeon event for newer players wanting to experience dungeons and players that want to have a shoot at some agents and boxes is coming. Join us 2019-06-22T15:00:00Z2019-06-22T18:00:00Z or 2019-06-29T16:00:00Z2019-06-29T19:00:00Z as we group up to rush through some dungeons.

And the best thing: Additionally to looting as many blue chests as we can find we will raffle among the participants:
1 Mihas Blaga + 10 Container A Keys
1 Arctic Outfit + 10 Container B Keys
1 Agarthean Bounty Hunter Outfit + 20 Container C Keys
2x 1 Cruel Delight
1 Radiant Ashes of the Crushed Cities
1 Radiant Iron-Sulfur Bracelet
1 [Agent Dossier: Dax Reagan]
1 [Agent Dossier: Terry Laputo]
2x10 Container A Keys
2x15 Container B Keys

Be around during event times, join the event channel (Ingame command: /chat join event) and say you want in and a MEGAversary minion will help you to join one of the dungeon groups that will be running for the whole event.

Feel free to leave and rejoin during the event at the end of one run but please inform your groupleader (MEGAversary crew member) in your team that you do so, since it makes it far easier to identify crashes and wait for people if crashrelated issues come up.

P.S.: Feel like the prices are not enough or you wanna help. Feel free to contact me if you have additions for the prize pool or feel like you can help out leading a group, we always need more voluntaries. Just be aware that Voluntaries and any other Player part of the Organiser Crew will not be part of the raffle.


May I please ask what the event channel is going to be called?

The Event channel is called event.
It’S one of the bigger custom channels ingame.
Join it by using the chatcommand “/chat join event” ingame.


Ok, finally got all the list, sheets and such in order.
We had 31 unique participants on day 1.

Among them 5 winners of the individual groups:
Group JimmyTheRabbit: AKFigment = Dossier Margot Crowley-Mathers
Group Mayrie: Mindtrip = 10 keys A
Groupp Panth: Ravella = 15 Keys B
Group Katelin: Shjakilil = Green Cruel Delight
Group Vomher: Mangaspirit = Radiant Iron-Sulfur

All participants go into the overall raffle for more prices and there will be normal prizes for day two too.
Hope everyone had fun so far.


Grats to the winners!

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Merci Leogrim, je me suis bien amusée / Thank you Leogrim, I had fun


The rest of the winners are out:
The winners for the individual grouppprizes are:
Group Mayrie: Hamora = Dossier Daniel Martinez
Group Leogrim: Nyad = Dossier Radiant Ashes of the Crushed Cities
Group Katelin: Fireberry = Dossier Dax Reagan
Group Vomher: Mangaspirit = Terry Laputo

Overall event winners:
3rd Place:
Kiqjaq gets: One Argathean bounty hunter outfit and 40 Container Keys C

2nd Place:
Mangaspirit gets: One arctic outfit + 1 green cruel delight + 20 Container Keys B

1st Place:
Svevo gets: 1 Mihas Blaga + 20 Container Keys A

Thanks everyone who participated and also a great thank you to:

Who made this event possible through there work as groupleads^^

And another thanks to Hollopoint for organizing the MEGAversary.


Merci pour les cadeaux et à vous qui avez organisé tout cela… / Thank you for the gifts and to you who organized all this …