MEGAversary 2 MEGA Boss Event: 19th June to 1st July 2019

This is to announce that as far as possible running through the two weeks of the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo there will be World Boss slams to thin out those pesky World Bosses. We will run at Euro times and US times as far as possible through the two week run, trying to be as prime time as possible for the time zones.


Thank you, Hollo! :smiley:

Sounds fun :slight_smile: How can we find out when this is happening?

We’re scheduled usually for about 6pm British Summer Time, 7pm Central Euro Time, 2pm Eastern US time every two days during the week, but… JimmytheRabbit is running them as well, when he can. Best thing is to keep an eye on the Event Channel type /chat join event and you will receive information when we post a run starting. I think Jimmy is running later on for US times.

This was a bit of a “burn out” event last time around, lol, so we’re not going as full on. Jimmy will be doing during his lunch break about 1 hour before the times I listed.

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