Loms scavenger hunt 2024

Hi there good people of the secret world
the anniversary is here once again and here is another little activity to run alongside the official festivities

the loms scavenger hunt is a great way to explore some of the areas we dont spend as much time in these days and give a bit more attention to the surroundings and decor
(all items are accessible to any level player and some are in multiple locations)
we want you to explore and find as many of the things on the list and take a screenie of yourself with them

anyone that finds at least five items off of the list will gain one entry into the prize draw and anyone that can find all ten will get two entry’s into the draw
three random names will be pulled at the end of the anniversary event so there is plenty of time to search for them all

to enter all you have to do is send your screenies to either swlhunt@aol.com or if your on the secret world legends discord you can DM me there @fowlskins
make sure you remember to add the in game character name you want to be in the draw

prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place according to draw order
1st prize, Special Agent Dossier: The Duo (TBC courtesy of funcom)

2nd prize, resplendent talisman imbuer, elaborate glyph imbuer and mk 4 weapon imbuer. (thanks to teg for donating)

3rd prize, party ghoul and icy claws

i will update entries here as we go
good luck everyone i think some of these are quite a bit harder than last time i ran this (so you will probably find them all in five minutes)


we have our first contender :slight_smile: with all 10
list will update as they come in

malkeshar 2 entries
troika 2 entries
stormwarning 1 entry
unidentified 2 entries
goldsaber 2 entries
skippio 2 entries
elysane 2entries
elswere 2entries
Classyified 1 entry
azagthor 2 entries
murin 2 entries
Aeryl 2 entries
Hestian 2 entries
lizzaya 2 entries
huiqing 2 entries
hylonomus 1 entry
Blackswordman 2entries


Heck yeah! This was a blast last year, can’t wait to do it again!


I’m interested too, starting the hunt now.

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So far I’ve found 5 out of 10. Any chance to get a hint whether or not I should be looking within dungeons or mission instances?

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so to anyone else thats struggling ill tell you what i told cypher in game
all the information you need is written in the very first post in this thread to narrow down your search a little
but remember just because i found it somewhere dosnt mean its not somewhere else in the game i havnt been


What a great opportunity to revisit some familiar locations and take a closer look at things that tend to pass us by!

Thanks, @fowlskins and LoMS!


last couple of days to get involved
you gotta be in it to win it :slight_smile:


Imma finally work on these screenies tomorrow ;D


event is over so this is your last day to get your entry’s in draw will take place tomorrow

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