Make New Asagarth neutral!

Every damn little camp, settlement etc. is hostile towards you and there is only one town that is neutral. I was really disappointed when I got “Visit New Asagarth”. It’s more like “Slaughter everything that moves in New Asagarth!” What’s the point in that?! There is nothing interesting about that place except the potential thralls there. I was looking forward to taking a stroll and relaxing a little after all the fighting in the surrounding areas. But it’s all the same there. That’s no fun! >:(


Would be nice to have a neutral city in the Frozen North, much like the city of Relic Hunters and New Asagarth would be an great place for this to happen given its background.


I agree, not all villages and camps should be hostile. After all, other exiles have banded together, so what makes the player so different?

Possibly even find an abandoned building or tent and have a nice life in town.


It does seem like a good choice to be a neutral city, given its size.


i like this idea alot

would love to see them also neutral with some vendors

maybe if they can get that vendor they talked about that sells random thralls

could have 1 city sell a few types and the other sell the missing ones
blacksmith carpenter tanner in one
armor smelter alchemist in the other


Well from an RP standpoint?

Relic Hunters are merchants. They will sell to anyone and trick people into doing things that will get them killed just so they can make some silver. Also there is someone in the Relic Hunters city that may have said to let you pass without being attacked. The Same person isn’t in New Asagrath I don’t believe.

The Player has been cutting a swath of destruction from the south to the North. Single handedly cutting down scores of exiles all over the place, Slaying Dragon, Demons, the Undead and enslaving people through torture to break their will.

Your reputation and skill has made you a target.

(Though I like the idea)

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However, for the first few weeks within the Exiled Lands, the silver haired Zingaran approached every city, camp and outpost, large and small with weapons sheathed or placed upon the ground, arms wide, palms up in the universal gesture of peaceful intentions. He even set up small camps on the outskirts, displaying all of his exotic goods available for trade.

His reputation can be naught else but that of a traveling merchant and trader; offering goods and services; one seeking shelter and camaraderie among other humans; one with an evident masochistic penchant for being attacked and summarily beaten by nearly all of those humans.

They have the violent reputation. Not him. He welcomes any and all centers of commerce, camaraderie and entertainment.

I definitely support this idea and the others like it. These ideas should not be shunned in an attempt to corral players together against NPCs. More players may actually meet and get together within such neutral cities and camps.


I like the idea… but most of the player base more then likely attacks everyone. Conan Freed one other person before us and she was likely also not friendly.

I’m not against the idea… however I’m also ok with it being hostile. If you don’t want to kill them just knock them out.

Or add a process of making it neutral such as helping small villages of their people out first. Either way we will need more than just 1 neutral city to explore and interact with.

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I made my character a northener so finding New Asagarth was amazing. Then they tried to kill me :disappointed_relieved:


No way, game is easy enough as it is, last thing we need is more non threatening npc’s Set City is suppose to be that and its enough.

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Yes to be able to befrend whit some factions sounds nice, maybe to a cost that other faction will be harder to you and come on purge atackes.

But only able to pick 1-3 of the factions to be frendly. have to pick youre side permanent and ge stuck whit it.


Not only to befriend a town, but imagine if you will for a moment, being able to trade between towns. And to carry that thought further, a market place opens up in each town. Trade goods. Hire services. Buy slaves. Buy mercenary Thralls. Build an empire.


You can just attack them, there is already lots of hostile camps, more neutral settlements would be a breath for those seeking the confort of a city in thar region. I think even the two ships could be neutral aswell.


The exiles lands are supposed to be a hostile, unforgiving place. Shouldn’t be any friendly places. Every exile for themself. No room for tree hugging hippies here.

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Sounds like a good idea for a mod. NPCs from factions are not hostile until you attack. Each attack builds like the purge meter. The higher the meter the more hostile that faction gets. Instead of having thralls at stations you could trade for the items from a station in a town. It would be a different challenge for SP or a different kind of RP server. If I knew anything at all about modding, I would build it.


implenty it as an option, an option to work up a reputation whit them. The neutral city to day is just a mess whit constant farming…

Agree, new asgard should become a city, not a prison filled by bloodthirsty people.
It doesn’t mean that you cannot attack them, it just logical that city isn’t hostile for no reason, everybody there are exiles and they made the same way to new asgard as you are.


Yes but if you atack them they have to be hostile to you for the rest of the game typ.

Having an NPC faction relation system would be neat.