Acceptable PvP postures for Winning Servers

If our server gets a hot meat injection, it occurs to me we have a few available postures:

  1. Let them move in, possibly have relations with my bodyguard Eulalia
  2. Charge them a tax to stay which really means subjugation
  3. Set up bracelet boxes near the starter zone with kill materials, and nuke the place from orbit

Any other diplomatic solutions you can think of? This is meant to be fun, so ingest some virtual crimson lotus dust and hand out the ideas.


I was thinking I have lots of failed experiments from when I was trying to necromancy up a Legion Warrior :thinking:

Maybe some little mausoleums inhabited by clusters of undead, judiciously placed in starter areas. Nothing too bad…just skellies and wights. So the new arrivals can have a bit of excitement.


Heavily advertised welcome centers where the chests are filled with dung.


If it wouldn’t get reported, start building a statue of liberty to welcome the immigrants.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


I hear Yog wrote a book on the subject of welcoming newcomers. I believe the title was “How to Serve Man.”


Bah, this is the Exiled Lands. The only thing you should lift a lamp to is the thatch on their hut roofs…or their pyres! :smiling_imp:


Is this a Redwall reference?

Regardless, my clan name is “Friendly Dudes”, so we’d be escorting and making friends. Can’t think of any other response to new players joining the server with hundreds of bombs, gear, etc. They joined the server with all their best stuff. By being friendly, I can secure my clan’s safety and possibly make new alliances. Friends are always nice to have when the aggressive players roll in.


I’m a fan of Creepy horror comics, and a favorite from childhood was a story of two special witches in The Roaring 20s – both of them super-hot – one older than Medusa herself… Don’t stare at Eulalia Jones too long or you’ll turn to stone.

Originally I thought it would be ideal to put two drop vaults at the beach area, built into the feet of a Colossus.

Now since I’m Wolf Clan it might be neat to build a giant Trojan Wolf, with four vaults in the base. Vaults would be open, use at your own risk etc.


A proper cornucopia , with all legendary weapons and armour just waiting in the open in the middle of the noob desert.

Hunger games style.

Shame you can’t just let everyone transfer in at once :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Isn’t that a little at odds with uh… the Exiled Lands labour economy?

Do you know USA history? Hypocritical? What? I just don’t understand a word you are saying mumbler.

OK I can’t read your tone. I’ll answer plainly.

I’m interested in history but I’m Australian so I know basic US history I guess?

I was trying to be funny. Because the statue of liberty is a trope often used when referencing migrants, which is what I thought you were doing. But the exiled lands is based on slavery, which the US abolished as an affront to liberty.

But I guess the statue was given to the US by the French after the War of Independence right? So slavery was either legal in the US then or hadn’t started. So your joke was perhaps more subtle and multi-layered than I picked up on. And you were joking about hypocrisy. Didn’t mean to offend :man_shrugging:

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it was joking. USA history is chuck full of hypocrisy about freedom.

When the statue was getting put up, there wasn’t slavery but there was definitely segregation and not just against African or Native Americans but against Irish, Italians etc. Anyone not like the colonist-bred.


Not meaning to derail the thread, but in the interest of historical info…

It was given to the U.S. by the French and dedicated in 1886, which is well after the Civil War. Slavery in the U.S. was abolished by that point.

FYI, slavery was one of the original grievances against England listed as reason for declaring independence, but was removed from the final list because the declaration had to be unanimous and there were something like two or three states that wanted to keep it. America by no means invented slavery. It was imported, and we were among the first to abolish it.

It’s the same reason for the three fifths compromise in the constitution. It was put there to both get the slave states to sign on and also to weaken the slave states and hopefully abolish slavery one day. In the U.S., the number of House representatives per state are determined by state population. The slave states wanted slaves to count as a full person so they would have more congressional power. The free states said slaves are treated as property and thus shouldn’t count at all because it would be the slave owners representing them, which obviously would not be in the best interest of the slaves themselves.


I can speak from experience this doesn’t always work.
Last year we had an influx of people, we welcomed them, gave them help, thralls, pets and horses.
One member of a small clan was a real sumph, fowl mouthed and arrogant.

I personally gave this person more help and advice than I had anyone else.
Trying to make him into a civil player.

Then when he was killed in the course of regular PVP.
He cowardly called for help from a group of cheaters and under meshers.

They off line raided @Barnes and others,
destroyed half my base while I was off line, but didn’t get anything from me.
And then they were gone, no way to retaliate.

They may have been banned, but I didn’t report them. I wanted to raid them back.

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In truth they took advantage of my known weakness, a physical ailment. I was unable to log in, can’t see, can’t play!

But the moral of the story is, I fell, then everyone else was vulnerable. On some servers it’s like dominoes.

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Oh wow, I didn’t realise it was so late. I guess I just knew it was the French, and knew that it was in recognition of US democracy, and put two and two together and got five! Thanks.

To get the thread back on track: spec into a dangerous PvP build and loiter around the beach like a new arrival. Then deliver a nasty surprise to anyone who comes to gank a newcomer. Works best if you’re in a clan and the rest of your mates are waiting in ambush.

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I hate to break it to you but America wasn’t even in the top ten.
abolition of slavery

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I was actually thinking more modern history because it’s been in and out throughout all of human history, (and the U.S. hasn’t been around that long relatively speaking) but fair enough. Point is the practice was being prohibited in the U.S. since the founding, even though it wasn’t completely abolished for all states until the 13th amendment was ratified. I suppose it somewhat depends on how you look at it because it’s not nearly as simple as people like to believe.

Of course… No youngsters want a daddy in this game.

Yeah, if a person knows a bit more than High School level history it’s quite evident the US was on it immediately. The US weren’t even a nation before we were moving against slavery on pretty much all fronts. The modern far left prefer their facts with a considerable measure of distortion…

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