You get ban if your clan mate make mistake

if you join some clan end your clan mate make mistake
why everybodu get ban
you cant control your clan mate

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There are some rules where individual responsibility can be determined. For example, hate speech in chat should be easily identifiable, and they probably shouldn’t punish the whole clan for one player’s actions in those cases.

But when it comes to other rules like land claim abuse, it’s literally impossible for Funcom to determine who did what, because the clan owns all the buildings.


In the case of “hate speech,” on my PS official server, one clan got permabanned for naming some of their black pets the n-word and putting some references to Hitler and stuff on signs in their base. I understand it was “all in good fun,” but pretty inappropriate if I must say. That being said, I had spoken to the girl in the clan via messenger a few times as she was their primary builder and we discussed builds. After they disappeared for several months, I asked her about it when I suddenly saw her on. She gave me the “details” and said it was due to a young 17 year old or something in their clan. She said they told him to chill out and her bf ended up getting swept away with it and did some stuff too. They all got banned, but for some reason, out of the blue, she managed to come back after like 6 months or so. I’m genuinely curious how they figured out she was ok to come back, but they weren’t. She said they still couldn’t log back in. I would think they could look at who edited the names and signs (keep in mind, we don’t have game chat on console), but how they determined her 6 month (or whatever) suspension versus their permaban seems very odd. I know she still plays as I saw her on just last night. She plays by herself now.

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The only place where this happens is building violations. And the reason for it is there is not metric to say who placed an object, only who the object belongs to.

So if a clanmate builds in a way that will get you banned, you need to pull down whatever it is they built and remove them.

You’re right, you can’t control them, and that’s why you only have people you can trust in your clan. My thoughts are that I only play with others, rather than invite them to clan. I’ve had people ask. In rare cases, after playing for a long time with someone, I might add them if they want to join. The key is building trust, having similar ethics when it comes to playing the game, and understanding where everyone stands on the rules. If you have a clan member that “knows the rules,” but doesn’t care, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Every player in my clan has at least seen or been told about the basic rules of building and etiquette. Most are casual players in my clan, but at the end of the day, I’m the clan leader and I make the decisions. If someone doesn’t like it, I’d rather they play in their own clan. I’m not gonna risk it. This goes for every official server I’m on. If you get banned on one, you get banned on all… so always consider who’s clan you join or who joins yours, whether it’s a casual server you’re playing just for fun, or your main server you do everything on.


You should know who you’re getting into clan with. Guilt by association is totally a thing.

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With all do respect but i remember the rules different before TOS arrival! I remember this because i annoyed a bit a community manager in here because he was using the word guild and not clan on the rules. Back then guilds was elder scrolls and clans was Conan. Anyway same meaning different words and i was the annoying in this conversation.
The rule however was clear always…

“Choose your guild mates wisely while playing on official servers because the ban goes to the whole clan !”

Although the players of this clan were banned from all the officials for a period of time, if you happen to play in another server with different players, these players were not affected from your ban.

This was the rule set from the very beginning!

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You can’t control your clan mate but you can control being associated with them. Don’t play games with @$$hats. That’s the take away.


I agree with that wholeheartedly, but it’s not going to be enough. Yeah, if you have an edgelord clanmate who thinks throwing out the n-word is cool, or building swastikas and calling them “friendship windmills” (I actually witnessed that particular example), then you should either kick them out of your clan and tell them to take their shіt elsewhere, or you deserve to get banned with them.

But that’s the easy part.

The hard part is figuring out how not to get suspended due to land claim abuse. And I don’t mean blatant land claim abuse, like foundation spam or walling someone in or deliberately building at the edge of someone else’s claim so they can’t expand. I don’t even mean breaking the obvious rules that people think they should be able to break because they happen to disagree with the rules, like building bridges.

No, I mean less obvious infractions where people can’t even agree what rule was broken and Funcom doesn’t tell you, either.

And it’s precisely that kind of infraction where Funcom literally can’t know who did what, so the whole clan gets suspended together.

That’s a real problem and it ain’t going away.


Good evening .
Having been a guild leader myself on Warframe and Final Fantasy 14, I know from experience that it is sometimes difficult to make certain decisions that make you unpopular with the members of your guild and sometimes lead to the departure of certain people.

But a leader doesn’t have to be popular, if he’s looking for popularity he’s going to put on shows.
a leader must ensure that all members of his group respect the rules for the good of the group.

If questionable or clearly reprehensible actions take place, we must react immediately, as a member of a group we must act in the same way and in the case where we are a member of a group where elementary discipline does not work, we must leave this group immediately.

The simplest prevention is to build the rules in a direct and unambiguous manner, constantly repeating and accompanying members of the group.

Some faults are clearly identifiable, but it sometimes happens or in all good times we put ourselves out of law
I test supporting constructions in various places on the map, and following this I dismantle these constructions, you did not even imagined the number of foundations that I find several days later.
If I played on an official server I would have had been esteem for a long time.

Yes all the members of a group are responsible for the actions of the group, it is up to each to check the actions of all , but you would tell me “We are not there to do the police” and you were right : but in This case does not come and complain afterwards.
The or indeed there is a problem is that some errors are not due to a will to harm and passes unless the sanction falls.
In this case, the fallout seems unfair, but the administrators cannot make the case for cases, they must applied the rules that they are fixed .
I am conclude that these rules are poorly defined and poorly implemented, unfortunately we cannot hope for better.

Really? So if you marry someone who turns out to be a serial killer then you are also guilty?

I don’t think that you can be guilty by being associated with someone surely you would have to be partly guilty of committing the crime as well.

I agree with @erjoh you should be a single loner it is the only way to stay safe :rofl:

If Funcom really wanted a fair system they could just give a warning about what was breaking the rules and give the clan chance to put it right. But I really don’t think that even they know what broke the rules sometimes.

@Cauthey is clearly talking about Conan Exiles and their ToS policy. How you can equate that to real life criminal cases is beyond me.

But just to humor you, if you happen to be married to a serial killer, and you know that they are but do not turn them in, then yes, you are guilty of a crime as well. So there is that.

And if Funcom had the staff, and the time, and wasn’t inundated with report claim spam and a whole lot of “if this” and “if that”. Or you know, instead of living in what if land we could learn how to live in reality and deal with that. :thinking:


KNOW your associates. It’s not difficult.

And yes - you are guilty. Unless you come forward and provide statements against your marriage partner to the authorities. Same with clan mates. If you know that your clan mates are unsavory, or are responsible for questionable activities, you leave clan, and then you let someone know. Easy.

If you are going to try and play the victim, then you are simply an apologist for bad behavior. Or you are simply entering into relationships with zero expectations of accountability.


Agreed. Equating a ban for breaking an EULA or a ToS to murder is like trying to compare apples to orange-hair-extensions. They are simply not equatible.

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Yes I do realize that we are talking about Funcoms ToS thank you for pointing that out.

I was using marriage to show that people that you put your trust in might not always be what you think they are. Are you really naive enough to believe that people tell you everything? Back to Conan “oh by the way clan leader I have just spammed a load of foundations down. Enjoy ban noob” do you really think they would tell you everything? and there is really no way of knowing what they are up to if they don’t.

Yes I agree with the last part of your reply. If Funcom don’t have the time to implement and run the banning process correctly then it should be removed. At least then the cheats would not be able to use it to destroy the game.

@Cauthey again using marriage as an example. How many marriages/relationships have broken down because someone cheated, How many marriages have broken down because they found out their partner was now the person they thought they were?

You are also assuming that you know about the crime. Just imagine if criminals didn’t share their crimes with everyone. Ooh that would be complicated wouldn’t it. Well welcome to the real world…

If you are not bright enough to realize that I was comparing someone in a position of trust with someone that breaks the rules then this will be difficult :rofl:

No, thanks.

I wouldn’t bat an eye if they changed the rules to only punish cheaters, exploiters, griefers, and harassers.

But going to the way it was back before the rules, where any asshat on a PVE or PVE-C server could just wall you in because they didn’t like your clan name and there’s nothing you can do about it? I’ll pass. If that’s what you like, I’m sure there’s a private server to accommodate you.

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Maybe just remove it on PvP then.

The cheating is the worst I have ever seen it now.

Clans first arrive on a server, span report, mesh into bases, crash the server land spam everywhere and some how avoid getting banned themselves. They say they know people at Funcom so they can get away with it. I am beginning to think they are telling the truth as any reports against them are ignored whereas everyone else gets banned for just having a base.

The banning process on PvP has only made things worse for legit players.

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You’re suggesting that I am the one that’s not bright enough?

You got banned for clanning with a known bad. Take your ball and glove and go home. No one here is going to have any sympathy for you.

And back to special pleading for PvP as always. :roll_eyes: