Take ban when i dont play really?


I take a ban for one month for no reason…
I build only 2 house and i dont have time to step up in t2 and i take ban for one month pls funcom come on what is wrong with u ???

I have more than 2400 hours in yours game the first ban of 2 weeks was legit cause my mates do some shit but atm i dont play pls really come on…

We play against too many cheaters this guys come back all the time and u can’t do anything and now u start to ban legit player for noting come on funcom stop kill ur game

I think that’s going to fall on deaf ears mate. Sorry.


If your clan was found doing stuff that was against the rules, the whole clan gets the suspension.

The purpose is to make each clan member responsible for each others’ actions, so you can’t circumvent the rules by having temporary clan members who do the rule-breaking for the clan, who would then kep the benefits while the temp member got the penalty.

Moral of the story: choose wisely who you play with.


This is the key.

Also, admins do not monitor servers, they respond to reports. Since reporting has become a legitimate tactic in all modes of the game, realize that negative player interactions will result in a report being filed against you and/or your clan.

Reason 6,328,120,437 I stopped playing on official servers. In the two (2) years my servers have been active, I have never once had to ban anyone nor have I gotten a single negative comment about my servers to which I have paid attention.

When someone messaged me that Barbaric+ (2.5 NPC damage) was too tough, I noted there are other servers in the world.

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One month ban typically means you or your clan used an exploit or something. Sounds to me like your clanmate(s) did something that they weren’t suppose to and got caught. :roll_eyes:

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If you are in a clan and take a long hiatus it’s best to just leave. (If you’re not the clan leader.) You can rejoin later and at the worst they lose 15 thrall slots.

When you aren’t banned I recommend playing solo.


Lets pretend for a little while that this system doesn’t encourage mercenaries who aren’t part of the clan taking jobs on Reddit or Discord (or alternatively just making non-clan member alts) to do the dirty deeds. Heh, some even brag about it in the server chat.

Mind you, that this level of chicanery happens at all in video games is more than mildly amusing.


Alas, this is one of my bigger gripes with the multiplayer element of the official servers.

It really discourages community.

In almost any other game you can invite complete strangers into your clan. You can meet new people, adventure together, have the whole community experience. If they do something stupid, then it’s on them, and only they pay the price.

In Conan Exiles you don’t dare invite anybody into your clan except for the most trusted of friends. Cause you’re not going to risk your base, items, account against somebody who might go on a drunken racist swearing rampage when you’re offline.

And it’s a stupid rule. Because you can have a whole clan ready to break the rules, and they’re going to be smart enough to have a ‘designated decoy’ outside the clan doing the dirty work.

It’s a matter of perspective. It encourages people to form responsible communities.

Yes, and in almost any other game, one will inevitably regret that. You won’t get a ban for their idiocy, but you’ll still regret it.

Of course that happens. But at least it’s somewhat more difficult, as you can’t transfer the ownership of e.g. an undermesh base without joining the clan. I’m sure creative evildoers will find a way.

But where do you get the people for these responsible communities? People don’t show up for Conan Exiles with a gaming resume.

Citation needed.

Who are you gaming with where you inevitably regret playing with them, every time?

The online gaming world is filled with good experiences, and has even formed some long term friendships. To meet the good people, you’re going to first have to start with just meeting people.


Use your imagination?

Um. I was talking about real life friends, not imaginary friends. :sweat_smile:

Pfft, who needs those.

Those are much better! They never talk back. Well…not too much… usually… :open_mouth:

Is really challenging, especially when we speak for on line gaming. Purge lvl X must be really hard :heart_eyes:.

Welcome to the forum exile.
First of all, trying to clean your account and not buy already an alt honors you.
But for the next time you’re going to play on official servers try to avoid what others do wrong and focus on what you must do right.
Multiple times i read and listen in vocal chats these “excuses” from people that abused the system because others abused it more. If official servers is what you wish to play, try to stay clean and try to find people that wants the same thing.
But what @Pugilist did years ago and “loved his ban” is a shiny example for many of us. Show respect to your self and your love for this game, fight for better official servers but don’t exclude private servers as well. A lot good people are waiting in there to share good and safe gaming days.
Welcome to the forum m8, i hope you better gaming days from now on.

This is a part that’s very serious and needs some serious discussion.
First of all as a person, i don’t care if a friend of mine will do something stupid and i get banned as well, we will probably laugh about it, people are always higher than games.
But it’s true what @Caffeine says, we have seen, read, listen so much all these years that we became extra cautious when others do an approach. It’s exactly the reason Allies must exist. This will give the opportunity to people to get to know each other before they decide to clan. In this process if something goes wrong the alliance can break and not a lot to loose from each side :man_shrugging:.
One last thing that’s very important it’s the value on digital assets. People tend to give a lot value to them and i have a couple of “friends” that act really weird about them. I don’t give value to them and i make it known to them, but i show respect to their desires and what’s making them happy to play this game. On true relationships each person must stay true and be accepted as it is.

The clan system do not help true relationships but role play only.

If you cannot play this way and pretend a role, don’t “clan”.


Yeah, it was brutal, many, many, many deaths.

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this here

It’s on the rules too, when @Ignasi had the rules written he was recommending this, to be careful with whom we clan.

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