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I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this, I had a friend that had someone report them and was banned for 7 days! The suspension said it was for spamming chat which is why i know someone put a false report because he really doesn’t like talking in global chat unless someone needs help but never does he spam it so i know someone put in the report to get him to lose his base so they could take the land but that is not the point!

The question is this, if someone gets banned they are banned off of all public servers they play on and their whole clan also is banned.

Now if they join someone elses clan on a differnet server then the one they got the ban from does that clan also get banned even if they had nothing to do with why he was banned off the other server for or is he only banned and that clan does not get screwed because of his ban?

If a ban affects every clan on all servers because one party messed up or gets banned why would anyone want to be in a clan.

The reason I ask is I enjoy playing with this player but am afraid to let him in my clan on the other server i play because of the ban that he was givin before because of a “false report” that was put in on him.

no its only linked to clan leader linked to the server where the report was done

on this server all people of the clan and the clan leader will got the ban, so they will not be able to join any online offi server.
if one of this player are inside your clan in other server, it will not affect the clan or clan leader (simply this player will not be able to connect until the ban end up)

and for the rest i confirm you there is serious problem on the report system where lot oflegit players got unfair sanction because of clear abuse of report system.

So if i let him in my clan on siptah and he got banned again on exile my clan on siptah would be safe. Am i understanding that right?

Yeah the ban system and report system are really messed up if someone can get banned just because someone wants their land and reports them to get them banned.

Yeah the person waited until his base needed to be reset with only like a day or two left and then got him banned for 7 days so there was no way to save his base. It really was not cool!

yup, and no relation to siptah or conan exiles, just linked to a specific server where the report is done and end up with ban.

you have no idea of what i have saw, just consider that fc zendesk is crom that can erase all for no reason (linked to my experience and what i saw happens several time) so you are not really safe, as it can happens to you too (but not linked to your teamate) so if you like to play with him forget about crom, and play with him.

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@azaroth is right.

Aside from doctoring evidence, there is a way to appear as another person in global. So, if this person wanted to get your friend suspended with screenshot evidence from global chat, perhaps.

However, I don’t understand how spamming chat could possibly be a reason to suspend*. Considering you can mute anyone in the player list easily. Are you absolutely sure this was the reason? Ask them to share the suspension reason via a screenshot.

Additionally, in the past it has been suggested that Funcom would view the chat logs of the server regarding chat related reports. So, if we’re to believe they’re that thorough, then it would stand to reason they’d have viewed that evidence, right?

*A suspension is temporary. A ban is permanent.

oh ok so yes it was a suspension and when he contacted funcom they told him it would give him the reason when he tried to log in and it didn’t the first day but the third day or so it finally told him when he tried to log in it was a ban for spamming chat and i have known him for 5 years gamed with him for 5 years and he never spams chat, he tried to contact them for more information on why like three times and kept getting back the same computer generated letter so I am not sure how they got him banned but i know he does not spam chat and in talking to all the others on the same server we know and some we just met it has come to our attention that like five other people have also gotten suspensions in a very short time so no someone found a way to get people suspended.

Anyway thank you for your advice and information i mostly just was trying to find out if i would be at risk on a different server if someone did it to him again and from the sounds of it I would only be at risk if i clanned with him on the server he got suspended from.

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I can say recenrly we were threatened in chat with a report zerg because they couldnt get in. We actually snapped a screen shot and pre reported the threat, as well as downsized (although we felt we were okay). The email stated theyvwere reviewing the chat logs to gather evidence. And that clan disappeared. My guess, is chat logs are easy to pull so they do it.


I am definitely not implying that he’s lying or you can’t trust him.

But perhaps he’s misinterpreting the reason given? Which is why I am saying to ask for a screenshot of the in game reason.

I am concerned about spamming being the reason because as I’d mentioned, there’s already a system in place to mitigate it by muting AND it already limits chat; too many chat lines from the same person in a short period of time blocks for a temporary period from chatting again. Why in the hell would Funcom suspend someone for spamming chat?? I’ve muted annoying people and ahhh, serenity.

So if this is a new procedure, it’s alarming and we certainly have not been updated on it in the ToC.

He’ll keep getting automated messages until it’s able to be viewed and responded to. But unlikely they’ll elaborate. Additionally, suspensions cannot be appealed.

As for the others… There’s many reasons why people are actioned on, so it’s not really “a way to get people suspended”. Suspensions and bans and this entire process isn’t new.

There are 2 ways that you can get suspended or banned. The first is Battle Eye which is a completely different process and doesn’t even allow you to play the game. The other is via report(s). So if we only focus on the former, which is your friends situation, they were reported through Zendesk and actioned on.

Keep in mind that it is a temporary suspension for Official servers only, still sucks, but they can play on singleplayer, CO-OP or private servers until the server reset on the next day after their suspension is served.

It’s usually 3 strikes for minor infractions, 3rd is permanent ban. A permanent ban can happen the first or second time, but is reserved for more serious stuff.

This is probably the first successful report for report threats I’ve heard of, interesting!

Good on you too, I’m happy to hear you’re still standing :slight_smile:

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