Why are we banned

Hello everyone, just wondering why I’ve been banned. I have been sent the terms and conditions and haven’t broke a single one but yet I’ve been banned :thinking:. All I can say is that we raided a base in raid time and on a PvP server.

I also want to add the tribe we raided are already built back up (We left them with nothing) we was banned 2 days after and then they sent my tribe mate a screen shot of there base. That’s not all may I add 2 other big clans before our clan raided the same base fully wiping them too and they got the same outcome a suspension.

To me it looks like They’re friends with an admin ON OFFICIAL and they have got them to wipe my clan and the clans before us all for attacking someone on PvP. Bit fishy that my friends.

If you’re not a developer reading don’t even step foot on 2118 Xbox server

It’s a real shame to be honest this went from my absolute favourite game to well nothing now I guess it was fun whilst it lasted, even though I am temporarily banned I can’t see me playing again if the same things going to happen on a different server.

Thanks for reading anyway hope someone can help me understand more.2022-07-06T23:00:00Z


The thing to do when you get banned is open a Zendesk ticket and ask for information about the ban.

The ticket type to select is “Ban Appeal”, but that’s somewhat misleading, because the vast majority of bans don’t get overturned. You can use that ticket to request information.

Fair warning: don’t hold your breath. From what I’ve been reading on the forums, it looks like Funcom doesn’t have a good track record with providing information on bans. If you get a reply, it probably won’t be very detailed and specific.

Good luck! :+1:

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I was a member of this clan, it is very fishy indeed and very wrong… all the days of hard work have gone to waste. Even when the temporary ban is lifted I do not believe I will play or recommend this game as we have lost everything without due cause. Be nice to get a reply Funcom


Hi thank you

Already put it in and just gave us when I’m unbanned

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Welcome the the console ban meta….Effectively at present since the new flimsy tos regarding behaviour on officials certain clans have become very adept at using the zendesk report function to their advantage.

Usually the clans that do this are terrible at the actual game and get wiped often so resort to these tactics to get their opponents banned.

The trouble is that zendesk always sends an email to anyone who makes a report when they have made a decision to action a report so all the reporting clan need to do is log on and go to their enemy base and watch as it’s admin wiped, as the wiping happens just after the email is sent.

For those that may say play by the rules and you won’t get banned…. Believe you me there are numerous ways to report and fake report clans. The YouTube videos are out there if you look. In my opinion Funcom need to get a grip on this as the game is losing players left, right and centre.

I do appreciate that the report option is there now as the undermesh, thrall porking, god duping days were terrible but I think there needs to be a bit of balance to the system. A warning of overbuilding for example? Something that flags up in game that says you have used a lot of pieces in one area and could be at risk of action?

In the last month I know at least 30 players who have quit the game due to the ban meta and these weren’t web of foundations players but simple sturdy base builders who despite there being larger bases on the server with more landclaim have simply been reported because they were at war with a clan that runs to zendesk.


Hello @Leejen7

please use the Zendesk Form to apeal a Ban.

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