No response from Zendesk?

Hello Funcom,

Over 1+ week ago. Me and my team got banned.
Besides that the website said that it would show how long we are banned for, wich it doesnt for years. There is something else that i cant understand.

How hard is it for Zendesk to check our ban status and respond on it?

Fun fact (If you can call it fun): We got banned for a 9x9 war pyramid with 3 vaults next to brimstone. You know, that spot where pvp clans building fobs for years so they can pvp against other clans.

There did be 1 big clan with alot of spam claim there. Ofc they got banned. Then 1 other clan also got banned.
Both those teams there main bases also got removed (Probably because funcom considered it as landclaim.)

Our fob, that was almost next to it, got deleted by a admin. Besides that nothing got deleted, our main base and everything else never got touched. Wich implies that we got banned for our 9 by 9 foundations, war pyramid.

I messaged Zendesk long ago and explained them everything and also told them that they probably made a misstake. Wich is fine, misstakes can happen.
But just by not responding to us, this case gets abit frustrating.

We are a big clan. We survived EU servers, moved to NA servers and are absolutely dominating those servers raiding wise. We never got banned with our main clan. Because we are perfectly aware of the rules. Just for your imagination, most of us do play since the start of conan. You probably aint gonna find any other 4k-12k+ hours players without bans.

I know the forums isnt the place to ask about bans. But i also think that this system should be better. Some of us wasted easily a few hunderds into this game. Just to get a support system that isnt functioning and a ban that never should have happened.

If there is anyway to speed up finding out the reason of our ban, then i will be happy to know it. Because we almost reaching a point to where our bans are lifted and without knowing the ‘funcom’ reason, we cant make sure that we dont get banned for the same reason again.


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Hi @Edjuh1992

If you’ve already contacted the team over on Zendesk please be patient. The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any additional information or questions you would like to add to your ticket, feel free to update it accordingly.