The hyprocisy of getting banned

I just got a 3 day ban from funcom for using an offensive clan name. That offensive clan name had been used by another clan whom wiped me 25 times including stations and godded me 3 times over a period of a month. They had land claimed most build spots, not allowing anyone to build in secure locations. And, used exploits. I had reported that clan for griefing/exploiting/excessive land claim etc multiple times. Of which, nothing had been done.

That clan with the ‘offensive name’ was becoming less active. They changed their name and I was (with help) able to wipe one of their bases. After the attack, which they defended at the very end, I changed my clan name to their ‘offensive one’ to mock their tyranical behavior.

1 day after that I got banned.

So, this clan used that offensive name for months. After being reported, they continued to use that name for a month. 1 day after I use it , I get banned.

I have over 3000 hours in this game. Over and over again, I have seen offensive content, cheats, exploits, griefing and other violations of the terms of service that go unpunished. Even after multiple reports.

You can create an unraidable base under 2 layers of mesh, attack anyone without fear of repercussion, get reported for months and nothing is done about it.

And, if you have a funcoms admin ear, you can get someone a ban for a name you used for months.

I sure the folks whom reported me are the same folks that used that offensive clan name for months. And, that they are rolling with laughter.

The ban was worth the raid, the loot and the chance to mock you with your own name.

I would like to post some very offensive content about funcom and it’s enforcement of it’s terms of service here. _______ But, I’m sure everyone here already knows that it is a joke.


Seems like you should have reported them for having an offensive clan name, lol.


Ive seen some of the worse clan names ever. We have a Chinese clan on one server that there name is so bad I cannot post it here. Its an F bomb name.
Been there for a year, many have sent complaints,
They are still there.

I think people are so used to offensive content on Conan Exiles servers that you are habituated to it. And, don’t even think about reporting it.

It sounds more like the <3 C-um S-luts <3 couldn’t handle getting pooped on AND losing their name, after they changed it to hide their new base location… They felt the need to mass report for something so petty. LOL

Talk about karma, though. They raged like fairies after getting stomped the way they did. Their new clan name should be posted and Funcom should have THEM banned, considering they are the TRUE owners of the name.

Did you attempt to clarify if you were the intended clan that was banned? I day after you changed clan name, u were banned. If that is factual, then it is likely you were not the clan the ban was intended for. As the back log of reports FC receives would likely mean it was reported weeks ago, and just actioned upon recently. You say you have reported them some time prior to your ban. It is also possible then, that your report is the one that got you banned. If it took long enough for FC to process it, i mean.


Sounds like Funcom likes to promote cheating to me.

Sure does seem like it, did you send a photo of the character names of that clan on the server also? If so they should have targeted those characters instead of a clan name since it can be changed on a whim. Crappy admin use will always destroy any game that has potential. Your case seems to be they couldn’t spare someone long enough to investigate the evidence provided. Meshers, exploit using, and third part programs being used and they focus on handling a naughty name that is allowed to be put into a game that allows full nudity…huh maybe they should add more profanity filters and remove Full nudity completely if they wanna crack down on a silly name.

Having full nudity doesn’t mean players are excused to be offensive to each other, not even in a PvP scenario, it doesn’t even have anything to do with that.

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Whats funny, I get ■■■■(german wwii name) symbols on my lawn and around map past 2+ years.

Plus PP statues… and alot of bad comments… I’m pretty sure, If I at any point stooped to there level, I’d be one banned. LOL.

Which is normally how it works… I had someone bugging me for about 2 weeks about my raid ability in LotrO… in censored letters, I type they should lick my rear end after taco tuesday on hot summer day in Zone chat, and got chat banned… while they kept on talking ****. XD

The fun of the world…

Ever figure this out?

Dont confuse the political party that was in power and the German people.


What the OP doesn’t know or address is if the clan who originally had that name got a 3-day ban as well.

If they also got banned for 3 days, and then were forced to change their clan name, then this entire series of actions makes sense, and everyone received equal justice (in the case of clan name banning). In fact, it would make even more sense, as the OP described the clan as “becoming less active” - maybe because they were all banned for some time?

I agree that bans are inconsistent, since we all know rampant cheating goes unpunished for months, but this exact scenario doesn’t really prove anything since the OP is only giving 1/2 the story and since they also admitted to using a name that is ban-worthy and then got banned for it.

To me, this goes to show how the weirdly secretive nature of punishments can lead to misunderstandings and confusion and can fail to stop the behavior it is intended to stop. For example: if it was widely posted that this clan were all banned for 3 days due to their clan name, then the OP would have known they were served justice and would have known that their taunt would result in the same punishment. But because we have no idea what happened to the clan or why they changed their name, we don’t know if they were punished or how.

“Secret justice” doesn’t do anything to set an example to others. It often doesn’t even stop the person who received the punishment, as sometimes they don’t even realize what happened or why. I have no idea why so many games deal out bans this way.

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reporting is the new wapon of those people now.

got a 3 day ban because of foundations that I placed I think in 2018 and forgot about…

Is there no way to just send a message?

yeah it’s normal on PS4. Sony will give you a warning/suspension over pretty much any swear word in PS Messages (if reported), so some people will try to bait you into writing crap they can report you over.

I don’t think its that… simply do to fact. bad names and such are easy to see and take action.

Banning someone based on blocking …requires you see pictues and videos, multi reports hopfully come in as proof. Gotta check each user to make sure there not alt accounts or 1 clan spam reporting a good user.

Alot of stuff that needs to happen.

Not mention the person handling report… likely doesnt in anyway or form have ability to even change code to help fix issue. This guy wall glitch his sniper thru wall to see most of map?

Ya… the guy/gal looking at email/report/post has no skill in that department to make a change, they can collect info, pass it on to a Dev who then can pass it to team who can make time for it to be handle.

the guy/gal with N-word name? Ya… totally in there ability to ban them, XD

Mention it twice today… feeling like broken record. I was a Mod for long time, and ya… if you do not make sure its 100%… and you misban/suspended, yell at wrong person… you don ****…

And its hard to come back from it, when people hang it over your head. And thats just Forum Mods stuff. (small details we could do on a few games during Ps2/Wii Era’s. )

People get fired for messing up on that stuff.

Do I think Funcom could handle it better? yes… They also seem pretty stretched thin on staff sometimes. Really seems like they need a 2nd break with another game to go good, so they can pull in Staff for proper Mods.
Short term… maybe they could have some staff, go Admin across servers for a month. And play Clean up.

Maybe it would have small lasting effect? Most of cheater would come back after they left.
And doing it long term is costly. I don’t think they can do it.

Then again… Dancer outfit dlc for all CE races!
Come on Funcom, you know you want are money! =p

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Its your fault when you think about it… had you used the offensive name while under the mesh you would have been fine.

Your mistake was you didn’t build under the mesh.


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This may or may not come as a shock for you but the LotRO selective enforcement policy is exactly why I don’t spend more time in that game. I’ve seen people use some of the most god awful slang/insults/derogatory terms you can use for certain nationalities/groups/races/etc and nothing be done. I’ve reported them myself. But I myself and others I knew and didn’t know all that well have had many instances where we were banned for some completely inane junk which in fact was usually retaliatory. I’ve always chalked it up to me being on the Euro RP server and if you’ve ever lived in Europe you know certain “protected” species can’t be insulted or even challenged at all without repercussion and others are good to go as a punching bag.

Ya, I’ve had a few moments in LotrO were I countered a troll, (who was going off for 30-50mins) only to snap back… and insatntly be chat banned, and them …just kept on going.

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