Suggestion: Neutral city, duels and feats of strenght


As topic states, how about adding a neutral city where paths meet?
No pvp allowed, and no thralls can be taken.

The reason for this is simple.

I think most gamers like to taunt and/or mock one another in some way, its all part of the ever ending war online.
But i know most of us would like to be able to meet without beeing decapitated on the spot.

Now, if one could have neutral ground, where we could flash our new armor or weapon it would be a nice meeting spot.
As a warrior i would do that.

As rp i would spend time talking or trading goods while being entertained.
Usually wearing my nice clothes:)
Or someone would like to watch me dance, for a coin of course.

Reason is, as it is now i cant meet or talk/emote someone because he might kill me on the spot, but not here, not within the city walls.
Possible logouts could be beds for hire, or maybe in the harem if you have the coin for it.
This applies for all types of gameplay, pvp/rp/pve.

Great for rp, great for pvp and pve.

The city is ment for trading and duels are only allowed in the nearby arena.
We need duels anyway in my opinion.

At the arena you can do tryouts against the best of the exiled land with low to exalted skills, at a cost of goods or coins, and the audience will cheer of course, wich can be players.

When the word gets out that the best geared player on the server will try “The beast” tonight, i bet the stands would be crowded, The beast will meet his master at one time also, in wich you gain him as a thrall, and is the only possible thrall to get in the city.
He has a unique skill where he roars and make everyone near him wery hot and his bad breath feels like the salt lakes/brimstone place:)

You can spend coins on entertainment or gods of all kind.

Why not try your mastery in the art of hitting bulls eye with your bow at the range?

There are entertainers performing that dont bleed you:)
Musichians and traders side by side.

To clarify, a place for exiled to be able to meet, without risking an easy death, pvp off zone if you like, and why not combine that with the abowe stated possibilities?
Players at max level could do their tryouts and have some goal after they think they are badass:)

Just my 2 cents, at this time it seems like a city like that would suit a purpose.

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No need for this in pve, nobody can kill you there for talking.

Also, both on pve and pvp you can make your own cities, markets and inns etc.

And, there is always Relic Hunter City, seems peaceful enough for me.

Maybe rather make it somehow easier for players themselves to keep their own places alive?
How about player owned merchants?

First off, its more then talking in the suggestion.

So, players would guess their not getting killed by you in your city?
How will players know?

No, this should be in-game server vide, not random, or it will not work.
Marked on map.

How about duels and all the stuff you could use a neutral city for?
It is not possible to implement any of this in original suggestion without these features beiing implemented by Funcom.

In pve its just the same, no one knows so there are no meeting point.
And npc`s do kill you in pve you know.

Relic hunter city is fine, but you get killed there also, on both pvp, pve and pvp-c servers.
On pve npc will attack you in some parts of that city to.

My point is to have a safe heaven that all players know about, and have some entertainig use aswell.

I like this idea.

I only play pve but can see it working very well in PvP.
Could maybe have a very strong security presence with volcano level health bars to dissuade visitors from capturing thralls.
Could make some genuine use of coins finally and actually employ someone in the true sense.
Would be great to add a non lethal PvP arena for pve and pvp players. Taverns, markets and trade.
This game needs something better than Sepermeru. It just seems a bit cheap to run in, smack and enslave them with no resistance.

Would need to be on a new piece of map though as all areas can be built on.
Wouldn’t like to see asgarth turned peiceful though, they should be more aggressive and come out to raid the local settlers.

I still think pve is peaceful and we the players should take more charge of what we want on our servers.
Build your own arena and invite people there to do pvp battles for money. I’ve seen it done already on some server i visited.
I myself are building a inviting city with open bars and a market, not a scary looking fort. When i get ut up and running i’ll invite people to come and trade.