Relic Hunter city

The NPCs in the west wall area of the city still attack you for no reason.

Just two groups in that city are hostile.
Some people a douche-bags. :slight_smile:

But the west wall, isn’t that where the taskmaster is? It’s understandable for that group to be aggressive.

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The exiles their are supposed to be but their are also actual Relic Hunter People who attack you for no reason.

It used to be like this before official release, but since then, most of the relic hunters NPCs attack me when i’m close to them.
i know that it seems to work differently for other players apparently, but in my case and maybe in Anglinex’s case too, set city is now almost the same as what it used to be several months ago: a big fighting NPC camp.

It’s interesting that they’d attack some players but not others. That doesn’t really make sense - how do they determine who to attack?

I’ve gone through dozens of times since release and it’s only two groups that attack me. Six (or seven) NPCs standing around a brazier and the Taskmaster Master’s group. I’m there right now looking for a decent armorer to make a better Relic Hunter set.

Some NPCs just have trust issues I guess.

That is the group I am referring to.