Random thoughts on missed opportunities for Conan exiles a factions system

:thinking:just a random thought on how cool would a factions system for the npc groups be? like have a ambassador npc that you could get quests/tasks from and after getting a high trust level you could get named thralls from that group and buy resources, weapons, and pay to spawn a war party or a purge to attack rivals but it would make the other factions more hostile and have a cool down so you could not spam it. :thinking:

Or they could just revert Conan back to when thralls actually mattered instead of just Bladesmith and Shieldwright.

lol we all know that won’t happen

more random thoughts on how to implement a factions system have the religions tie in to the trust level the game already has lore for the factions. ie the Dogs of the Desert worship Jhebbal Sag so have it when you get a max temple to Jhebbal Sag have a ambassador be craftable and lore wise just say it was the faction seeing how faithful you are and them sending a ambassador to test your faith/loyalty. when it is high you can go to the factions camp with out being attacked but you can only be friends with one faction and can’t build any other Temple until you destroy the old temple. and it would make religions be useful for other than avatars.

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