Factions (Joinable and Immersive)

Allowing players to join an npc faction.

Their Faction won’t attack them.

Helping their faction/Fighting other factions raises their reputation, allowing them to get (Possibly unique) faction items or gain a follower/thrall at the cost of reputation points.

The player would be able to spawn at a faction based spawnpoint.

Infighting or behavior that your faction does not approve of would lower your reputation points.

-NPC patrols around faction’s main area.
-Faction wars/relations. (Some neutrals become enemies or friends)
-Faction skirmishes in the wild.
-Faction quests to join and get reputation.
-Faction based side stories/characters like Conan.


Sounds fun to maybe, maybe just wear a factions warpaint to remove agro?

This would be great
Maybe include a bonus to join if said faction is your own race.