NPC Alliance System

A system already available in many other games, but think it’d add something fun and interesting to the game.
An NPC Alliance system. Gaining the trust of a faction and allying with them, in turn you gain access to all of their thralls.

How you would gain their trust? I haven’t thought of that yet, but when allied with a faction, you and your new clan’s capital NPC encampment (New Asagard, Summoning Place, etc.) will come under attack by a Purge by undead, and you will have to defend against it.

Thoughts? @Croms_Faithful



I have often felt that a standing system among the factions would be a lot of fun. But…the only way I can think of to raise reputation/standing would be to perform quests or fetch quests for that faction. And Funcom had previously said that they are not planning to implement them. So while a fine idea, I cant see how it could work.

Although I have previously suggested that the factions should raid each others camps. Seeing a hanful of Black Hand raiding Dogs of the Desert, some Bandits raiding Sepermeru, or so on would be cool to behold. Here is where I first discussed it waaay it if you are interested. :wink:

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Maybe it could be like altars. Have specific items that increase your standing your standing with a faction, and be able to upgrade to a higher tier.

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I feel like factions should have “enemies” that if it is heard that you slaughtered tons of them your reputation in that faction goes up tenfold. You could also gain good rep by trading with merchants from that faction. I think one final way to get good rep from a faction is to summon their god of worship on any other faction. That way, anyone wanting to use Yog against the Heirs could find Darfari friends someday. Or if you unleashed Ymir on Supermeru the Heirs would assist your hunts. I’d say there are a couple factions that use the same god, like Cimmerians I believe also have faith in Ymir.
Finally there is also the two oddballs for say, votaries and exile factions.
The Prussians will [email protected]


I like the idea of an alliance system, ur suggestion seems complicated to add but i would like to see a basic yes or no alliance system.

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While this sounds pretty cool, and even Manifestation of Zeal would actually make for a potential counter of sorts, their are a couple of problems based on god availability. Lore wise Voltaries are Serpentmen loyalists, who are in turn the original Set worshippers, so I would chalk them up as Set too. Exiles seem to have Mitra priests in their midsts often, as seen in Sinners Refuge, Muriellas Hope and Mitras Serenity. So even though they are a lose conglomeration of factions, I would place them under the Mitra umbrella.

Then there are the two tricky ones, one of which you have already touched on. For the Lost Tribe, there is currently no way to summon Crom, although he did originally have some such features in the early stages of the game. But lore wise Crom and Ymir are rivals who often battle it out, and relations between the Cimmerians and Nordheimers are shakey at best. If Croms avatar or Purge were reinstated it could solve this. In fact I would like them to give him some more actual in-game features period. Finally, there is the Lemurians. While we could give them Derketo by affiliation, they should really be worshipping Dagon. And if you ask me, considering we saved his bacon and did him a solid in the Sunken City dungeon, we should be able to learn his religion and worship him too.

Enemy slaughter and increased trade are good ideas.


oh like gta 2 lol ima get the yakusa to bring me nordenheimer bewby dancers.

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I feel like we could change the Votaries’ Set summoning to be more specific as they are the top tier faction to ally with. Perhaps with things like the Black hand (as they are by far the largest faction) you would just have to be smart and pay your way through their likeness. I feel like the Black Hand is such an oddity as I have seen Cannibals, Sophistication, and I could have sword I saw 2-3 different types of avatar worship. They could very well be a Mitraen group, but I have my thoughts of leaning towards Yog and in some cases Jhebbal Sag. I think I got a plan for each faction

Exiles: Ally through mutual trust and assisting them in survival. (Helping them fight off animals or another faction) or expand their small camps and help them gain better defenses (maybe giving them fences to work with or better armor)

Darfari Cannibals: Summon Yog on any faction for immediate trust gain. I see a huge goal of the Cannibals is to summon Yog, so if you do it they find mutual trust in you, feed them unconscious thralls, or trade them better tools to harvest with.

The Black Hand: Trade high amounts of Gold with their merchants, help defend their camps, or summon Yog or Jhebbal Sag on the Darfari/Dogs of the Desert.

The Dogs of the Desert: Summon Jhebbal Sag on any other faction for trust gain, deliver heads of animals you have killed for trade, bring unconscious thralls for rituals

The Relic Hunters: Summon Set on any other faction for trust gain, Interact with merchants at Supermeru, or deliver treasures to their nobility.

The Lemurians: Summon Derkuto (Or Dagon if ever added) on any other faction for trust gain, attempt to clear Xel-Hei for Lemurian Re-Colonization, display Lemurian heritage (even if not Lemurian ancestry)

The Heirs of the North: Summon Ymir on any other faction (Double against Forgotten), slaughter the Forgotten Tribe members, be a Nordheimer (Instant trust gain, but not enough for alliance)

The Forgotten Tribe: Kill the Heirs of the North encampments, trade Star Metal with merchants, attempt to gain favor through (inset name of conversation NPC from Forgotten tribe here), OR if Cromm is re-added summon Cromm on any other faction (Double against Heirs)

Votaries of Skelos: Summon Set against the Relic Hunters, trade obsidian with merchants, devout yourself as a Devotee of Skelos through Vathis the Hierophant.

Tell me your thoughts on these stipulations. Now this would also render each faction to have to be coded against each other if this was implemented.


I like your thinking!

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See with the exiles faction I never figure anyone would really ally with them too far beyond their starting place at noob river

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With the “Black Hand” there is almost two was in, if an alliance was implemented: 1st is the exiled “Black Hand” captain “Jamila the Pirate Queen” just south of “The Black Galleon”, near “Pariah’s Overwatch”- Return her to captaincy of her 'Black Hand" faction.
2nd is “Shamalla The Pirate Queen” in “Buccaneer Bay” that quest you to get pearls. - Gather enough of them to earn trust.
The Desert Dogs also almost have an alliance system in place when you do dealings with “Child of Jhebbal Sag” to get into the forest for the “Shadebloom”


While we are delving into the very hypothetical here, your ideas are actually fairly solid. The only one I personally would tweek would be to keep Mitra as the Exiles god. In addition to then working on shrines snd monuments to him, his Mitrean clothing is just the Exiles coarse clothing dyed blue. And he would otherwise be the only implemented god who doesnt have a faction he supports.


If we were to use Mitra as the Exile’s god, then the Exiles faction would need to have a generally quick learning curve to gain better experience and health so they are worth keeping around as allies. Thats really the primary reason I didn’t assign a god to them. But I do agree with your tweek


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