Purge, and NPC improvements

have you ever felt like the purges should be more connected to the NPC camps and the actions of us, the player? I believe they (funcom) should take actions to improve and interlink player’s actions and create a form of “faction reputation points” system.

Faction reputation points system- my concept for this would be to have all NPC thralls be assigned into the preexisting factions (darfari, nordheimer, black hand) and give a player a setting based off of their previous actions towards the NPCs. an example of this would be a player raids and takes captives from a blackhand camp; this would cause the players total points for that faction to decrease. this decrease, in turn, could lead to a change in the NPCs aggressiveness stance towards you and could even add to a “purge meter”. on the other side of things completing tasks or rescuing faction NPCs from other NPC factions would increase the reputation points. having a positive reputation with NPC factions could allow trading and perhaps even purchasing and hiring thralls from the faction.

actions impact NPCs stance towards players… killing, abducting, and stealing from factions make them more hostile towards the said player. but rescuing and assisting NPCs will increase the faction’s reputation of you and allow trading/ hireing of NPCs from the faction

Purge meter changes- what i’d suggest is to separate the purge meter into 2 different sections; the default XP based purge meter would remain but have the human purges removed. the second section would be the new faction raid system I previously mentioned. killing/ enslaving NPC faction NPCs would add to this independent purge meter that would hit the base with ONLY human purges. this concept could be expanded upon to have a raid purge meter for each NPC faction.

split purge meter into 2 sections. remove the ability for human NPC purges to occur from the XP based purges, but add a NPC raid meter that is increased by attacking NPCs from a certain faction. once this bar is filled a human purge will hit your base. this can be expanded upon to add a individual raid bar for each NPC faction.

also please remove the offline decay of purge meters… in 450 hours ingame and 6 different servers I have only gotten purged 3 times lol

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