Suggestions for a better purge system

The purge is a highly valued, and exciting part of the game. It’s the most exciting part of the game that gives it a sense of progression, but so often the purge will break in a multitude of ways. Here are fixes to enhance this game tenfold. Make the purge meter increase just by being online at slower rates depending on character level. Create more purge mapping paths or just create better hostile mapping. Ensure that the purge will happen no matter what even if a npc gets stuck in a random location, or if a thrall gets knocked out and falls through the ground. Create a purge lure(maybe gold, silver coins a
craft able flag, food quantity) so that someone can choose where they receive a purge. Create an alternate purge system that targets abandoned buildings to save servers from falling into lag hell holes and having to reset entirely. It will be fun to see a pack of bandits attacking all those abandoned box huts while you are wanderings, and give the game a sense of realism. The purge(or even just 1 npc called a vagabond) that attacks abandoned buildings should remain active until they have received the data of not being hostile towards a building for at least 10 minutes. I believe these kinds of changes will be highly recieved by the majority of the community based on all the forum posts on the subject I have seen…

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