How to greatly improve Purges

Here is my idea on how Purges should go. This system should solve all but the problems of purges spawning in the wrong place.

First, get rid of the timer and randomness. Purges should spawn on a per- clan basis, not a random timer for the whole server. Change the meter to have three tiers.

After the first marker you reach, blowing a special horn will immediately trigger an attack on the set of foundations nearest to the blown horn. This purge will be creatures or humans incapable of throwing fire orbs, difficulty one to three.

The second marker, the same conditions apply only this one will spawn a difficulty four to six purge, with fire orbs possible and with a higher chance of rare thralls in human purges.

If you allow the meter to reach the maximum without summoning a purge, then the next time a member of the clan logs on, the game will spawn a maximum difficulty purge within 30 minutes, wether you remain online or not, at a random set of foundations belonging to that clan.

In all cases, only clans being purged should have structure/thrall damage turned on in PVE modes.

This method maximizes player control over their experience, incentivizes players to take on the higher challenges, and keeps the risk if you try to avoid purges entirely.


Easiest fix, once your purge bar is completely full, the purge just happens. You get the same ten minute warning that it’s about to come in case it’s off at a base on the other side of the map so you can get there.


I hope I’m not alone in this, but I honestly hate the whole idea of purges.

I have many buildings throughout the map, and I never know which one is about to be hit. That is ridiculous. It could be one of my thrall bases, a map room building, my fish farm, my main base, a staircase I’ve built somewhere… who knows?!
I can see it being a viable mechanic in PvE or offline, but in pvp it’s just stupid. Other players are the purge.


I use that to my advantage, i place buildings in different areas to trigger thrall purges to get various named thralls and arch priest. so when it says which one is being purged i have truncheon and chain bindings in hand.


Purges were by far the thing that had me most excited for Conan. Every other survival game got stale after a while, especially in pve because they dont have a mechanic like this.

I like the Idea of letting the player control the purge somewhat, It could solve the issue with the weird location spawning purges. The only down side i can see if people just build a separate purge only base with nothing in it to keep everything else safe.

I was going to say the purge should target the largest concentration of foundations to get the main base but I can see that abused the same way having all production in seperate bases or someone building a base on stilts to try to avoid it.

I do think the purge should be separate for each clan and should trigger on a full bar all the time, or within an hr of a bar becoming full. This way each tribe gets to experience it and gets the same chances to fight and get named thralls from it. Once you reach the first mark you should still have a chance of the purge showing up randomly even if the horn mechanic Hotaru suggested is not used. Make the chance of them showing up based on the percentage over the first mark with full bar being 100% chance.

Require at least 1 person online in the clan for it to trigger with a server setting that is adjustable for custom servers/co-op

I also think npcs need the ability to climb just like the player that would get rid of the requirement to spawn on someones base because enemies could always spawn on solid ground and climb their way up like players would trying to assault a base.

Perhaps even increase the radius of how far away the purge waves spawn from a base so they have to walk into the base a bit, you can see them coming and use real defenses if you want and have the feel of people marching to your base to lay siege.


How do you handle your archers when it comes to knocking out thralls?

As for @Overcrispy, you see which camp will be hit on the map? It’s a pretty clear, red icon.
I play on PvE-C, but I don’t think this is something that can be turned off in server settings.

allow us to manually trigger purge. I have 200 hours played and always miss it offline. I want to have fun defending my base ::frowning:

The more you build the easier the game becomes, so its more than fair you have to pay a price for the advantage owning several location. Purges can (or should) become a problem for people who choose to build more than they should or can handle.

At least thats how Purges should work, but right now you can build the hell you want, chances some location will be attacked are as low as 0.0000000000000000001%


My archers have the weakest bow on with the blunted arrows, other than that, the only thing there is a wheel of pain inside the house. I bring my t4 taskmaster with me when i go to the purge location.

Why are you using the Blunted arrows? As far as I know they are inefficient on knocking down foes, it does more HP than Stamina damage so the arrows actually kill the target

I want to go on record saying that we love the purges. We do want to be on line for them, and I like some of the OPs suggestions.

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I dont think you should be able to trigger purge, unless its a purge on enemy clan.

Otherwise, full bar should trigger purge and be done with it. Otherwise so many days go by with no threath at all.

Well by my idea, you don’t have to trigger it. You can wait if you choose to.

I recently learned about the marker, so I retract that point. I still stand by the rest of what I said.

Although I will note: I have had the purge glitch and start attacking right after the warning.