Make Purge a threat, not a treat on PVE/PVE-C

Make Purge-meter automatically growing by time. Speed of purgemeter grow and strength of Purge should be proportional to area, occupied by buildings (more spawn prevented - bigger Purge).
Disable animal-only Purges, for they are not lore-friendly.


I think it should take between 7 -10 days.
If you’re online actively playing you can speed it up.
If you’re not, you can lose it all.

Don’t know about removing animal purges though. Some of them are quite fun.

Two points: first of all, the human Purges are exactly the “treat” you’re referring to because they have a chance to include those rare T4’s.

Secondly, there’s no reason why animal purges couldn’t be lore-friendly. There are instances in Conan lore where a sorcerer or witch has sent animals to do their bidding and attack their enemies. Just because we don’t see the sorcerer with the purge doesn’t mean there isn’t one behind those animal stampedes. The villain might not even be in the Exiled Lands - remember, the whole mess we’re in is a dastardly plot of the evil Thoth-Amon, and in the original lore for Purges, they’re sent by good ol’ Thoth to recover the artifacts we’ve found. I’m sure he’s not above using animals to do his dirty work for him.


I made a post about what I think they should do for purges. Basically they need to make it scale based on the value of your base. An animal purge could be a threat if you are fighting 100 Tigers… As a matter of fact that would be pretty terrifying actually.

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The purge I fear most is rocknose, they seem to do significant damage even to T3 buildings. I like to think the animals are drawn to the blood, plants, pets and thralls that probably all look and smell like a big old all you can eat buffet :rofl:

OK, I agree on animals and sorcerer thing.

I agree. purge must accumulate itself regardless of the player’s actions.
after all, at lvl 60 there is simply nothing to do in the game. and purge is the only thing left.
but it’s almost impossible to get it when you have already built a castle for yourself and you have all the resources.
In addition, this is a natural cleansing of the server from being messed up by “builders” who clutter up the entire map so that everything starts to lag.
and in the end it’s just interesting to keep the defenses and fend off mobs a couple of times a week. nothing more to do in the game.


Personally I don’t agree with that, I reached lvl 60 a long time ago and I still have plenty left to do. Partly because I enjoy building and have redesigned my base multiple times.


confirmed my words. at lvl 60 in the world of conan where there are undead, dragons, dungeons, slavery, all kinds of monsters, and some kind of mythical purge - and you sit and shift cubes. what an awesome gameplay. pathetic.

There should be a reason for re-designing. Like if your base prooved to be poorly defended from certain direction or would like towers with archers. Purge will test the defense. Otherwise it’s a theme park.

We all enjoy different things, that’s one of the great things about this game. Some players enjoy the building, others enjoy the adventure and exploration, as long as we enjoy the game and don’t prevent others from enjoying then it shouldn’t matter what we like to do.


Well, we are far from enjoyment, thanks to current state of Purge and to those, like building too much. When there are theme parks from obelisk to obelisk there is literally nowhere to go. Except this forum.
Good thing is, fixing the Purge will affect both problems.

I realise the purge isn’t perfect and some players take building too far. There is a process to report players who are inconsiderate with their building. I personally try to keep my building to one area and am currently in the process of down sizing because my previous design was unnecessarily big. In terms of the purge, my small 2 person clan has been hit at least once a week (twice last week) and since we’ve spent most of our time on construction I can only guess that building is a large cause for purge meter gain.

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Conan - Survivor … Surviving for children, apparently … from 3 to 5 years. for even a child will not meet any resistance or dangers. because they are not there. but children can delve into the sandbox and build houses.
the slogan survive build dominate looks just ridiculous.

There’s always a reason, sometimes it’s because I miss judged the size of certain aspects (animal pen was bigger than I remembered) sometimes purges break through weak points, and most recently it’s because the previous layout was becoming a theme park. I enjoy building but I do it to protect the things that enable to enjoy the rest of the game. I can’t deny that the purge is a bit weak, only one has inflicted serious damage so far.

Yes, why the E in PVE is so static. Static spawn points, mobs incapable of migration. The Purge was only thing that was dynamic.

I just had an idea relating to this topic: Purge scouting parties, smaller groups of enemies that can hit anytime without warning and without resetting the purge meter. There also wouldn’t be any T4 thralls among them so there’s no upside to being attacked. Bigger buildings or clusters of buildings would draw more attention and therefore be hit more often.

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if you want a challenging purge, install conan unconquered :smiley:

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It won’t happen. They added purge decay to solve the issue of too many clans being eligible to be purged even though they were long inactive, causing active clans to wait weeks for their purge to finally trigger. Making the meter go up on its own would bring that problem right back.

I would LOVE IT if purge meter decay was removed!

The players on my PvE server love fighting purges, they are literally community-building events. Yet it’s discouraging to those who can’t be online as much when they’re not able to share in the spotlight, the stakes, or the rewards.

As far as overhauling what we’ve got, I’d say that most of the older purges need to be updated to be more chaotic like the newer ones. Berserkers and the Army of Nordheimers require a legit defense, and the Dagon Slave-Takers can give even experienced players the fight of their life. Heck even the scores of enemies that spawn with the Lemurian Scouts or Razor Gord’s are a good cardio workout for some.

At the same time, there needs to be a reality check on what constitutes a difficulty 1-6 purge. The fact that Relic Hunters and Votaries aren’t considered difficulty 1-6 while push-overs like The Followers of Asura whom you will literally 1-shot are makes no sense.

And while I realize that difficulty 1-4 purges are theoretically supposed to spawn on servers set at difficulty 6, in practice I have yet to see a difficulty 1-4 purge spawn (w/ server set at diff 6) unless I manually trigger it as admin. We’re talking many 100s of purges both as a player on an Official, and also as admin of a private server. Whatever algorithm is used clearly has issues if it’s supposed to still be capable of spawning the weaker threshold purges via RNG. (Last time I saw such a purge was at least a year and a half ago, before a patch that specifically mentioned changing how the threshold was handled.)