With a great base, comes a great purge

The definition of a purge is to physically remove something completely, and I would like to see purges being scaled to the size of the target chosen by the purge.
If that base stretches across the landscape the waves from the purge should spread out accordingly.

I find it way to easy to create massive structures without any risk of losing it to the purge.
Even if you’re solo.
This is probably not a huge issue on PvP, but on PvE(-C) the purge is the only “threat”.

Granted in the higher level zones where purge level is at 5 - 6, it can be a challenge, but the purge, at least an NPC purge, is supposed to be an army sent to destroy you if they target a large base they should show up with an “equally” large army.


I never wrote anything regarding not liking other players, so where you draw that conclusion is unknown to me.
I don’t find the purge challenging, and I’m merely suggesting something that I think might improve it.
You are more than welcome to scrutinize my suggestion, but stick with what I’ve written, not what you think I really mean.

I do not mind people building huge bases, but I think it should come at a cost.
And the current mechanics of the purge doesn’t pose a real enough threat.

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For most purges that are happening in the south of the map this is true (desert/swamp) and it’s good so imo.
Go and build a big base near the forgotten tribe near the 2 main cimmerian camps and then experience a purge LVL 6 there. Come back and tell me your feeling about this purge not being challenging when you will be fighting hordes of mamoths/ frost giants at the same time.
i was thinking the same as you as long i was purged in the south, but as soon as i got purged in the very north west of the frozen north, i changed my mind completely :sweat:

I updated the main post prior to your reply and I do agree with you regarding the challenge up north.

I still believe the lower level purges are too weak and should deploy some better tactics when attacking larger bases.

Might be that the difference between level one and six is too imbalanced and should be more fragmented.

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i think it’s too weak because you’re already in late game (as i was as well), with good gear and high lvl thralls (when they do work of course).
Most of us are already in late game and can cetainly share this feeling about the southern purges being too weak, but we should not forget that other players have just started their playthrough and are fighting with iron weapons, have weaker armors and just a very few thralls ready to defend.

you see it’s def more complicated to balance as we might expect.

I guess we might see some changes when AI updates are pushed out as well.

Biggest issue with the AI is that funcom has always tried to change it, improve it for the worse. The AI was at its peak of enjoyment last summer, 1 YEAR AGO (at leats for me and for others, we all might have different opinions on that matter).
Imo, sometimes compagnies have to accept the fact that their AI is not so great but it IS WORKING and it’s the most important part of it.
I say better try to change the AI mechanics during your next game than with this current one because it’s a too long work and they don’t have the manpower (maybe even knowledge) to achieve it yet.

just have a look at this thread:

Would be nice to see, the more you claim the bigger the purge.

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Yeah the devault purge level is way to easy. Luckily they gave us the option to rais it. But for the poor guys on officials, they should do something to. Maybe increase it from 6 to 8 on PvE-C?

Anything to remove “decay umbilicals” like these:


I feel the purge is missing nuances.
As in the purge levels should perhaps be 1-12, not 1-6.

Where 12 would be the 6 we have now, and 1 being the 1 we have now.
So low level would be from 1-4, mid level/ jungle 5-8 and icy north 9-12.

This would give each zone 4 levels of difficulty, where the highest level would include more mobs with building destroying capabilities, albeit a rarer chance to happen.

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I feel this is a weakness in the decay system and could be solved with “decay stability” just to give it a word.
Long, single block structures would decay faster the more you “stretched” it.

They just need to redo some of the calculation and rather base it more on the density of building pieces and not just connected pieces.


That’s a really darn good idea.
However, what would stop them from building a 5-lane american highway across the exiled lands?
At what point would a long rectangular umbilical count as a base, at any density and dimension?
Wouldn’t this just encourage people to just build even thicker umbilicals?

I think Sandstone needs to decay quicker then higher tier materials, similar to how ARK did it, but that’s a topic for a different post. Thanks for the inspiration :wink:


As soon as a building doesn’t provide shelter it affects the decay.
Persistent clans will be able to build no matter what I think, but a shelter factor would be useful.

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I think ~99% of all issues with big structures in forms of blocking something or just being lag monsters could be solved with scaling. The more spawns you block the harder purge too. Block a boss? That boss could purge you with friends etc.

I have seen examples with elephants being extict for example.


Purges could take into account player level, number of clan members and their total number of owned foundations and send a purge based off of those figures instead of location.
Don’t take into account building tier though.
Still send monsters and NPCs from that region of the map just more including more bosses. An undead purge can happen any where on the map I think, so at lvl 60 with 1000s of foundations these mega highways of sandstone might face an undead dragon or three.
Also maybe stop them being lured away from their goal of foundation destruction by taking a hit.

Would this system of yours account for long fortress walls? Or would those be calculated as “Streatched” too? (Or would having a proper wall with fence foundations and capped off with crenelations or more fence count towards the density? Would we be able to make small defensive towers without it being considered “Thin” with such a system?

I really like the idea of “the bigger the structure, the bigger the purge”. In a server I was with before and after launch, we had restrictions on base size according to whether you could defend it all. The more members in the clan, the bigger the base allowed. Your idea follows those same lines of reasoning, and would definitely help prevent structure griefing on PVE/PVE-C servers.

The only purges I have had were very easy, or almost completely destroyed my base while offline. Naked Pirates and Lemurians in the Swungle, or skeletons in the attic, they were very easy even when using a low level defending sandstone (lost 1 fence lol). In the Northern Grasslands an offline purge totaled a large t2 structure leaving just a chest and my bed and a few random foundations.

Another thought… Most of those are found in the southern “Noob” zones right? What if… Instead of decay they tweaked stand-storms to damage unprotected foundations? (By unprotected I mean anything that has at least two exposed sides not covered by something else including the top)

I’d say it should take two sandstorms to wipe out the kind of structure shown in the picture…

If i understand correctly you would restrict the kind of design players are able to build ?

What do you mean exactly by “not covered”, i have 2 bases that have no roof / walls because it’s just a design i wanted.1 sandstorm and they are gone?

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