AI on combat thralls are very fun --- when it works



It is so heartwarming to see when your thralls respond. When you see those bow archers you placed some time ago spark into life and don’t let your opponent heal by connecting those poisoned arrows on his face.

You feel very joyful when you see three of your T4 800 armor thralls with endgame weapons corner your human opponent and shred him to pieces. It feels even better when you fight all these people by yourself and functioning thralls.

But sadly most of the time they do not. It is such a wasted potential, a combat thrall with the ability of high customization and strategical placing, go all to the bin because they simply don’t work!
Just standing there like fools taking all the hits.

There was a day where the AI on thralls worked superbly and I made one thrall with legion gear and bow + daggers follow me and lo and behold the thrall did not let the aggressor heal up and put lots of pressure into my opponent. Sadly i still had to get hit for it to react. It reacted way more fiercely when it was on its own however.

I see so many beautifully made bases on the PvP servers, it pains me to see most of them empty with no defenses aside from one naked person running around with a repair hammer. The chances of a player made wall with archers on battlements, the thought of fighter thralls right outside a gate that is about to fall ready to welcome invaders with steel all of it falls short and dumpstered because of this issue that has been around for so long.

It is a shame, just like the purge not working, a big shame that such an awesome feature is never to be seen in the exiled lands.

With a great base, comes a great purge

“When it works…”. So you mean, like never??? :slight_smile:


Meanwhile, DLC is prioritized. Vote with your wallet I say


I agree, when and if…

But i remember only my bases well defended by fighter-thralls and archers in early-acces. Since release the thralls went bad and still worser.

We asked them to take a look at the missing T4 thralls in game to. Well, they did, very quickly, just cloning us some T4 thralls, and here you go !

Thralls have become realy brainless, and mostly don’t act at all, or only in a random manner.
Numerous bugs making vanish stuff and thralls make them still less precious, and not realy worth the time running after them.

Purge not working on many servers and solo-games make it even less fun to. While some are experimenting harsh offline purges, other will never see one, what ever settings they try.

Not to speak about the numerous graphical bugs and glitches, the horrible problems still with AMD drivers, make the game still less fun if nor unplayable for some.

I realy support this game, i love the world, the way it looks, and think the FC artists are very talented. There are lot of great ideas, and a great potential still.

FC has great artists, skilled and talented people, but lake at management and communication realy badly.

When i look at the last news, well, yes, i feel disapointed, and tired.
Not that i don’t want new stuff, an other dlc, but a bit more acknowledgment for the bugs reports made by the playerbase, a bit more care in the patches, and more work at debugging at the current stage of the game than at creating new content would fit much more at my eyes right now.


I agree. If thralls worked like they’re supposed to this game would be really really fun. It’s still fun, but not nearly what it could be.


Back in the days, the archer thralls were very very useful. You probably know this already if you remember. They had quick reaction, very long range and fired quickly!

Back then people could not climb either and healing was slow, so these guys were a force to be reckoned with.

I don’t understand how the current archers are the way they are compared to the past archers, it is a shame.

But the current archers are not bad if they work, but yeah thats the thing, if they work. Such a shame really.


Exactly. They could burn through a T1 door in short order, so it could be like a warning fuse for enemies. Otherwise you stood the chance of actually killing somebody. That stuff used to be like crocodiles with frickin laser beams on their heads.


I miss those “butchery” days…
It was like “WATCH AND ENJOY” now it’s more WATCH AND PRAY"


tell me about it, those were glorious moments with this game.


Typical funcom tbh. This is just how Funcom does things. I don’t even really know why they do it this way, either, because they WILL fix the bugs eventually, but it wont be until it is far too late. It’s bizarre to say the least. They did the same thing with TSW and some of their other titles. Glaring issues are ignored for 6 years straight, then fixed once the game’s population is in the few hundreds instead of tens of thousands.


Today my opponents thralls worked. Hierophants and other T4 fighter thralls, with some archer thralls. They were very tanky even with starter gear and hurt like hell when they cornered me, almost killed me. I had 10% hp with 11 bleedstack on me. I was very suprised and it almost saved my opponents from the raid. That was very close. The thralls bought my opponents time to vault items but they did not , they could have.

I hope they get fixed and work all the time.


My guess is they got some T4 Thralls from either the volcano, Heirs of the north, Black Hand, or somewhere else if they were that tanky in my opinion.


I know that but the fact they worked and fought made me really happy even if i was about to fail my bombs to some thralls. They are good then they work


I do agree with that as I enjoy watching my thralls fight when they work as well.


question. are your archer thralls standing near crenelations or fence/rails? i believe i saw a video a week or so ago that showed those building pieces caused the archers not to work.


Interesting, because I have started to realize this myself as well. They seem to mess up when they get pathfinding issues.

I suppose they must be in large open spaces but that would severely limit thralls functions, not every base is a open box. If that is the case they need a quick fix


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