With a great base, comes a great purge


Would this system of yours account for long fortress walls? Or would those be calculated as “Streatched” too? (Or would having a proper wall with fence foundations and capped off with crenelations or more fence count towards the density? Would we be able to make small defensive towers without it being considered “Thin” with such a system?


I really like the idea of “the bigger the structure, the bigger the purge”. In a server I was with before and after launch, we had restrictions on base size according to whether you could defend it all. The more members in the clan, the bigger the base allowed. Your idea follows those same lines of reasoning, and would definitely help prevent structure griefing on PVE/PVE-C servers.

The only purges I have had were very easy, or almost completely destroyed my base while offline. Naked Pirates and Lemurians in the Swungle, or skeletons in the attic, they were very easy even when using a low level defending sandstone (lost 1 fence lol). In the Northern Grasslands an offline purge totaled a large t2 structure leaving just a chest and my bed and a few random foundations.


Another thought… Most of those are found in the southern “Noob” zones right? What if… Instead of decay they tweaked stand-storms to damage unprotected foundations? (By unprotected I mean anything that has at least two exposed sides not covered by something else including the top)

I’d say it should take two sandstorms to wipe out the kind of structure shown in the picture…


If i understand correctly you would restrict the kind of design players are able to build ?

What do you mean exactly by “not covered”, i have 2 bases that have no roof / walls because it’s just a design i wanted.1 sandstorm and they are gone?


Nothing’s perfect, but fortress walls would most likely be several blocks high, have fences and even thralls placed on them.
I don’t think it would be to hard to create a better algorithm that takes volume into account when determining the decay time.

Today, the decay time bases a lot on connectivity between blocks, and even though that’s an improvement, it’s not good enough.
I think the default settings is if you have more than six blocks connected you get the normal decay time.
Six or less and you’re building will decay pretty fast.

If you add volume or mass, what tier the pieces are, and if it has placeables, you would get a better sense of the structure being a base or just some slabs of rock.

Granted, large clans can probably spit out t3 lanes with walls, thralls and whatnot in no time, but that’s another problem.


I’ve seen some worry that stronger purges would be hard for newcomers to the game.
This could be solved by have a minimum base mass requirement for the purge meter to start.
I mean, how big a threat are you in your hut on 6 foundations and no second floor?
This means you could stay low for a while, if you want to do so.


Sort of… It would require maintenance for foundation pieces that aren’t covered up with walls or fence foundations or other foundations. (Basically you’d have to repair it between every sandstorm and or cover it in fence foundations or something to keep it’s HP from dropping too much… Basically it would make sandstorms damage unprotected foundations a bit every time they hit and require repairs or better construction to keep them from eventually being destroyed… )


thanks for the reply. ok then i’m not for that.


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