Purge are you joking?

The purge is terrible it doesn’t purge anything except some of my clans time. Usually one or two of us help the thralls fight it off even the finally wave of it is a joke. After everything is said done we spend some resources to repair the minor damage that is done and move on. The purge needs to be set for larger quantities of beasts and thralls even faction based raiding groups. The closer players build to resources the larger the purge needs to be, larger clan means larger purge. More building blocks means again a larger purge a big building should accurately attract attention.

I just had an ice giants and mammoth purge near mounds of the dead. It was laggy on my plain old xbox1, but intense! If you are built up high on rocks you might win before a purge even begins and they won’t show.

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I’m on PC we built right next to the north, two bases, one up on a cliff for observation and the other on the plain visible to the tower but near some resources. The purges are a joke even the giant and mammoths, usually this one two of us help our thralls, it’s more or less just wasting a little of our time.

i had undead dragon spawn in purge, ohhhh, heavy enough?


Again that final boss is still a joke drag it away from the base(s) and kite while a buddy pokes switch back and forth. Again just wasting some of our time no real damage.

i hate offline purge… i had a dire wolf purge once, break down my t3 base like nothing… was intense, i died like 3 times, but we fought it off. If you complain about purge quality, build in highland/north, then purge, then see if you complain. I also help fought off dragons, that was in a PvE server.

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I get undead, dragons, frost Giants and mammoths, wolves, and spiders only once. We built on the border of highlands and frozen north. My clan and I have a personal pvp server so the difficulty is maxed and the purge rate was increased. It’s just not hard. I do most of building plans so we have it set up to fend off both players and purges. The purges do almost nothing and the players actually do some damage as to be expected. We have it set so those not online rarely get purged to be fair because they still have player raiding to deal with. We bought the game expecting epic battles but we just get little skirmishes from purges sometimes we just let the thralls hold them off till the purge timer ends and repair the little damage it does. At this point it’s just a nusience rather than a worry. In the beginning we were waiting to see a purge so we had all 7 of us on to fight it and in the end only 3 of us needed to even do anything from there as we went north and got more thralls it just become tedious.

My clan is at the point we go hunt dragons for bones and demon blood. Everything but the purge settings are defualt and those have been increased.

Edit: We aren’t even the alpha some Chinese clan that joined us surpassed us they have almost 20 players in their clan and at least 5 are always on.

I got these ■■■■■■■ Purges almost every fu******* Week!!! So this s*** buggy game ist really crap. Everytime i gonna log in the sh** my base is partly destroyed and the sh** purgemeter ist not down…so i gonna build it up again and the next time i gonna log in it´s again destroyed…are you f****** kidding me funcom??? It´s of course okay when i got a purge from time to time…but 3 a week??? REALLY???

Check the settings to see if your purges are higher? Some servers like ours is purposely set to come more often. Also if your in a clan and you’ve built separately from them they can be on and your structure can be targeted still.

I´m playing on a official server. So the settings are done by dumpcom. And i am a single player.

Hmm interesting

omg you lucky ■■■■■■■, i live for the purge now, place a few foundations just after the first waterfall at priestkins retreat, not at lvl with the croc boss but the waterfall after that, the foundations can be close but not snapped,any foundation works, place a fence foundation on the sides of it to upp the decay and a placeable on top, and magic will move your purge there next time, ps, have a wheel nearby, you can not place them when purge have started and you cant get more waves before all the knocked out named tralls you get are in the wheel. run there as fast you can when the purge alarm goes if you are online, if not rebild the foundations. mo wery own design, works like wonders

So the real issue with the purge is it should scale with the base it’s assaulting.

  1. Determine the foundation/column your going to purge.
  2. Inside of it’s area of land claim determine the number of major building elements. (walls, door frames, foundations, ceiling tiles etc) not placeables and decorations.
  3. Scale the purge for based off the number found.
  4. Use the base server purge setting for base with a 100 building elements.
  5. Suggestion is to increase the purge an additional level every 100 to 200 elements (maybe a server setting)

side note: add more desire in the purge AI to destroy the base in a chest/crate/vault searching manner. (aka weak targeting on a player while building elements are in range, or defer player targeting to weakest creature in range, and thus strongest will attack base until the weaker are killed.)

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