Is there a "work-around" for this buggy Purge?

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Germany

[Describe the bug here]
So idk, the purge on the server i’m playing on is pretty tight.
Purge Level: 4
Purge Delay: 8
Purge Prep. Time: 10
Purge Duration: 30
Min. Online Players: 1
Purge Meter Trigger Value: 3500
Purge Meter Update Interval: 15

So as you can see, very tight. We got purges as we should the first 1-3 days but after that we got nothing even though our purge meter is maxed out since 1-2 days now. It says that a purge has started in our event log, and 4 minutes later it says that it has ended. This happens a couple times per day. The Yeti’s never came (Read that they were bugged generally so didn’t bother) but purges like Vanir Chief-something didn’t show up and so did none of the following ones. We’re building at E11, on the ice-float-thingy West of the bridge.

Our first building there was a small sandstone hut on the ice and our first “real” building was on the water (It’s connected to the ice). Up to the point where the building got bigger we got purges, so it’s not like we didn’t get one single purge on that ice - Because we did, and we did many many times before on other servers. However we thought it might have been caused by us building our first big structure on the water and not land. So we kept building in hope that it would trigger as soon as we built on land, but nada… Nothing so far and our purge-bar doesn’t go down. The Admin of the server is not to be reached and we’ve googled our ■■■■■ of finding nothing. Last resort here guys, any way we can fix this? Or will we be forever purgeless?

Note: We do have a wheel of pain-building near Asgard where a purge could trigger but it doesn’t and never has since we joined this server.

My initial thought is that, now your base is larger the purge is possibly spawning underneath the ice. The bottom of the lake is accessible, so the npcs probably just float underwater.

Also, the area you built on is capable of spawning Level 4-5 purges. The fact that your purges are restricted may be contributing to it.

Building a second smaller location, and filling it with small placeables (pots/pans). Is the only work around I could think of.

I think they are still trying to rework the Purge system, as it does have issues.

I have checked underneath the ice whenever it started. Thing is, we don’t even get a message that it starts. Our event log is just spammed shut with it and that’s it. Sometimes if we’re lucky we get the message that a purge has started when we port or respawn after death, but that’s it. We get no messages.

About a small location - Well, Asgard is one of those. We have a large wheel there and a building around it, should be enough. But i’ll try placing another structure somewhere else and fill it to see if it works.

Idk. If it´s a consolation, yea the purge can be a real pain. Is the water building still there? Or invisible remnants? Because it seems the purge can´t find an attack-point and ends. Like my situation today. I had one invisible foundation on a rock left from my starting base. The purge ignored my big main base and only wanted to attack that foundation. Lucky me i am in SP so i could find the culprit in ghost mode and destroy it.
But it seems you need admin help. Best of luck!

Just use that location, put placeables in there, it should be sufficient.
Also, based on what Muelee just said. Check your building info in event log. It may be that the purge has spawned destroyed a rogue foundation, and left.

I mean we do have a huge ■■■ base atm. A wall that goes along the entire ice, a huge ■■■ building in the middle of the ice + that water building. They never came from the water-side, always from land, as far away from water as they could. But i will keep an eye out for single-foundations and stuff. We thought it might be because there was another base near ours. My friend read that, for example if theres a base of anothe rplayer between you and the purge spawn the purge would attack that random player’s base. For E.G - Purge spawn is “A”, Random player base is “B” and our base is “C”. “A” would have to pass “B” in order to get to “C” but gets stuck at “B” instead. That wouldn’t explain the purge time though since it’s only 4 minutes. Hmm…

Yeah, admin will be back this weekend but its pretty long until then. I will keep an eye out though as i said, thanks!

Yeah my friend now placed some placeables in the thrall-building at asgard. Idk, i would like to add screenshots of how our base looks but i can’t since i’m new sadly.

Yes that is true, the purge could even spawn inside their base.
It typically spawns at a location where it thinks it can take a direct route to your base. (Or at least it is supposed to) :joy:

I have experienced the purge starting, and ending immediately. It happens occasionally. Hopefully that will be addressed soon.
In the meanwhile, if you have no success with the second location, maybe nudge the admin, and see if he will restore the purge settings to max level.

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