No purge after 100+ hours of gameplay

I’m taking my time enjoying single player, building up, looking at guides to find what the best Thrall is (just got Dalinsia Snowhunter), etc. Purge meter’s all the way up but no purge yet. I checked my server settings and they all look good: purge checked, no restriction on time, only 1 person needs to be online but I just changed that to 0 just in case. I’ve taken a bunch of thralls and pets. I killed the Abysmal Dreg and some 3 skull enemies like the Crocodile Attacked plenty of enemy camps.

As for my base location I walled off a large area around the north-east corner of the island at E3 and just built everything I needed here. Not sure if this might be what’s causing no Purges for me.

One thing I haven’t done is built any religious buildings but none of the Purge guides I’ve seen mentions that’s necessary. Is my game just bugged and if so, any way to fix it? I see someone made a similar topic and someone suggested using console commands but I’d rather make sure I’m not just doing something wrong before I use cheats to initiate a Purge. Thanks in advance!

I really need remember download a newer map with grid on it…

E3 as in SW shore in newbie zone? (you likely wont get a purge there)
few locations like that. (another map has e3 in West(mid side…)

2nd, You need a certain amount of stuff built. Fail safe of sorts to prevent small bases with low levels from getting wiped.

Build abit more foundations, walls etc. You can also go build a 2nd small-med base else were. You may even find yourself placing one foundation down and getting the attack. XD

I usually build a few sandstone bases about map, so my main base has lower chance of being hit.


So new people can’t post pictures or even links? Hope you guys don’t mind this then: conanexilesmapDOTcom/#5/-3381.500/1552.500 (replace the “DOT” with a “.”)

Right at the coordinates in that link (right where the map grids intersect) is where I have my base. So if your only base is in this area you won’t get a purge at all? If what I’m experiencing isn’t a bug then it probably is because of that. I remember reading somewhere that this “newbie zone” would have a less difficult Purge than other areas but not no Purge at all. I’m at level 51 and probably have most of the buildings you’d associate with someone at that level, as well as plenty of pets and thralls, so I doubt it’s because I haven’t built enough.

As you mentioned I’ll try to build something in a more hostile and tougher area to see if the Purge kicks in. Is there a guide anywhere that shows you where on the map how difficult or easy Purges are or if they don’t happen at all? Thanks!

EDIT: conanexilesDOTgamepediaDOTcom/The_Purge was the site I was referring to. You can see a map and description that shows 6 different Purge difficulty zones. No mention of any “No Purge” zones. Is this not accurate?

The no purge zones are mostly small sections and out of way on map. Theres not alot of them.

Color zones, donate what levels of purge are there (or can roll out anyway) then you have sectioned off to what can show up.
Not sure last time map was updated.

From personal exp in SP, building on South beach, has a few spots that do not like to purge.
I often find I have to build else were to get it to trigger. Most cases I set down 1 foundation and get the horn.

One of later updates added count of stuff. I have med size base in 3 spots. Thats usually enough to trigger it.
When I have 1 Med-large base, with large building to hold all crafting stations and loot, stables and animal pen and maybe extra hut on side for compost and fish stuff. Wont trigger it.

One of threads has some of count values (or thought it did)

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I have a SP base in the location near you and I have gotten a purge before in E3 (my base is located on the small plateau to the left where you first follow the ghosts up the hill to get to the shattered bridge. A couple of things you should check. First, you hopefully have a bridge from the main land to your island. If the purge can’t reach the outside of your base (surrounded by water or high up on a cliff or tree for example) it can spawn the purge inside of your base instead. You probably don’t want that. Having a bridge or small building it can target helps to prevent this. Second you should double check your purge settings. The two that are overlooked are the last two: The Purge Meter Trigger Value and the The Purge Meter Update Interval sliders. The first one assigns point values to everything you do from walking, killing, building, etc. Moving the slider to the left reduces the points needed to trigger a purge and obviously moving it to the right increases them. Many people wrongly assume that moving it to the right will trigger more purges but this is wrong. The Update Interval slider just tells the game how often to check and add points to your game and seeing if you have exceeded the amount in the slider above. Again moving it to the left will cause the game to check more frequently. So double check that these sliders weren’t moved to the right as that will delay your purge from activating. Lastly, the purge is RNG and it is possible that you are very unlucky. There have been times where I wanted the purge to happen but it would take a while to activate (a watched pot boiling and all that).

Hope this helps and happy purging! (boy that sounds wrong…)

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Thank you both for the suggestions but I’m starting to think I’m bugged again. I put down a few foundations and walls in the desert area with all the rocknose and no Purge. I got impatient and entered Admin Panel to give myself some reinforced stone foundations/walls, improved furnaces, greater wheels, etc and dropped a few of those here and the area where you get Dalinsia Snowhunter and still no Purge.

As for the Purge Meter Trigger Value and Purge Meter Update Interval sliders I left those at their default values. I think I read on another topic here that you can trigger a Purge with a console command. Sounds extremely lame but much better than starting over after all the time I’ve put into the game so far…

Can you share the location and perhaps screencaps of the building? For the location, you can get this by being at the location in the game and typing
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + L
It will display something that looks like
Teleport X.x Y.y Z.z

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@bbtech Sorry to leave someone who was trying to help hanging. After my last message I posted a topic in the PC Updates and Bugs forum, then after a lot of testing I found out that I really did build a base in a no-Purge zone. Since then I’ve built a base with essentials in the Mounds of the Dead area and Purge is working normally so far. I still have the larger buildings like the Wheels and pet cages in the old no Purge zone base though.

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I saw that thread, but thank you for mentioning it here also. The purge is known to act a little wonky in some places, especially if you build in water. Glad to hear you’ve got a working purge where you’re at now.

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The Purge is known to act a bit wonky in Single-Player in general. I have bases all across the map, but I (almost) never get a Purge to trigger unless I enter the Jungle biome, at which point a Purge will trigger within a minute to target my Jungle base.

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I have had bases all over the newbie area and got many purges there.

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