Purges could be used to stop exploits

Purges can be fun, but its current implementation is very trivial. They dont happen as often as they should and honestly simply dont stop people from building everywhere. The current state of most PvE servers are buildings everywhere, “highways” across the entire map, elevators and map rooms available for fast and safe travel at every corner… this is all fun but ruin the experiance after awhile.

Lets face it, the game is far from being hard and once everybody start to create shortcuts, highways, map rooms and platforms to shoot down bosses it becomes just trivial. Its fun at first but then you start wondering “Why am I even playing? The game offers absolute no challenge”

Thats where Purges could come in hand. The Purge meter should fill faster the more you claim land and trigger more constantly when you are in danger, players and clans who build too much (also griefers that hate build everywhere targeting others) should be constantly struggling against the environment, being Purged everyday if they abuse the system too much… The more you build the more vulnerable your structures, everywhere across the map, should become. Not only your main bases, that highway you build to safely cross from Point A to B should also be targeted, experience multiple Purges at the same time on different locations if you have too much land claimed… You either build what you can keep or constantly have to rebuild/repair everything, thats your call.

The idea is to make sure players and clans would focus on what they can handle. Sure you can build a lot, but it should get harder the more you place stuff over the World. This would also stop griefers from blocking passages and resources, spam pillars everywhere, etc… they would eventually lose control over their garbage. Purges have a lot potential but they currently only serve as a event to break the boredom…