Light Npc Raiding suggestions

A couple things I think the NPC’s need for the purpose of raiding them and their land. These are changes that I think would be rather easy to implement since the obvious target of this would be the AI performance.

-Option within npc chest interaction to “destroy”. Reason being is the loot table doesn’t seem to reset until it is destroyed and trying to break a stationary object is a nuisance.

-Give all melee AI a ranged weapon they can swap to incase you are on a ledge they cannot reach. Currently ranged npc’s have a melee weapon if you get to close so we need the reverse for melee enemies.

-attacking a faction will decrease their attack force during a purge. This applies to any player who has a base in a region that would otherwise be victim of a purge, with the effects resetting after any purge occurs in the server. With this change, I think the base purge level should be raised slightly. This update would give both an interaction between player and AI faction and offer a nice method to combat the purge when it happens to you offline by reducing its severity.

-introduce traveling thralls who sell miscellaneous loot in exchange for a resource common to the area they are roaming in. These thralls should be spawned in “absent” areas where creature spawns are not present so they have a chance to survive for sometime before being killed by their surroundings (if they do). This offers players a chance at NPC interaction, opens the door for more tasks which can be linked to such merchants (dungeon keys, or a piece to a unique consumable or piece of gear, or “negotiations” with the local faction to lower your purge meter with them), and gives a unique experience to each server. To maintain server capacity the total number of live merchants in the world should be limited to both create a sense of unique placement and better serve their purpose of being “traveling”. This could also help get rid of excess loot.

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