Crom religion and journey

Not every one like choping corpses of murdered enemies or playing with gods. And such players choose Crom religion. Its fine, because religions in this game is true awful. But suddenly such player will get strange problem with the journey, because the journey demand to use altar of a god. Yes, there is solutions for Crom adept: look for a religion teacher in the world, spend 50 talent points to open an altar, etc. But when player chose Crom, he chose don’t play with gods at all. Instead it will get additional problem with gods.

All other religion have benefits as one known altar for free. So, it will be honest if a Crom adept will have a benefit too. I suggest to make the religion step of journey optional for an adept of Crom, this will be strictly follow the description of the religion.


Or make the journey step complete by standing atop a pile of your fallen enemies, or making a person-high stack of their skulls. Give @Croms_Faithful his skulls!

Edit - OK, so I would like the skulls too :stuck_out_tongue:


Crom is the way it is because of real world religion. FUncom get it that not everyone wants deities with benefits.
What they need to do is a NO religion choice.

BTW you do not have to pay 50 points to get any one, just go to the NPC and chat with them.


The only reason i choose croms religion is because i cannot learn it in the game. Religions are not only for pvp. Religions are giving you benefits, weapons, armors and decoratives. @Hyborian_Jones is tottaly right, why spend feat points for learning a religion? Yogs religion waits over the noob river and it can give you 3 journey steps in 5 min. Not to mention that the stakes are filling your humidity too. You cannot have any other food to work the same way until you unlock the stove. Still if you unlock the stove you have to fill glasses with water (alchemist or one by one from a water resource) to fix purified water etc… With Yogs religion all you need is to farm some bones to fix a cleaver and murder all the noob river exiles. About the benefits for choosing croms religion my friend @splarv i agree. They should let us use at least the sword of crom since we are croms faithful, don’t you agree @Croms_Faithful?


Welcome back to the community Splarv! I see you have championed Croms cause once before, and I applaud you having the guts to stand up and go against the grain on this issue.

I agree with you, that it is bad that Crom worshippers are unable to complete these Journey Steps (which I regard as the closest thing we have to a main questline in Conan Exiles) as a devout Crom worshipper. The ONLY way we can complete them is to betray our allegiance to him, which makes me angry and frustrated. Myself and other members such as @Sera67 have been fighting the good fight on this issue for the longest time now. I say instead of having these Journey Steps as optional, or as an auto-complete; Why not give us a Lore Friendly way to complete them…?

Croms religion needs a few adjustments. I say in place of an altar, allow players to build an aesthetically different version of the Blacksmiths Bench. Or in other words unique re-skinned ‘Crom Forge’ which has a small handful of Crom themed weapons and armor pieces.

:warning: PLEASE NOTE: That these items would all be built by the player or a blacksmith thrall with their own two hands; NOT built or gifted by Crom! :warning:

This would also give Roleplayers such as myself and others, who have been screaming out for a Crom placeable, something we can use to proudly display our loyalty and allegiance to him.

Thereafter, upon creating said ‘Crom Forge’, Crom becomes angry and resentful. This results in him sending in an extremely powerful purge (a Crom Purge), to destroy us! That would allow us to cover all 3 Journey Steps without betraying our allegiance to him, and add an exciting new mechanic in one stroke.


PS-I also agree with @Hyborian_Jones that Crom should NOT be the athiest option for the game. A religion is not a no religion option. Furthermore, it is the religion of the entire nation of Cimmeria for petes sake. Instead we should add a new option to the character creation screen: a BLANK tile/insignia titled ‘No Religion’. In addition, add a Crom religion trainer. We already have 2 non-hostile NPCs we can interact with who both happen to be Crom worshippers, ie-Conan and Braga. As such, we should make one of them the ‘Crom’ religion trainer.


Just while were on the topic of Crom here. You know peoples I happened to be wandering around the Mounds of the Dead the other day when I spotted something which made me stop and pause for a prolonged look. Tell me…wouldnt THIS make for a handsome ‘Crom Shrine’…??

Its simple, grim, grey and strong. Just like the great god himself. Arguments as to whether or not such a thing should exist or not to the side for one moment, I think it actually captures the feel of Crom nicely. (Or does it need a couple of skulls too? Haha) Does anyone else get this from it too, or am I just off my rocker here…!?


Little is actually written on the religion of Crom, its shrines or its practises, but what we do know is that human sacrifice was not practiced by Crom worshippers. Therefore I suspect that piling skulls on the holy place would not please Crom - valor in battle is one thing, mutilating and desecrating the remains of your enemies is another.

Conan would actually make a lot of sense as “religion trainer” for Crom. He likes to tell about the chief of Cimmerian gods and how he’s kinda cool but on the other hand, kinda sucks as a god.

It is worth noting that Cimmerians were not monotheistic. Crom was not their only god, just the boss god. Even less is known of the other deities, but it’s not impossible that some of the less grumpy ones may be fine with a little bit of worshiping and prayer and may have actual shrines built for them. Just as long as they don’t make things too easy for the puny mortals, which would be counter to Crom’s own policy.


That is correct Kapoteeni, Cimmerian religion is regarded as a largely unexplored subject on Robert E Howard’s part.

Furthermore, you are also correct that he does not accept human sacrifice. And therein lies a clue as far as my interpretation is concerned. It only states human sacrifice, and quite specifically at that. It does not say no sacrifice period. Crom does accept animal sacrifice, as detailed in the Expanded Universe (EU) sources (Savage Sword of Conan). I personally believe that although not expressly written this is actually aligned with Howards lore. After all, why would Howard even bother to specify human sacrifice if he accepts no sacrifice at all…? He wouldnt have even bothered to make this distinction.

So off the topic of direct lore and simply based on the purely conceptual for a moment, there is at least some potential for us to pick-up baby animals, and (somehow) use them as offerings to Crom. Just a thought… :slightly_smiling_face:

Im not certain that the monument shown would actually be a sacred site to the Cimmerians. While the Field of the Dead in the Conall Valley, and of course Ben Morgh itself are considered sacred to the Cimmerians (Age of Conan), this is the Exiled Lands, and I think those monuments pre-date the Cimmerians arrival there (citation needed). But by all means correct me if I am incorrect in any of my claims.

As far as offering skulls or severed heads to Crom…in the absence of any lore to reference on the subject…well that one is up to individual interpretation I guess. But do bear in mind that he is the chief deity of a barbarian culture and civilization. So I personally think he wouldnt object to us offering the heads of crushed weaklings to him.

You know I am actually glad that you agree with making Conan a ‘Crom religion trainer’. And considering that many of us have called for Conan to have a greater role in this game, to me it would be a step in the right direction. You are correct in that Conan taught others some fundamentals regarding Crom, most famously of course was Belit (Queen of the Black Coast). No matter how anyone feels about adding more Crom artifacts into the game, there is more than enough space to accomodate this. I have also read many times over now that people now puposely choose Crom at the character creation screen, solely because his is the only religion which cannot be learned later. Some people have said previously, ‘Why bother, it wouldnt do anything?’. But I guess I was just born in a time before everything had to have an extrinsic reward attached to.

Quite true. Crom is the chief deity in the Cimmerian pantheon, but others have been referenced in the lore. I can list and tell you a little about at least 5 of them if yourself or any other readers would like some additional information…? However based on what I have read, they are much like Crom in their dispositions, especially towards mortals.

Finally Kapoteeni, I would like to ask you (if Ive not already), do you personally like the idea of a Crom themed Forge, and why or why not? You know I have enjoyed this discussion thus far, it is nice to partake in a discussion on the forum other than the rule changes at the moment. Thanks. :smiley:

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yo lo desbloqueo con los diferentes sacerdotes, para no tener que gastar los 50 puntos.

yo he habalado con los sacerdotes principales de cada religion para q me enseñaran las religiones sin tener que gastar punto, ademas de que se quedan permanentes todas las religiones que elijas

In the context of the Exiled Lands - yeah, why not? As Conan himself theorizes, the gods of the Exiled Lands are what the people make them to be, so whatever Crom is outside the Exiled Lands, he can be represented in the game as whatever his worshippers decide him to be. Just because he doesn’t care about worship and doesn’t grant people any blessings (beyond strength and courage and all that) doesn’t mean that people who venetrate him won’t dedicate stuff to him.

There are quite a few examples of similar behavior in the real world, where people worship the same god in very different ways. The god himself hasn’t bothered to comment on which of these practices he prefers, leaving people to fight it out among themselves. I can easily imagine Crom would take a similar approach.

So if a blacksmith who likes Crom very much (e.g. Conan’s daddy) decides to build a forge dedicated to Crom and uses that forge to smith weapons dedicated to Crom, going as far as engraving “I :heart: Crom” on the blades, I don’t think Crom would actively smite him down or reach out his hand and take away the blacksmith’s toys - especially not in the Exiled Lands with its weird rules regarding gods. He might have a long, serious chat with the blacksmith in the afterlife, but that’s a matter of the future, not of the now.

In other words, I think it would be a good way to make Crom a more actively represented religion in the game.

(EDIT: Oh darn. Over a year on these forums and I just earned the “First Emoji” badge. It wasn’t me, stupid forum engine, it’s in quotation marks!)


Love this idea, even allowing to make alters and sacrifices in his name would be fitting of lore; just give us the gloom and doom. Like the larger the alter, the more intense the effects.

A Debuff, or aggression of mobs due to bigger radius, spawn things hunt us and redeem ourself by worthy combat.

Maybe a journey alternative to dying from an effect like bleed after slaying an enemy. Worthy fight, bad luck. Died in honor. Some interesting paths they could take but keep it true to their original idea.

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Agree +1. Thanks for the support Kapoteeni.

On that note, just though I would share an additional follow-on concept. As most of us already know, Crom has no priests or religious heirarchy. I personally though it would be nice if we also had a unique Cimmerian ‘master’ level Blacksmith thrall to man it, who had a handful of tribute weapons in his recipe bar. Think of a Blacksmith equivalent to the Dafari Witch Doctor.

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