The "Exciles Journey" is not compatiable with the Crom religion


According to the Crom description “so he is the god to choose if you do not wish to get involved in the religion system in Conan Exiles” and I like it. But in the “jorney” I must do some religion quest? create religion items, for instance. Well, I think if I choose Crom religion such religion quests from the “journey” may be available, but not be nessesary to open the next level. Or, another option, for Crom religion build not altar, but a statue of Crom, with will not give you any benefits, just decoration, but can be used to pass the religion quests from the journey.

This fantasy about Crom is looked like a “suggestion”, but I post it to the bug because the “Exciles Journey” is not compatiable with the Crom religion and journey don’t work with Crom as planed .


you can learn all religions in game.


I think he’s saying it just doesn’t make sense from an RP perspective


The exiles journey “to do list” doesn’t make sense from an RP perspective…


So…not a problem, to play RP, ignore it…


I play with Crom religion, because I like it. And I play with “journey” because I like it. Why do I need in very early chapter of the journey look in internet where is other teachers and run huge distance for it? If I already choosed Crom.

Never the less there is nothing about RP or ignore RP. The problem is in bad design of the journey. The journey is not compatiable with one of the old religion. And if a newbie player choosed Crom, he will have unexpectd problem.