How to make a game adequate!

I know that you have a lot of projects for a game studio and it’s hard to make them all at once in good quality.

Having played a lot of Conan Excels, and spending a lot of mental health fighting the bugs and injustices of this game. I decided to give you some advice on how to solve the main problems with the game from the beginning of its creation.

The more! that you deserve them, and as I see it, you need them a lot!
The main idea of the game is raids, which are too easy! Yes, it is, and it’s time for you to admit it.

When new players see videos on YouTube that some player has 100 pots and 100 dragon powder in his inventory and simply puts bombs EVERYthere! and destroys the base in a matter of minutes that other players built in months!

What do you think the potential player thinks?
Sure. He thinks it’s a chetering!
Where is your logic Funcom?

If you have a trebuchet that needs to be made and then it’s still difficult to find a place to put it, it needs shells. And so you give such a simple feature as bombs of destructive power?

In this case, remove the trebuchet from the game for uselessness, because no one will use it even in the new addon Age of War.

What has been the main problem of the game throughout its history.

  1. Players built their bases under textures
  2. Players built their bases in places where these builds obscured important game objects
  3. Cheaters and bugusers

And what did you do to solve these problems?

Correctly! You began to impose sanctions against players to prohibit them from building, tried to catch and punish cheaters.
But you thought about where these problems came from, where their root is?

The first two problems came from the fact that it was difficult to protect your base not just from cheaters, but from ordinary players who had 1000+ bombs with them!

I don’t understand, do you care about your employees, how will you pay them a salary if the things goes on like this?

What do I mean: For exemple I am a new palayer on PVP server I just build the base in week or two. I finally decided to spend a 100$ to buy some crom coins. Next day I enter the game and what I see where?
Yep all my base is destroied in one night. What I will do then, I will leave the game and Fancom will lose 100$!

So it’s is intresting policy that you have Fancom, all other game dev comapnies make the desicion and change thier games to mentain and atract new player insdeat your a dooing etherthing do lose all old players and scare away new onews.

I do not know how is a game director of Conan Exiels project but this person should be fired before he completely ruined the project.
So how to solve this 3 problems?
Simple. The god buble that mean to protect your base from raid sucks is the most stupid idea ever!
Why because (The time got get reources to craft 1000+ boms) < (Time to craft Tier 3 altar + Get Tier 4 Prist + Get 500 tokens)
See simple math!
So what need to be done:

1) Delete the possibility to craft bombs in your inventory (The boms could be crafted only on althemy desk or other station)
2) Make a one bomb weight of 100 weight units, so the person how carrie boombs must be in encumber spec (It is possible to avoid situations where a player with bombs is killed and another clan member who does pick up the powder and pots from his body just runs away. Not now! all players who have not upgraded their attributes toencumber spec will be overloaded, this will make it possible to deprive attacking bombs and this gives at least some kind of balance)
3) Reduce the damage of bombs and their radius. 6k it’s too much 500-600 its good dmg for a bomb
4) Make it so that the bombs are placed strictly vertically without other angles

See its quite simple. Jut do IT!) That you will lose Fancom you can change everything with next update like you allways do.
But just imagine how many new player will come! From now on the players will build their bases in desert or other places there they allways wanted to build it but there afraid of deroing their base esaly!

P.S. If you are introducing a battle pass system, you should consult with the Bethesda or EA game first.
But I can give you advice for this new system that you should do to earn a small amount of chrome coins from in-game events.

Up-date to the post
I could agrree with your opinion [Kapoteeni]
But we have one big problem BUGS!
As exemple: ( New Dupe System In Update 3.0 After Fix ! : They Make It Even Easier ! -Conan Exiles Age Of Sorcery)
In this video guy, shows how he dupes bombs easyyyy… with now resources!
So what I want to say. It’s good that this exploit was fixed ASAP.
But I want you to know some things, so till this bug worked several clans just juped from one official server to another and just destroyed and clean the whole sever in hours!
See, and what Fancom says, as usual. “Sorry we cant restore you loot and hours of your life even if its our fault, But we can duble the rates so you can farm again, But only,! till we will make another bug in code ang your will lose everything again”

So the counclusion is next: UNTIL! Fancom cant guarantee to for their players, safety from such exploits! They can at least minimize the consequences, so the next time such bug appears bad guys should dupe not 10 or 100 boms but 1000 see! Let the exploiters suffer a big if a game have exploits at least make it hard to use!

I don’t know what language their are programming C++, C#, but serious people! the Minecraft that is code in Java has less bugs what this game how it even possible.

I worked as a programmer for a while, so if I would do such code that would make such bugs I would be fired next day with no payoff!

And as a suggestion make a software that analyze your code or buy such software, some of them are expensive if they are based on AI, but such thing can test your game batter than a human.

P.S. I know is hard to implement al things in one night, but at least make a inposiblilibe to raid the base while a owner is offline at least this will prevent from a posibilite to destroy a whole server with such bomb dupe exploit!


You are so right. Alot of this game needs to be fixed.

About the bomb weight I suggest since we now have animations for carrying heavy objects, bombs, baby animals, and other heavy items should not go into the inventory. That would make the game overall more interesting too.

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Sorry to burst your (god) bubble, but PvP is only a small fraction of the game, and raiding is only a small fraction of PvP.

A lot of changes have been made in the game for PvP, and raiding specifically. Changes to how durable various doors, foundations and walls are, because they want to make raiding possible, but not trivial.

I kinda agree that bomb pots should be the least efficient way to take out a base, considering it has a lower opportunity cost compared to e.g the trebuchet.

Mind you, a reinforced stone wall has 70,000 hitpoints. With your suggestion it would take ~120 bombs to blow up one wall segment that is trivially easy to replace. I don’t think going to the other extreme and make bases impossible to blow up is the right choice either.

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