Balance Gods or Get Rid of Them

I wrote an essay about the perceived unfairness of PvP quite some time ago, but it’s still as valid as it was then. What I said was basically that because the game offers so much freedom, it cannot be fair. People with more time, more friends and better connection have advantages over people with limited time, few friends and a laggy internet.

And that cannot be fixed by game design elements.

You speak of pve not knowing how pvp is slowly fading away

You can use any or all of the gods simultaneously, so I don’t see the problem. Just use whichever one you find best for your purposes, if that’s one you (or “everyone”) perceives as OP, well, it’s still an even battleground since everyone can use it. It’s not like you’re locked into a choice you made at character creation.

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Not sure what fully you trying to say here. I am not speaking of PvE I am saying that I am on PvP servers and engaging in PvP (players battling other players).

Yes there are less of us here as the “Meta” bs has stuck again and has staled combat for most its seems that and the exploits that have not be squashed, Crom crush these cowards please !

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I really like the use of Avatar gods in the game. Let them be thaumaturgy “nukes”. Difficult to produce (probably more difficult to create than they are now) and highly destructive in a short amount of time. Having a divine bubble to protect against them also makes them balanced. Defenses should be quite easy to create, but the offensive weapon of an Avatar should be more difficult to cast (not in time to cast, but in materials to gather – maybe something like 20 or so components – I’m just guessing at components here).

No but Server choice…there are many Dedicated PVP Servers that have only Weekend Raids so that Players with less time at their Hands can still be competitive…The Official Servers are Shark tanks in comparison.

Gods don’t need a “rework”, they need a “rethink”. It isn’t their existence in the game that should be questioned, its their purpose. If you must have a god token concept then make it provide a buff. For example, summon Mitra and you receive a 3 day 10 point buff to vitality not to exceed caps, ( exact numbers can be thought about), for all current clan members, (no joining clan to just get buffs). Also you get a cool giant Mitra “ghost” to stand watch over your base providing an additional 10% to all building pieces HP within radius.

Pvp on this game is really complicated! You learn only by loosing! If you lost and didn’t understand how then ask.
Every offensive mechanism has defensive too. If you cannot follow the pace of a server join one that fits you. It is well known that in official servers you will find veterans of this game that knows every single option this game provides and huge experience to understand how you play. Start from privates or stay on officials and learn more, but not expect to dominate unless they allow you to do.

Gods are extremely unbalanced for pvp probably for 1 reason. When you craft the god token it will enter inventory no matter where you are and someone will basically appear on map where they want to be when they are just going to use it immediately. This seems like a gross oversight. How about just lootbag it on the floor where the altar use to be so they have to actively watch for it and walk it across map to destination giving better time to counter.

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