Getting killed offline

So I’ve been playing on a PVE C server for some weeks now. My clan and I have been dealing with players killing us only when we are offline. They’ll only come around 10:55 if we are online. Just so they can send their thralls through our buildings after us. It’s more annoying to us that they think this is PVP not the fact they’ve been only killing us offline. However, my question is. Can you get killed by a god while offline in your base? Cause the event log shows the player summoning a Mitra god. Then my clan mate and I dying to a generated number. Is this legit or do we actually need to report here? I’m under the impression that gods cannt destroy bases so how were we killed by one?

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getting killed by a player in a pve server is not legit. if you have proof. go report this players

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He is on pve-c. Are gods turned on in pve-c?

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Idk :stuck_out_tongue:

PvE Conflict. He summoned a god during “ raid hours” and killed us. I’m just wondering if that’s legit. Cause gods no matter what can’t do dmg to your base on Pve C so how did a Mitra god kill us if it couldn’t destroy anything.

The alters work but they can’t do any base damage. So I’m wondering if he cheated. Or if I’m just uninformed about Gods still able to kill you but not destroy bases you’re in.

It is not legit, it is obviously a glitch or bug. I would report it as a bug and also as an exploit to Zendesk.

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Did any of your thralls get killed? You might want to stowe all your gear in a chest before logging out to prevent losing it until you find out what’s going on.

They were turned off for a long time, not sure why they turned them back on, but they should not have.


Thanks @JJDancer .I have never played official pve-c glad someone with knowledge popped in.

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So it’s legit? Just bad timing for us?

No, it is NOT legit as I said. Gods have no function in PVE-C. Report it.

It’s legit. Gods can kill you on Conflict servers during PVP times. Gods damage can go through buildings.


Always log out naked.

So many problems solved.


Its either a real god or a cheater is turning into a god himself. Still remember the giants hack. Either way this is bad for you, since clearly someone is abusing a system that is not meant to be used on this server.

Report it to Funcom, as the others said.

In the meantime I would recommend putting everything in logged chests while you and your teammates are offline. Do not leave anything in the workbenches. Put your worker thralls away. If they kill your thralls constantly then put the valuable armor and weapons away and equip them with easy to craft non epic heavy gear.

Find out if this clan is doing it to others too or just you. If they do it just to you, then you might accidentally stepped on their toes. Keep a low profil until you got a response from Funcom. If you get into any conversations with them stay calm and use appropriate language. Stay friendly no matter what they say or do. Funcom has a low tolerance when it comes to rulebreaks.


Any sort of building damage or damage to thralls not set to follow during PvP hours would be an exploit and should be reported.

Being able to kill you with a god during PvP hours seems fine though. If I summoned a mitra out in the wild and stomped on you during PvP hours you’d expect to take damage, right?

I could also kill you if I shot at you with arrows through a window while you were logged out or if I managed to get your body within the area of a gas orb.


Lol why is this even reportable?? If gods aren’t disabled then what’s the problem? Just log off naked… reporting is abused enough as it is this is just another case of it

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Seems like there’s some confusion around the idea that gods should only be doing building damage or something. I can’t imagine gods are used very often in PvE-C so most people haven’t encountered it before.

They should also remember that summoning a god bubbles should protect you from the summoned gods of other players.


It says a lot about your character if you think that constantly trolling people while they are offline is ok or appropriate behaviour that should not be reported. What could a serious pvp player gain from offline goding people every night? You do not get loot, you do not get the satisfaction of an actuall fight. You are cowardly attacking someone when he is not able to defend himself. You farm for nothing just to be a troll. All you do is help to make this community even more toxic than it already is. Destorying other peoples fun until they leave. And you wonder why pvp numbers declining.

Congrats, you heros! Presents award for stupidity.