Killing players offline!

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So question!
Is killing someone offline in PVE-c in their own base a dick move or is it open game?

I think its a dick move myself. Where is the honor of killing someone offline who cant defend themselves?

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Some say to put your inventory away including armor; sleep naked.

I am well established on the server, replacing gear isnt a issue. Just more of a wtf really moment.

My 2 cents:

I think it’s bad form, yes. But then again I don’t even off-line raid others in PVP as I think that’s kinda dikish too. The closest I get to something like that is if I see a base in decay I will fill my pockets and inform the rest of clan it’s christmas time on the server. It’s vulture-like but I can somehow justify that.

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Ya it happens a lot so don’t let it happen again. Stay in the middle of your base with at least 2 t3 walls and t3 doors around you. Stay at least 4 foundation blocks in. Log off naked wearing a sandstorm mask and they cant kill you . The player thats doing it on pve c is a loser that could not cut it on PVP. He`s probably using poison arrows so no windows. Poison travels thru walls about 2 blocks in. Good luck

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I’m full PVP
If I find someone “sleeping” and I have no quarrels with them.
the most I will do is dye their armour whatever colours I might have in my inventory. Or fill their inventory with rocks, etc.

However if I find them on my doorstep, in my base, or they are a known enemy.
They just might wake up in the starting area.



I will now be carrying bright purple dye with me at all times!

That’s flipping evil-brilliant! :smiley:


It’s part of the game. Build a more secure base, sleep naked, wear a gas mask when you log off.

Remember we are talking pve-c here.
To have fun building. Exploring. Helping other players. With the occasional pvp fun during those hours.
Not to be killed during your sleepy time. Lol.

Normally I would dress them in pink-dyed bejewelled set – especially male toons, those are hilarious:

If I didn’t have the time or just couldn’t be bothered, then I would load them up with enough stone to make sure they’re overencumbered when they wake up.

Both of those are good ways of letting someone know that they’re at other players’ mercy and should make sure their base is secure enough.

However, I have no qualms with just killing them, either. It’s PVE-C, not PVE.

It’s really easy to avoid being killed during sleepy time. It’s also easy to make sure that being killed during sleepy time doesn’t affect you in any way – by sleeping naked and storing your stuff inside a chest.

As for what PVE-C is all about, that’s your own interpretation. Ask different players why they play PVE-C and you’ll get different answers.

For example, PVE-C is my favorite precisely because it adds the danger of being killed by other players. Additional adrenaline.


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