Offline player kill - Was I wrong?

Last night, after a resource run, I headed back to base to log off.

As I entered my area, there was a player character logged out next to one of my Thrall guards.

I am on a PVE-C server, it was during Conflict (pvp) hours.
After a little internal debate, I decided since the player was on my land, that an execution was in order.

Was I wrong to do this?


That person logged out unprotected during pvp hours so technically they accepted that they can be killed by players and environment. He might be angry with you and seek revenge when he logs back though so watch your back :smiley:

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I mean, you had the right to do that. It’s a PVE-C server, so there’s an expectation that something like that might happen.

On the other hand, many players don’t know this is possible. And it’s not just new players – I’ve seen people come from PVE or PVP who logged out in the open in blissful ignorance. PVE players thought it was like a PVE server. PVP players thought so too :laughing:

On the server where I play, when we find someone who logged out in the open, we let other people know. Someone invariably ends up going to their own base, crafting bejewelled dancer or Derketo Acolyte outfit, dyeing it pink, taking it to the hapless victim and putting it on them (while leaving the victim’s armor in the victim’s inventory). It’s a way of educating players without killing them :wink:

Occasionally, they would simply dye the victim’s current armor pink or load them down with thousands of stone or fish :stuck_out_tongue:

So no, you weren’t wrong, but there are gentler ways of dealing with it, if that’s your style :slight_smile:


unfortunately, I do not think it would have been possible for me to do the wardrobe swap you suggest, due to the fact that I believe that I cannot access the players inventory when they are alive, even during the PvP window on a PVE-C server.

If I see the player online the next time I play, I will send them a message, and ask if they want their stuff back; it was not that much, but it may have been all they had.

For what its worth, I have made the mistake of logging out in the wild previously.
I got sleep killed, I blamed myself for not being smarter about my log out choice.

Oh? Is it a private server? Because you can do this on an official PVE-C server during the PVP hours. There are many players who woke up wearing pink outfits who can attest to that :smiley:

I am on a official server.
I may be mistaken, but I did not see a loot option, when I targeted the player.

Should this situation arise again, I will certainly try to do that.

He was on your claimed land, so pretty much only your rules apply. On your land unwelcomed strangers get executed as you stated so he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I see nothing wrong with that.

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The only time I kill people I find in my bases is if they’re sleeping somewhere inconsiderate. Otherwise, I usually have some fun with the situation putting pillows, incense, decanters, and tankards around as if to suggest that they had a wild night.


Early on after being alpha and getting bored, I would find “bad” builds, sneak in and put 1/2 used star metal tools, brittle bastard legendary, or something of the elk on them to let them know some one was there lol.

If its possible, it’s not wrong.

Unless they are in the way and haven’t moved in a day or 2, I sometimes kill them, but mostly I dress them up in decent gear, give them a good weapon and what else I don’t need or just dye their armor in all sorts of colors, filling all their inventory slots with junk… Really depends on what mood I’m in :rofl:

PS. And yes you can access the inventory of unconscious players in PVE-C during pvp time, it just sometimes take a few tries before you find the right spot on them to open their inventory, but it is possible :slight_smile:


No one would actually log out there…

a. they dc’ed
b. trolling
c. wtf?

or crashed entering your base area… had that happen a few times. (thou mostly massive over sized bases with 100+ pets…

I would’ve left them if they werent blocking something. Check back in abit, still there? fun time.

It’s better than logging on only to find out your son accidentally smashed half your home to bits.

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I put this sleeping peps a gold or silver coin in ther pockets ive i have some in my pocket but the thing of @CodeMage is a funny one too :crazy_face::rofl::joy::eyes:

I wouldn’t say you are wrong to do it. They had the choice of PVE or PVE-C and they chose the latter so they have to accept the consequences of that choice.

However I do often have people logging off near my base, as they are just trying to find a safe spot. I don’t kill those random people as there’s no reason to and I gain nothing from it. I usually deck them out in flawless gear and legendaries just for fun… lmao. I’ve never been online for when they log back in … it would be interesting to hear the reaction.

But if you are killing them to instill fear to prevent people from coming near your base, then that’s fine too. But in doing so you may create enemies and may need to watch your back more often.

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Are you kidding? Kill every chance you get. It’s quite liberating and cathartic. It makes Crom smile. :slight_smile:

We used to do that all the time. We even had one player doing it on purpose because he liked the surprise of what was in his inventory when he logged in :smiley:

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