Getting killed offline

I am not sure when they turned gods back on in PVE-C, but they absolutely have zero functionality, as they are meant to be base wreckers in PVP. I agree this is just another form of trolling, and serves no other purpose. Most likely they duped a ton of god tokens during the hack.


Same can be said for reporting imo

But in all honesty how many times do you really think they are going to farm 650 zeal and a priest after seeing it do nothing? They wouldn’t even know it killed you

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A wild accusation and not possible

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It has happened in the past, so why not possible all of a sudden? If there is one consistent in CE, it is that the cheaters/hackers will find a way.

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Don’t you think you’re going a bit over the top? You really think some kids on pvec found out how to dupe gods and there’s no word of it on pvp or YouTube? Come on now everyone needs to stop calling the devs on everything and try to do something on your own. It’s sad that the go to is just should I report them?? It’s a god on pvec and you lost a kit just make another one problem solved

Reporting has already destroyed pvp so you may want to take it easy on the “false “ reports on pve/pvec




I seriously doubt Funcom thinks thru a lot of situations, that is why these boards are always aflame. Reporting wakes them up to the fact that there is an issue that should be looked at, and possibly fixed.
Gods were turned off on PVE-C forever, but somehow got turned on, this may be a glitch or unintended issue and needs to be brought to the front.
Reporting issues and bugs is not the boogeyman you think it is.

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Issues and bugs is a lot different than reporting players.

Gods are one of the most unique parts of the game. I see no reason it should be turned off when it does no damage but I’m done here do you🥱

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Yes we are done. Still a huge fan of the Waterboy, and everytime you post it reminds me of the movie.



Works IRL too!


“They were turned off for a long time, not sure why they turned them back on, but they should not have”

“They were turned off for a long time, not sure why they turned them back on, but they should have because it’s a feature of the game that we paid for.”


There’s also a journey step for summoning a god and you can even do it in pve, right?


If you think this actually has any bearing on a person’s character or lack there of, you might want to consider going outside and touching some grass or something.

It’s definitely a trollish maneuver, but one that’s easily countered by putting your gear in a box when you log off (which you should be doing anyway).


You know its a trollish behaviour and you know the rules on official servers. You know its doesn´t do any good to anybody. You might even know that it has an negative impact on how new players look at the game and might leave before they even had a chance to fully play and understand the rules of pvp. And if done several times in a row to the same people it can be not only seen as trolling but as harrasment. And yet you defend it. Why?

I have to ask myself if your just lack empathy for others in general or if you simply do not care at all about anybody but yourself and it gets hidden behind the phrase: “its on so its allowed because its pvp”

I do no wonder no more, why pvp is dying off and Funcom doesn´t even respond to pvp related topics anymore.

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If you leave yourself vulnerable to being killed offline, it’s totally your fault if you get killed. Using an avatar to achieve this is extreme but it is what it is.

I think there is even a loading screen too that tells you your body doesn’t disappear when you log out, so log out somewhere safe. And when PvP is active you are not safe next to exterior walls and/or in view through a window.



Now I don’t PVE-C. But is it an official rule that thou shall not kill someone during PVP hours with an avatar?

On Pve-C no you shouldn´t be able too do this and you wasn´t be able before. So I am pretty sure this not an intented “feature”.

Pve-C is made for having fun killing each other on the field. Not offline “raiding” players for the simple purpose of trolling around to annoy people and making them leave the server.

I am a strong believer in fair pvp. And this simply is neither fair nor does is serve any greater purpose. You want pvp? Then go and do pvp with people when they are online.

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You can do this?

If I were you, I’d do what PvP players do. Log out naked somewhere up a tree. Or in their elevator shaft. That’ll scare 'em.

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Never had someone do that, but that’s hilarious. I’d stick them in the bejeweled dancers clothes and leave them there… while I scout for a new base location lol


Can confirm pre-sorcery patch Gods were turned off in PVE, I was completing journey steps and missed completion because I was unable to summon a God on Official, at the time it was ‘said’ Gods were turned off for server stability, don’t know the truth of it but it seems funny now all things considered…

Truth is every MEGAbase on PVE Officials has at least 3 tier 3 altars, often all altars, so turning off Gods makes a ton of sense. People just collect and collect and servers never ever wipe.

Band-aid on a arterial bleed.