Help me understading what happened

Official PVE-C Server.

Hello exiles!

Today i logged into conan and as always checked my Event Log, only to find out some guy somehow managed to kill 10 of my guarding thralls with a god. Dont ask how or what he did or how does it work. Im still trying to figure that out myself.

  • Neither me or my clan mates were online

  • Thralls were either defending on top of our wall or just defending insside the base.

  • Not possible to pull them to some weird spikes trap or killed by some 3 Star Boss since i dont even live close to one.

  • Event log only shows that they died, no killer atributed.

  • All that thralls that died were nearby each other and all in the same side of the house.

  • They were killed in the minute after the player summoned the god, Matches the duration of the god.

  • Its a PVE-C Gods dont damage thralls unless they are following the player.

As i sayd i have no idea what happened here. Sounds a lot like a Glitch this player found.

Age of Gods started soon huh?

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Were you over the follower cap? I dont know how that would appear in the event log

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Nope, thought about that aswell, 87 / 110 thralls. So 97 before the “event”

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Any chance that meteors killed them?
Because this shows only killed in the log.

But this should also destroy some structure.

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Plenty of things broken in the game now plus exploits on YouTube. Perhaps someone found a new trick hoping not.

Can u share more details? Like base location and event log upon their death?

Wasn’t there a bug where gas traps would damage thralls on PvE?

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Base is at D10 on the road south of ‘‘Ruins of Velstad’’.

Guy summons the god at 23:10:43 ---- 10 Thralls die 1 minute after (23:11:58) ---- The loot decays 15 minutes later

Just remembering this is a PVE-C, Gods dont damage thralls unless they are following the player

First time im hearing this, but from what i can see in the event log it was somehow caused by the guy summoning the God

That is very true. If somehow the gods are broken and people can kill anyones thralls in every server including PVE this needs to be fixed yesterday…

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No chance, i live at D10

No meteors
No bosses
1 rocknose sometimes follows people to far into my ‘‘claim’’

If it would be a boss or npc I am sure that you will see this with name at your log event.

I had a child of gulah inside my base this week. Usually he is near my base but somehow he was inside my base stuck between floors and killed a thrall. The message said ‘killed by child of gullah’

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seems like its the god. ur base is out of meteor reach, and i no gas traps would have been placed and had such mass effect on over 5 thralls… so 99% is the avatar… but hey, u know who summoned it. same time tommorow , pay a visit to his place with an avatar…

for science reasons, just to see if ithis was it…


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