So still no signs of Avatars?

Bring gods back. Make em 1.25k Zeals for 1 god or something but just bring em back its getting funny how slow the work on them goes.

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You can always use them in single player or on a private server.

The cost was not the issue. It was a duping and certain storage trick that got them removed. and until they can figure out how to stop that (and delete the ones that are still stashed on servers) we won;t be seeing them. That, and they are planning an overhaul of them, so it may now be where they don;t want to put something back into the game that may change in 2 or 3 months with an update.

I agree, and this is coming from an Offline Singleplayer who can still use them. It has now been 8 months and counting since Gods/Avatars were removed from the game. Gods are a major selling point for the game, they are featured throughout the official trailer, and one even appears on the games start-up screen. I feel it is best to get them sorted and back into the game as soon is possible.


You never need to use them in single player, though.

why the hell should I use them there? What is that reply lmfao?

I know about the duping and the speedhack + god. I know all of that but still…! 8 months to solve that problem is more than enough!!! There is damn games made in such time period.

In a private server? Answer is obvious.

Solo? To use them.

As it was said, until people quit duping, blame the players. And when they come back, they will be nerfed.

Why should I use them in solo what is that stupid answer? If funcom would start fixing their stuff in over 8 months we wouldnt even need that discussion here.

Why should you play pvp? Why play at all? Im just telling you how you can see them in practice. Take it or leave it.

Not entirely accurate Drunna. While hardly compulsory, we do need to summon one if we plan to complete all of the Journey Steps. I only summoned one the once myself, as saving 500 Manifestations of Zeal is incredibly time consuming in Singleplayer. I unleashed it against a World Boss. That poor Rotbranch didnt know what hit it!

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With gods servers can be wiped within days. I think they need to be nerfed to do 5-10k AOE damage per hit. This would balance gods out and yes people would complain but that’s because gods are just a easy way to get someone you don’t like off your server. People are duping bubbles at the moment but the way to counter that would be making it so you can only craft 1 god item at a time. Therefor not allowing you to glitch bubble stack alters. Crafting 1 god item at a time would be very understanding to me especially just to get gods back into the game. For the remaining coins in fridges… I have no clue for a fix🤣 as there is always something that is broken to store them in to not decay

Theye are GODS. They should be stuupidly OP. In my opinion.
Summoning them should be way more challenging though. You take control over A GOD. Gods don’t just let random warriors to control them.

You should have summoned Mitra, and walked thru the mounds. Watching trees get destroyed was awesome.

Side note, even thought the damage sucked on Mitra at the time, i once summoned it in another smaller clans altar (they left it unprotected with 490 zeal, so i grabbed my archpriest and made the last 10). My clan mates asked if i needed an escort when i got the token, i said nope and summoned right at the altar spot. Then proceeded to march along the river to an enemies base. Mainly just for the site of me marching up to their first layer of walls as a God, and destroying a few blocks of T3 lol.

This is a obvious lie. Do you even know how slow mitra is? You came to our server from pve so this definitely did not happen.

Love you @Baldrick .

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With stupidity op gods there will be people like me who farm enough zeal for like 3 in 1 day then any clan in my way would be instantly gone. So imagine a clan full of harvesters. Op gods kill the game


Other games have nukes for fallout mechanism. This one has gods. It’s fun. I suggested a cool down period on top of zeal.


It wouldn’t be fair to all the pve people who try to live in pvp servers they would cry more