Avatar fix. Dedicated patch?

Just chasing general information about wether a fix for the avatar/god bubble is being worked on as a small dedicated patch or are you guys/gals planning on including it in the next big update? Hoping for a dedicated patch :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: or it’s going to be a lengthy wait I’m guessing :cry: if it’s too long I would suggest capping zeal temporarily. Probably not a popular opinion but being in only a small clan for my pvp dude, I’m not keen on having 25 gods in a row knocking on my front door 5 mins after the patch hits lol :joy:

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100% agree. My clan has the best pvpers on the server but we get out grinded hard considering we’re at war with an alliance that has 3x our people. Hard for 5 people to guard against like 25 (because our allies are unable to play for a few weeks), and I’m 100% sure the moment gods are reimplemented, it’s going to be pure god spam

Hey there,

As we stated in the official announcement, this fix is taking a little longer to fix than anticipated. Considering the importance of it, we opted to spend as much time developing the fix and testing it as needed. This is why we disabled god tokens, an extraordinary measure not done often, to help with the frustration.
Once we have more and better news to share about this subject, we will. Until then rest assured that our team is working on it.


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