Suggestions to address big clan dominance

The game has become nothing more than I have more grinders in my clan than your clan.
After playing for 4 months, I have come to the conclusion that the “best” clans are only ones with the most grinders. period. Unfortunately this outlays everything else.
When you can pvp fight and beat people 1 on 1, he’ll 4 on 6, and still not gain any momentum in a war, it seriously shows that the skill level is not the determining factor. The clan that farms the most gods will win. they will use those gods when you dont lig into immediately at raid time. seriously breaks the leveling tree, as everything you learn in progression to lvl 60 is really useless. bigger clan griefs smaller clans, farms there mats/ building loc. once well supplied attack better hand to hand clan when they have minimal people on. simple. may be done with this game.

one fix that can save this is to harvest zeal, you must collect kills from hand to hand, not npc’s. and cannot have multiple kills in a 24 hour period of same person. would make clans have to square off 8n hand to hand at some point to use a god. that is the suggestion part.

oh, and only raid time kills count.

lat thing. zeale is collected only in a piece of the armor made at altar. Imagine it will be the head pieces,this can be stolen if you lose it while “powering” it up. can have multiple players with different zeal pieces, thus whole clan can still farm seperately.

and I am only talking about zeal for the God
, not upgrading altar.
can even give zeal based on level that was killed. 1 zeal for every 3 levels. thus kill 25 lvl 60s would get you 500 god zeal.
players harvested for zeal cannot be harvested by anyone else for 24 hours. and non clan members cannot be harvested who are less than 144 hours removed from clan. would stop exploits.

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